No matter how far I run
or how little I sleep
how hard I try
you won't notice me.

No matter how nice I am
or how much we are meant to be
you're always
just out of my reach

I can hope, I can pray
that maybe someday
you'll look into my eyes
and everything will change

I can wish on a star
and be wherever you are
but there's no point

No matter how much makeup
I use to cover up
how hard I try
with this 'pretty' stuff

I've given up
I'm tired of chasing you
you've missed your chance
to be where I am

(Chorus x 2)

Who am I to be the one
who finally gets your heart?
Who am I to be enough
to give you all you want?

And who are to turn away
without a simple no?
but it's all right
it's time for me to go

It's all right
I'm just gonna go