As the whole family-minus Elijah- sat down, Charley found himself sitting across from the gorgeous Ashley and Riley was to the left of his beloved girlfriend.

Ashley was really overwhelmed by the amount of people. Mrs. Bennett explained that Riley, Cole and Michaela were hers, and Ava, Joni and Darrel were from both of the parents. Mr. Werlin has Charley, Elijah, Kaylee, Miles and Autumn from his first wife. All Ashley could think of was, 'wow this is such a friendly, crazy huge family' she felt lonely thinking about her household.

Riley was relieved that things were going so well and Mr. Werlin was happy that Riley has such a lovely girlfriend.

Of course the whole family at this point was rooting for the two to get married even if they were young.

"So Ashley," Charley starts, "what's it like at your house?" He stuffs a fork full of mashed potatoes into his mouth as Kaylee overflows his plate with gravy. Joni laughs and she pushes the peas from the pasta salad around as if it was a little car.

Joni is only five and giggles at everything and is missing a canine tooth and tells Ashley that she loves unicorns.

Darrel is the youngest being only two and is just the cutest thing as he laughs as Autumn and Miles try to feed him.

Autumn is a mere 13 and Miles is 15, always protecting his sister.

"Um," Ashley puts her glass down, "It's definitely not like it is here, I'm the youngest and I'm usually home alone." She quickly grins to show him that it isn't a sore subject to her. Charley finds relief from her brief smile.

"Yeah, well most households aren't like ours. It's like a disaster area." Charley replies.

"Ugh, I know! This morning Joni tried to flush my green sweater down the toilet!" Kaylee complains. It was an ugly sweater.

"Oh come on!" Mile adds, "I t was hideous, she was trying to do you a favor."

"Yeah, seriously. You don't even like that sweater, you only want it because your ex gave it to you." Cole chimes in. He's 15 as well and Mile's best friend.

"That guy was a loser." Michaela says as she stuffs a piece of chicken in her mouth.

Charley laughs loudly and Riley just chuckles softy as Ashley smiles.

"So Ash, mind if I call you Ash? How come we've never talked before?" Charley questions her. Ashley honestly had no idea. She's seen him occasionally in the hall but never really took notice of him. Just a face in the crowd- well not anymore.

She chuckles, "Go ahead. I'm actually not sure. We I guess don't run in the same circle." Ashley shrugs, totally making up something but it actually made sense to them all.

"Well, baby, we talked and I'm in the same circle as Charley." Riley says, resting his chin on his fist looking at Ashley.

"Well-" Ashley fixes his hair, "That's because you were very forward and determined to talk to me. I've actually seen Charley but before we met I never saw you before sweetie."

"Was Riley nervous but forceful and clumsy? He used to do that when he was seven." Mrs. Bennett adds.


"Sorry, Riley." Mrs. Bennett laughs.

"So Ash, " Kaylee starts, "Wanna go shopping with me?"

"Yeah, she'll need your help, 'sup I'm Elijah the oldest sibling." Elijah holds out a hand to Ashley, she takes it and he grabs a roll and stuffs it in his mouth, finding his seat next to Mr. Werlin.

Elijah was a pure blond, country boy at heart and muscular-he lives out in the country with his fiancé.

The dinner went well and the family went to talk as Charley and Mrs. Bennett got the desert ready. Charley was always the one who unconditionally would help anyone; he did it without a thought most of the time.

"So," Mrs. Bennett starts, "What do you really think about Ashley?" She knew her step son too well, Charley never really had a mother-he wasn't close to his biological mother at all- and so Deidra filled that spot in his heart. Deidra knew the hard to detect tension of slight jealousy.

Charley was just unsure how to word this, they had this unspoken deal of not mentioning anything they talk to, to any other sibling.

"Well," Charley pauses as he gets plates from the cabinet, "I like her, I really like her."

"Are you jealous?"

"Yeah, I am- Riley is so happy and she's so amazing. I'm happy for him too but I just-"

"You want what he has?" Deidra was cutting the cobbler as Charley got ice cream.

"No-it's not like that-I mean I do- I want her but I want her not because she's the reason of his happiness. I want her just because of-of I guess first instinct."

The mother knew exactly what her step son was trying to convey. Charley felt a spark between her. It didn't matter that she was Riley's girlfriend-although in other aspects it did- if he merely met her one day on the street or at a restaurant he wouldn't want her any less. In fact he might've wanted her more because he wouldn't feel any remorse or guilt. Charley couldn't steal his brother's girlfriend. It wasn't right.

Noisily they all walked back to the dining room with the plates of cobbler and ice cream set. Some places missing ice cream or cobbler depending on the person sitting there, everyone was well aware of each other's eating habits. Except Ashley's.

"Ashley dear I hope you like cobbler and ice cream?"

"I do, thank you Mrs. Bennett-er- Deidra."

Deidra smiles heartily at being called Deidra by her. If plans went well, Deidra would have Ashley calling her mom in no time.

Ashley was soon extremely comfortable around this family, Elijah treated her like a younger sister, already messing up her hair and joking around. Everyone loves her and Riley was relieved. She far he didn't have much to worry about, everyone loves her and Charley so far approves as does everyone else and Ashley appeared to be extremely happy. He'd later have to ask her what she thinks.

Of course Riley didn't notice the way Charley was staring at Ashley. Though Cole could see the scolding passionate look that Charley was giving Ashley- he was in fact sitting next to the oblivious Riley. Riley was too busy basking in his girlfriend's happiness.

No one else noticed the look Charley had and Cole had to talk to his older brother about that later.

"Hey, Ashley," Charley said.

"Yeah?" Ashley looked at Charley and for a second Charley could feel some heat rise to his face.

"Can I talk to you, in private?"

"Um, sure."

"Excuse us." Charley spoke softly. Deidra and Cole knew something was up. No one else thought too much about it.

"Hrm, little bro is giving her the talk." Elijah confirms.

"Mhm hrm he's now discussing our family and the future." Kaylee adds.

"Riley, I like her a lot more than Charley's girlfriend." Autumn tells her step brother.

"Agreed, Charley is too good looking for his own good." Miles says.

Everyone in the family-even Charley- knew that Charley's good looks would be the death of him, his looks always made him popular with girls but only the bimbo whores had the courage to talk to Charley. And smart girls just thought he was a player like any other. Charley though was a sweetheart but he acted different than he did with his family and his friends.

"Good thing you two look like him." Elijah says to Autumn in Miles just laughing. Kaylee was the blonde like Elijah and Autumn, Miles and Charley has the medium brown locks and bright olive green eyes. Autumn and Miles could pass for twins. Charley is third tallest of the family, standing at 6 foot 2, Mr. Werlin 6 foot 5. Elijah was only two inches taller than Charley.

Charley's features were different than Miles's though, Charley has a strong straight nose and a long angled face, lips that were soft and a tad feminine but made girls drool, broad shoulders and a six pack but he was thin and lanky enough to be considered skinny and deep indents on his hips. Miles was simply skinny and lanky, slightly awkward and a lot shorter.

As the family talked, Ashley stood in the upstairs hallway with Charley, not wanting anyone to ease drop.

Ashley had to say she likes Charley's hair, it was kind of short, more so medium length, slightly passing his ears and was always tousled and messy, sticking up in odd places but it was attractive and effortless. Charley brushed his hair kind of like a dog and flipped his hair out of habit.

"Ashley," the name on his lips just made him feel like licking his lips and he did so, "I just want to talk to you about my family and Charley."

"Okay sure."

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