Chapter One

Trevor's POV

There she was again. The one beauty that I have loved for a long time but she would never love me back. She walked over and she pushed her lips up against mine. I awoke. The light coming in from my window was blinding. I could not see anything but white until my eyes adjusted and then I saw my mother. She had opened up my blinds to awake me so that I could get up for school.

She walked out of the room telling me to get up. It was 6 in the morning but if I did not get up then I would have to go and catch the bus but this way was easier for me so I just got up and walked over to my wardrobe to pull out a fresh pair of underwear and my school uniform.

I walked out of my room, through the dining room, through the kitchen and down the hall to the bathroom to have my morning shower. I walked into the bathroom, closed and locked the door. I pulled off my pants as I started the shower followed by my underwear as I hopped into the shower.

I stood under the running water looking up at the pipe that it was coming from allowing the water to hit my face and run down my body. I am a 15 year old boy who is not fat but is not thin. I am reasonably fit and go for a run every night. I have medium length brown hair that goes with my brown eyes.

I was enjoying the shower until I heard a knock on the door which was my mother telling me that I needed to get out and get ready as my brother's alarm just went off so we were leaving soon. I looked down at myself and turned off the shower, hopped out, dried myself and got changed into my uniform.

I got out of the bathroom and had something to eat for breakfast and did my teeth. I walked over to the front door, threw my bag over my shoulder, grabbed my phone and head out the door to the car so that I could get driven to school.

I hopped into the car and watched as my mother hopped into the car followed by my brother who got into the driver's seat. We reversed out of the driveway and left to go drop my mother at work and me at school so my brother can go to work.

We arrived at my mother's work and she jumped out of the car and we drove away to my school which was only a two minute drive from her work. We arrived at me school and I got out of the car and head into the school as my brother drove off to work.

I walked into the school and up to the library to sit down outside and use the internet on my laptop that the school had issued the previous year. I was also waiting for the girl that was in my dream last night but I knew that she would not be there until at least 8 so I had 1 and a half hours to wait for her.

I opened up my laptop and opened up this game that you drag race cars in so that I could kill some time waiting for her. I was playing for at least a half an hour before deciding that I would try and write a story before she showed up to try and impress her. It was called 'Demonic Aura' and it was about a girl named 'Neria' that ran away from home only to realise that she had special powers and that she belonged to a clan in the underground that had powers as well.

Gwen arrived at 7:50. She was ten minutes early but I did not notice. I was writing when I felt a tap on the shoulder and I looked up to see that Gwen was there. She said "Hey Trevor. Didn't you notice me coming?" I then put my laptop down on the seat next to me, stood up and wrapped my arm around her as she hugged me. It was a hug that we give each other as a greeting and we do the same when we say goodbye.

I sat down as she sat down. She placed her bag on the ground next to mine and reached into her bag to pull out her phone. She checked her phone and noticed that she had a message from me that I had sent the night beforehand that said goodnight. She looked at me and smiled.

I smiled back but I did not know what I was smiling to and it was not like her to just randomly smile and she made a joke and said "Goodnight to you too" and it reminded me about the message I sent and I said "Did you only get that now?" and she nodded. She was so beautiful and I had liked her for a while now but I did not have the guts to tell her.

She was so beautiful. She had medium- long blonde and chestnut brown hair with blue eyes that had amber rings around the pupils and her eye colour changed compared to the mood she was in and what she was wearing. She was thin, athletic build and tallish. I was taller but not by much and She was 8A in bra size.

We started talking about pretty much anything that we could think off and I started to let in subtle hints that I liked her. She must have picked up on them as she changed her way of speech, body language and position on the seat but she did not say it aloud.

I noticed that she must have figured it out and he turned to her and was about to admit his feelings as Gwen's other friend Veronica showed up and Gwen jumped up to greet and hug her so I just sat back and did not say anything.

