In the hallways the two pass each other as nonchalantly as you'd pass a dime on the floor. The two saw each other often, VERY often in the halls. But never have the spoken to each other. It's a common thing in the world. You see someone, you take interest in them or you don't and you never talk. No matter how often you see each other. You just don't talk. That's it and when you do it might be something simple. Or maybe not.

With Charley and Ashley it was basic. And their relation is simple. One day Ashley dropped a book and Charley was there to pick it up.

" I think you dropped this." Charley mentions to her.

Ashley turns around and there he is, some boy she sees in the hallway, holding her newly purchased book. "Thanks." She says kindly and walks off. Charley does the same without a second thought.

That's how they first interacted. That's how it happens for quite a few couples. Because, when you're in love with someone else, a passing face in the crowd doesn't interest you in the slightest.

Ashley is in love with Riley. Charley is in love with Callie. And Riley is Charley's step brother. Callie is some girl that Ashley barely knows.

"Riley, when do I meet this girl of yours?" Charley questions as he munches on food. Charley is just more so interested in putting a face to the name. He talks about her enough but he has yet to see her. Slightly a mystery to Charley. She intrigued Charley the more he heard the less he saw.

"Oh right well when our buddy Ben here gets that girl Maisy to date him." Riley pats Ben on the back in a friendly yet slightly mocking manner.

"Ha ha, you're a riot." Ben rolls his dark blue eyes knowing full well that Maisy Runner has a loving and much more muscular football boyfriend.

"I know aren't I? But uh Char I dunno I can introduce ya to her but anything formal involving the whole family wouldn't be like a disaster." Riley says this calmly even though he's worried shitless on the inside. What would his beloved girlfriend say about his brother? What would his brother think about his beloved girlfriend? And don't get him started on all the siblings and the parent's opinions.

This would surely end in disaster in Riley's mind. All he sees is the mass chaos due to break out with the children running around and his nosy mom and then his stepdad who would probably try to crack some lame joke.

Charley is imaging almost the identical imagine that Riley conjured up but he think that this mystery girlfriend just might love the family. But even though Riley obviously knows her better, his judgment will cloud his mind and prevent these things. It's a bad trait he's seen in his brother far too many times.

"Oh come on Riley, nothing will go wrong. If she's as amazing are you say she is then you'll have no problem."

Riley had to admit, his brother had a good point. He's met Callie and so has the family and their brother Cole even spilled fruit punch on her sweater. Granted Callie doesn't visit much but still- that's expected. But Ashley, Ashley she's charming and sweet and funny and smart so she's bound to make her family fall in love just as he had.

"Okay, okay! I'll invite her to dinner this Friday night."

"Great." Charley replies smugly, finally getting to meet his brother's girlfriend.

Ben, Charley, Riley, Mason, Liam, Caitlyn and Josie all return to a group discussion about which is better Kangaroos or Elephants.

Riley breaks away from the group as lunch ended waving as he waits for Ashley- she unfortunately has the last lunch period.

Ashley walks with Carter, Wyatt and Maisy- her arm linked with Maisy.

"So have you met his step brother yet?" Maisy asks, "I've met Scott's family three we after we started dating and it's been what, a year for you two?" She gives her best friend a 'girl-please' look.

All Ashley can do is laugh lightly at the expression, "No I haven't."

"I know why-" Carter butts in, "Because he's probably worried about his brother charming you and then the bloke will have a good go stealing you from him."

"Shut up Carter, you don't even know either of the two." Ashley pokes her best friend in the chest. The boy could really be stupid.

"I think he's partially right," Wyatt adds, "All guys have some worry. I mean even though you don't date or steal your bro's girl it's just that when you really like a girl and if she's amazing then you can't help but have worries and be jealous."

Wyatt, the reasonable one of the group other than Ashley and she couldn't help but think that maybe this best friend had a really good point.

"I guess you're right…" Ashley admits apprehensively. She then sees her sweet boyfriend waiting by the cafeteria for her.

She couldn't help but love his natural almost saturated red hair, the length almost long enough to touch his eyebrows and covers his ears- he always loves to shake his hair around. Always sporting a goofy smile with his sparkling light blue eyes marbled with white. Perfectly straight teeth and not a freckle in sight.

"Hey sweetheart." Riley smiles as he sees her approaching.

All of her friends giving her embarrassing looks as they depart to buy food or sit at the usually table.

"Hey sweetie."Ashley replies as she reaches up to kiss her boyfriend's cheek.

Riley stands just looking at his girlfriend soaking up her presence.

"What, is there something on my face? Did Wyatt draw on me again?" Ashley starts to touch and rub her face and Riley chuckles. Oh how Ashley loves his deep throaty chuckle.

"No Ash, you're face is flawless like always."

Riley Bennett could just stare at Ashley for ages if he could. Her hair has been dyed, the dark brown locks with layers of a few lighter shades of brown and then peek-a-boo strips of bleach blond here and there. The bright gray eyes always framed with her smokey make up making the color pop and the nice rather plump peach colored lips. Riley Bennett just loves everything about her. From the way she picks out tomatoes in whatever food she's eating but loves ketchup to no end to how she hates her toes to the fact that she's got a gorgeous hour glass shape and obscenely skinny stomach that you could see her ribs to the way that she denies that she's skinny. Everything about Ashley made him fall in love.

"Riley," Ashley laughs, "don't you think you should be getting to class?"

"Well, if I must." Riley feigns, adding a smile and a kiss on the nose, "But before I leave would you like to come to dinner at my house on Friday? Meet my family and all."

Ashley's eyes widen with surprise, "R-really?" She stutters.

"Why the surprise?"

"Well, it's been what a year and I haven't even met your brother who goes to the same school as we do."

Riley scratches his head, "Sorry about that, so would you like to?"

"Yeah, of course!" She hugs him briefly, "But what if they don't like me? What if I totally embarrass myself, what if-"

"You'll be fine, they'll love you." Riley reassures her as he puts his hands on each of her shoulders.

"So, I have to get to class, no go eat and be merry and don't be bored like I'll be in my Lit class."

"M'kay bye." Ashley bids him goodbye with a light kiss and Riley leaves down the hallway.

Oh only Ashley knew what she was getting herself into.

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