Important Author's Note

I am not quitting! This story is not dead!

Hey! I know, I know, I suck, I procrastinate, yatta yatta. I am terribly sorry it has taken me so long, again! I mean, I said I would post more of this story when I finished Tasteful. I finished Tasteful…then started the sequel…finished it…now I'm writing other stories and still Carpe Diem has not been updated. There's a reason for that!

Until recently I wasn't sure why I haven't updated this story. I mean, it was a challenge I took on. It was fun. I know it's not perfect, and everyone keeps pointing out little mistakes and yatta yatta, but it's for fun, not to be published or anything like that! But.

Okay, so. I finally realized why it's hard for me to find inspiration for this story lately.

I don't know when it happened, or why, but my writing style changed. I do a lot more dialogue and less description now (I mean, look at Soundproof XD), which makes it really hard to write chapters for this story because Kas doesn't talk much, unless he's asking questions, and so a lot of stuff from his POV is mostly description, narrative, blah blah. And the chapters are so long…which, I could make them shorter, but by now it'd be pretty pointless because the style has been set, and it'd be weird if it just suddenly changed.

I know you all want an update to this story…but honestly, I just don't want to keep doing it the way it's been going. I mean, I don't mind all that's happened (I love the story, of course I do), it's just…I can't keep writing it this way. It's not the pace or style I have anymore. Back then I was mostly still experimenting but now I've found my pace and I'm comfortable with it.

So to all of you who want an update…I'm sorry you see this page. I didn't want to keep doing author's notes, but…I felt this one was needed. I'm sorry.

BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT! Please don't think I'm going to stop this story! I would never do that, I don't like giving up on stories, especially if people review and ask for more ;) So, no, I am not quitting on this story.

I'm just going to start a new version and rewrite it so it's more my new pace, makes more sense, and develops the characters more. This story was started over a year ago, people…my style has changed a lot since then. Hopefully it's matured but I make no promises.

Anyway, my whole point in this ridiculous note is that I am going to stop this version (but leave it up for reference, for those who have added it to their favorites and wish to keep reading, and in case I decide I hate the new version and try to find some way for this to work). It will still be on the site but it won't be updated.

Instead there will be a new Carpe Diem which I really, sincerely hope you all will read if you have read this version. I really hope to flesh out the characters, make it a bit more realistic, add depth to everyone and just make it better all around. I've had ideas for this story for a few months now but, with the way it's written so far, I can't do anything with it. I mean I could write a new POV but it's so late in the story by now with it all just being Kas's POV that…well, I can't do that.

I have a few different ideas about the new version - about the POV it will be in, whose POV it will be, or this other little nifty idea I had - but I haven't decided anything yet. Just please know I will be posting a new version and this story isn't completely dead ;) Just changed, and hopefully changed for the better.

It's be so long I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this…but thank you all so much for the support so far! Without you the story never would have come this far and it certainly wouldn't be undergoing a rewrite! Or new ideas! It would have withered and died. So thank you all so much for helping it thrive! I do hope I can do your awesome reviews justice by fixing this story ;D

And if you have read and reviewed this story, I do hope you will follow the new version! I promise it will be better ;) At least I hope so XD

Thank you all so very much!