Well, I am back with another one of my short stories.

This one has been around my head for the last week. I intended to make it longer, but it seems long stories are not my speciality.

I hope this one is better than my last one (=

West Coast High School was like every typical school. You had all the different stereotypical groups: the loner, the emos, the goths, the preps, the jocks, etc. Yet, there were people who nobody bothered for the simple fact that they didn't go around looking for trouble. They were those who were good with everyone no matter what there style was for they had no prejudices or, for those who had, they didn't bother themselves with other people's problems. They blended into the background and did what they had to. What others might consider 'normal' people.

This story revolves around two of this people. One girl and one boy who passed unnoticed in the big place were they studied. Unnoticed by the rest of the world except themselves, their friends and families. They had no problems because they didn't get invovled with other people like the jocks and cheerleaders.

'Hey, beautiful. How ya doin'?', he smiled and leaned on the wall beside her locker.

'Zach.', Sarah turned towards him and smiled back. 'How was your weekend?'

'Sad because you weren't there.', he sighed dramatically and threw his arm around her shoulders.

She disarmed herself from his hug and turned to walk the other way towards her class. With a last glance over her shoulder, she playfully scoffed. 'I'm sure it was.'

'Good afternoon ladies.'

'Zach, dah-ling, waht are you doing here?'

'Why, Sarah, I'm glad you asked. I am here to take you home in my noble white car.'

'It would be very wrong of me to leave my best friend Mel alone, don't you think?'

'Oh, honey! It is no problem at all. I'll get a ride back with some of the girls from soccer.' Mel replied with a sly smile.

Sarah couldn't help but to mentally role her eyes, she knew Mel thought she had a thing for Zachary and had the crazy idea that something would happen. Of course she was right about her feelings towards him but it would be imposible for her to admit them.

'Well, sweetie, the lady has spoken. Let's go!' He grabbed her hand and lead her towards his car. With his back towards her, he couldn't see her blushig face and she couldn't see his. They left behind a very conent Melanie.

The ride had been filled with chatter and laughs until they had reached Sarah's driveway. She had thanked him for the vent and was getting out of the car when he called her name. Unknowingly to her, he had come closer to her body in order not to shout, but she had her back to him, so when she turned her lips connected with his.

At first, neither moved. They just stared at each other in shock. Zach pulled away first.

'Well that was unexpected.'

Her whole face turned red and she tried her best to climb out of the car quickly but he retained her by the wrist. She thought he was going to lash out on her and was mumbling 'sorrys' under her breath. He still had a dazed look on his face but pulled himself back together and grabbed both her cheecks in a soft lock.

'Stop apologizing, please.' He closed on her again and captured her lips in a tender kiss. For a few moments she didn't respond. When Zach started to pull back, Sarah threw her arms across his neck and puches her body flushed against his. The passion of the kiss intensified and he swept his tongue across her lips asking for entrance. With a gasp she opened her mouth and allowed him to crawl in.

A car went by and pulled Sarah back to reality. She pushed Zach away, thanked him again and ran into her house. He drove away hurt and confused.

The first thing she did was lock herself in her room and call Melanie crying to tell her the whole thing and obtain her comfort.

The first thing he did was lock himself in his room to stare at the roof and wonder what happened.

Through out the following week, Sarah evaded Zach. When he went to greet her in the mornnings she would aready be gone. When he went to ooffer her a ride, she was already off with another friend. He tried reaching her in the msot surprising moments, but she usually pulled a stunt that left him standing lone, looking at her fast retreating back. He even tried to speak to Melanie but she was helpless. She didn't know what to do. She thought they were perfect for each other and what Sarah was doing was stupid. She had tried telling her, but that resulted in being avoided. Sarah knew, Melanie was right and that's what she was so scared of.

All this actions, built up a big ball of anger inside Zach. He was hurting and wanted answers to his questions. So, tired of being ignored, went into her house one day. He knew she wouldn't expect him there. That would give him the advantage.

He barged into her room, with a look on his face a mixture of hurt, sadness, anger, and determination. Sarah was reading on her bed and was surprised to see him. Of course she would be, who wouldn't? She dropped the book and stared at him in shock.

He started walking towards the bed in loud, angry stomps.

'What the fuck is your problem?'

'Excuse me, what the fuck is my problem? You kiss ME and I am the one with a problem?'

'Obviously, seeing as you ignore me after responding to my kiss.'

'I wasn't ignoring you, I was just busy this week'.

'Shit, Sarah! Cut the freakin' bullshit. I know you were ignoring me and I want to know why!'

He had cornered her into the wall. His arms were beside her head, caging her in. His taller more built body pushed againt her and trapped her. It was the first time she felt truly scared of him. She had never seeing him so angry before, he was the calm, care free guy who went along with everything.

'I was scared, ok?! I didn't know who to cope with my feelings towards you. I was hurt and confused. I needed time to think.'

'And you couldn't have told me that? Fuck. I was scared and hurt too. Didn't you think of that?'

Their voices had lowered, they were no longer sceaming but whispering.

'I know, I did. But I thought that you needed the same as me, you know? Time? Space? Or maybe you would get the hint that I needed mine. Guess I was wrong, huh?'

His harsh glare softened at her soft tone. He had never heard her speak so vulerable.

'That doesn't matter now, I understand. Just, tell me. What have you decided after a week of time?'

She raised her eyes to his and he could see the uncertanity there, but she was brave and ready to take a chance. Clearly, the love was there too.

'If I fall, will you be there to catch me?'

Her eyes were full of tears but that only highlighted their intense, vivid color. He smiled his million dolar smile.

'Only if you catch me too.'

With that, he sealed their promise with a sweet, soft, tender, innocent kiss. Very similar to their first one. A promise of things to come.

I tried not to make it a cliché story. Just to normal people who fall in love. Something that happens to all of us.

I hope you enjoyed (: