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I came back home and saw William crouched over the dog, trying to put a leash on him. As he did so, the dog squirmed out of his grasp and William, oblivious to the fact that I had walked into the house, started to call out to the dog.

"Get back here Jake-licious." He yelled at the Chihuahua just as Jake ran to me. I scooped him up into my arms and waited for William to notice me.

As he turned and saw me his eyes widened. Muffling my laughter, I took the leash from William and attached it to Jake's collar.

"Let go of Jake-licious.", he demanded.

"Did you really just say that? Really?" I ask tiredly, only wanting to fall asleep, exhausted from work.

"Yeah, really." He said it as if it were completely obvious.

"Why?" As soon as the words were out of my mouth I realized that I had a mistake by even asking William.

"'Cause I am a Murican; I have rights." William said it proudly, affecting a horrible sounding attempt at a country accent.

"Yes. Americans have the right to stupidity, and they all abuse this right excessively." I snapped out at him, glaring.

I held out Jake shoving him into William's open arms.

"Fine I'll just go out with my stupidity and take Jake-licious out for a walk."

"You do that." I say as I walk towards the stairs.

And then William says my name. "Leo." I turn to him. "How far would you have gone if I hadn't called out your name?" He grins stupidly at me.

I glare at him and then decide to answer. "All the way to my bed; but before I go, I have a poem for you. Roses are sometimes red, violets are not always blue, I have ten fingers, and the middle ones are for you." Flipping him off with both hands, I turn around and go up the stairs.

William called out to me just before I shut my bedroom door. "Wuv you too Leobooboobearbabum."