Gwen walked over and sat down next to me as Veronica sat on the other side of Gwen, sticking Gwen between me and her. I looked at Gwen and asked her how she slept and if she had any nice dreams and she told me that she could not remember what was in her dream. She then turned to Veronica and asked her how her dream was and Veronica could not remember hers either.

Gwen then looked at me and asked me and asked me what time it was and I pulled out my phone and I checked the time. I replied with "It is 8 am. Why?" and Gwen then said "Why is no one here when at least Louse should be here by now." So I then said "Well maybe she was running late or she was not coming." We then sat there talking about anything else that came to mind.

The bell rang to signify that it was time for roll call so I walked Gwen to her roll call class before walking to mine which was in the same direction but just a little further. We were walking to class when we ran into my friend who was on the way to his roll call so I said hello and just kept on walking with Gwen to her roll call before walking to mine.

I walked into my roll call and my roll call teacher complained as she always does because I always walk Gwen to her roll call resulting in me being late as I stand there and talk to her whilst her teacher comes so I sat down in a seat and she marked me as there but late before the bell went.

As normal, I stood up, tucked my chair in and walked out the door within 3 seconds so that I could walk across the piazza and up the stairs to Gwen's classroom so that I could walk her to period one class.

I caught up to Gwen who was just leaving her class as I was walking up the stairs so I ran up behind her and tapped on her shoulder and she turned around to look at me and she gave me a hug. Gwen said that she had 'Society and culture' Period one and I then replied with "Well I have 'Geography' period one and they are in the same direction."

I then sped up a little to get up next to Gwen so that they could talk. Gwen looked at me and asked me "How was your weekend?" and as it was Monday she was always curious about my weekend. I told her "My weekend was alright but you never tell me about yours. So how was your weekend?" I asked to avoid the question as my weekend was very dull and boring.

Gwen told me that she had spent the weekend at home, on the computer and watching T.V. I told her that I pretty much did the same but I got some writing done. We arrived at her class and her teacher appeared from around the corner. I told her that I would see her later and I headed to Geography to hang out with my friend James.

I walked into class and we had our normal teacher and he was talking about the planet and how we can save it which I never really wanted to do geography so I went and sat down next to James.

I pulled out my laptop so that the teacher would think that I was doing some work but I was actually adding onto my Demonic Aura Story and so far I was up to chapter 1. I loved to write but I could never find a class for it so I wrote in all of my hated classes. I only did not write in computers.

The bell rung at 9:34 so I packed my laptop into my bag, stood up, threw my bag over my shoulder and walked out of the class. I did not know what I had so I saw my other friend Haiming and I asked her what she had and the both of us had science.

We walked into the science room as my teacher arrived. I sat with Haiming who was my Asian friend. She was medium height with black, long hair that dropped down to the bottom of her shoulder blades when worn loose but it was tied in a ball and black eyes. She had a school dress on and a pink bead bracelet with different musical note earrings. She was really funny.

I had to sit through my most hated class. I was just going to write and hope that the bell would go as soon as possible and it went. It was a fire alarm. I rushed up out of my seat and grabbed my bag and laptop and bolted out the door to get to Gwen's English classroom up the back of the school.

I made it to her classroom and it was on fire. I could not see Gwen anywhere. I saw a burning note that was stuck to the door that said that they were in the library so I ran down to see where she was. I got down to the library to see Gwen was just leaving to go to the fire safe zones so I caught up to her.

I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arm around her talking to myself saying "yes, she is ok" before Gwen turned around. She was confused so I told her that it was her classroom that burnt down and I couldn't see her and I thought that she was hurt and she just smiled and turned to hug me with her slender arms.

We hugged for a prolonged amount of time before releasing. Gwen said "come on. Shall we go to the safe zone?" and we left. We were talking about how I thought that she had been hurt or worse and she reassured me that she was fine. She told me that they were in the library learning about Shakespeare so they researched him on the computer.

