The Narcissist

She's a terrible actress
Pretending she cares
And she often forgets I've been with her for years
She's her number one fan
Looking out for herself
And she'll never look out for anyone else

She's a different person to everyone she meets
And depending on whom you want her to be
She's beauty marks and days at the beach
But the cracks in her armor are harder to see
You're skimming the surface and so blinded by charm
You fail to look closer;
She's trying too hard

She might spare your feelings
Or she might look away
There's rhyme in her reason;
It's what she can gain.

"What a terrible person" some might think or say
Through black and white and all shades of gray
But I've seen her through braces and I can't hold a grudge
From Hula-hoops, fireflies and her very first crush
To boyfriends, misdemeanors and talks with the judge
Methamphetamine rush

Much too often
When the moon isn't blue
She forgets that I know her as well as I do
What she is and how she is
Why she is the way she is

I'm a victim of Stockholm
What can I say?
Family's all you have at the end of the day

She's searching for happiness at the end of a pipe
In the burn of her lungs and a long-lasting high
Looking for a father in all the wrong places
In men who are boys with criminal faces
Criminal actions that land them in jail
Landed her in jail until I posted bail

"They think they can keep me," she told me soon after
With the spark of a lighter and a scoff in the dark
A sweet plume of smoke in some stripper's used car
Celebrating the freedom she thought she had won
In the parking lot of the boys with the guns

Add it to the list of things she'll never learn
She's a runaway child who's made a wrong turn
And just like I do every time
I'll slam the car door and enjoy the ride

Author's Note: My second poem. Tell me what you think.