Yo, people who stumble upon this. First before you read this. This is a song about a girl with an obsession with a boy. Now to explain a few things:

[Bold]--- The guy's thoughts.

[Italics] -- The girl's thoughts

Nothing. -- Girl's POV

Underline. -- Guy's POV

Underlined Italic -- Both POV

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I've know you,

For several years now.

I have,

Finally realized,

My feelings for you,

Are that of a crush.

But suddenly,

Because of her,

We drift farther and farther apart……….

I continue being the good friend,

Not showing how it hurts me.

I've told myself,

That from now on,

I won't let anyone take you away.

You tell me you love her,

My heart breaks.

You tell me you want to marry her,

I run off crying and that's when it was born.

My heart starts to burn leaving only ashes…

I realized my feelings for you,

Have turned in to love.

I know this is going to kill me one day,

But it doesn't matter as long as you are with me until the very end.


Death do us part.

Her, she must disappear.

In order to gain that comfort that you will always be there.


A few weeks in to the relationship,

She is missing…..

It is found that she is dead.

A smile creeps across my lips slowly.

Happiness obtained.

I fix up your broken heart.

[I know this won't help..but I'm sorry]

[I-I don't know if I can live without her.]

[You have me…]

We drift closer.



[W-Will you go out…with me?]

A relationship starts.

[Where were you..?]

[What do you mean?]

[Yesterday around 6:30…]

Obsession begins.

[I wasn't anywhere!!!]

[Don't lie to me!!!!]

Petals fall of a rose.

My love for you turns in to a passion.

It rips a hole in to your heart.

I've known you for several years.

I never realized your feelings.

[Maybe…If I had liked her sooner…]

[None of this would have happened.]

I walk home from the store the next day.

Footsteps daintily following me.

It's you, I know.

I know you know that I'm following you.

I don't have to turn around to know it's you.

I don't care anymore…

We are both sucked in,

To this type of relationship.


For each other.

Always paranoid for each other.

We seem like the perfect couple,

Ripping each other apart.


Death to us part.

An argument starts to get violent.

I don't know what to do,

Anymore because of you.

I see someone with of the opposite gender with you.


Is my final thought,

Before my decision is made.

That person must disappear.

From this Earth.

Once and for all.

I love you,

You know that.


Will forever curse this relationship…