I was so happy that she was fine and that she had no injuries. I could not believe that she was so lucky as to not be in that classroom as it burnt down. Gwen asked me why I was so worried about her and that meant that she must not have figured out that I liked her or she was not trying to show me that she knew but either way I just came out with it and I said "I was so worried because I like you..... A lot and she just looked blank.

I told her that I wanted to give us a try and she just started talking about how a boyfriend was not her top priority and that she needed to contemplate the possibilities and then she followed on to talk about how she liked me as a best friend and someone that she could talk to but then I reassured her that I would not mess that up but she asked what would happen if it ended badly and I just asked her to think about it and we could talk about it later.

We walked down and out of the school to go down to the safe zone. By now it looked as if the whole school had been evacuated and there must have been at least 1 and a half to two thousand students and then the teachers came down and called all emergency rolls. My name and Gwen's would not come for a while so I suggested that we sit down and we can just chat and wait for our names.

My name got called out first and then Gwen's got called out later. We stood up and I called my mother but she did not answer so Gwen called her mother and her mother said that she would pick her up and then Gwen offered to give me a lift home if I needed it and I told her that I would be able to just walk to my mum's work and she said goodbye and hugged me just before walking away.

Gwen's POV

I walked down to my mother's car and hopped in. I waited for my sister to show up so that we could leave. My mother's phone rang as we were waiting.

*Ring Ring*

"Hello" Said my mother

"Hey mum. It's Laura. Can I stay at a friend's today and I will be back at dinner time?" Laura said.

"Sure thing, see you at dinner." My mother replied with.

My mother then turned to me and said "Laura was staying at a friend's until dinner so were going without her." She said all of this before she started the car and we drove off.

As we were driving along, I noticed my father driving home. He caught up to him and drove alongside him until he noticed that we were there. He sped off and we saw him when we got home.

We pulled into the driveway and he was walking into the house so I walked in after him. I said hello and asked him how he was and he told me that he was fine but I could tell that something was wrong.

I walked inside and put my bag down. I opened it up and pulled out my English speech homework that is due tomorrow. I had to stand up in front of the class and give a two minute speech that was only aloud to be in points and not an actual speech written down. I sat at my computer and started to write about the Amish. I had to compare the Amish lifestyle to my lifestyle.

I was in the midst of writing the speech when I became hungry so I walked into the kitchen and got something to eat. I sat down in front of the T.V. and started to watch some T.V. I then went upstairs to my room and took off all of my clothes. I opened up my closet and got out my bathers so I put them on and head downstairs. It was raining but I went for a swim in my pool anyway.

I was swimming when I noticed that my dog wanted to jump into the pool so I got my dog and pulled him in. He could not swim as he was tiny and did not have the right paws so I held him in the water. I got out and dried myself off before drying my dog. I walked inside and went back to writing my speech.

I finished writing my speech and walked upstairs. I got out my pyjamas and put them on. I was wearing a white T-Shirt and long, blue pyjama pants. I head downstairs and saw that my parents were fighting. My father wanted me to move away from that school and my mother wanted me to stay. He turned to me and asked me if I wanted to move and my mother cut in before I could and my father turned around, swinging his arm and backhanding my mother. I turned around and ran upstairs. My father chased after me screaming "We have to leave and never come back" before I went into my room and locked it.

I looked around and saw the window. I opened it and there was a fly mesh on it. I heard my father bashing on the door so I kicked away the fly screen and jumped out the window onto the roof in the rain. As I jumped out I heard that my father had kicked the door opened and I turned around to notice that he was watching me jump off the roof and down the street.

I just kept on running until my feet were cramping and were bleeding from not having any shoes. I slowed down to a walk and thought about my options so I went to Trevor's house and I would tell him everything and ask him if I could stay there.

I arrived out the front of his house. It was a really nice house but he had only lived there for a while so I had not seen the inside and I was hesitating entering the house as I had not been here and it was rude to intrude but I went anyway.

I knocked on the door, *Knock Knock*