Trevor's POV

Who would be knocking on the door at this time of night? I have never had anyone even knock except for my older brother coming home so maybe he was not staying at his mates house.

I walked to the door and opened it up to see that it was Gwen. She was soaking wet and she was crying. She looked like a ghost so I invited her inside and I went and got her a quilt. I wrapped then quilt around her so that she would not freeze to death.

We went into my bedroom and I sat Gwen down on my bed and asked her "What Happened?"

"Well my parents had a fight my dad hit my mum and he chased me so I ran away and I hoped that I could stay here for a while." She replied.

"I guess that you could stay. I am not going to school tomorrow and you can stay for the day if you want. I could set up a bed for you..." my words were interrupted by Gwen leaning up and pushing her lips against mine softly. We just sat there kissing until she broke off and we quickly staggered for breath before Gwen said "I am sorry but I cannot do this as I do not love you, or anyone and I am not really looking for a boyfriend."

"That is ok, I can understand that but tell me this... what has changed since that time that you told me that you liked me when you were dating my brother?"

"I am sorry but I have changed too much and I do not want you to have my baggage."

"I understand that and I will make you a bed" and as I was finishing my sentence I was interrupted by Gwen saying "could I just maybe sleep in your bed with you tonight because I really need some company.

As she was finishing her sentence she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to my bed and we laid down onto my bed and she snuggled up close to me and we fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning and Gwen was still asleep as she had had a rough night so I got up and left her to sleep. I walked into the kitchen and pulled out the pancake mix that I had made yesterday and had not finished cooking yet.

I grabbed a frying pan and placed the heat on low. I pulled the margarine out of the fridge and a plastic flipper that you use to flip pancakes. I used the flipper to get a small amount of margarine and put it on the end before wiping it into the frying pan. I poured some pancake mix into the pan and made two separate pancakes next to each other. I walked back to my room to check on Gwen and she was still sleeping.

I really felt sorry for her as her father was being violent and she could not go back home. I had to figure out how I could get her back home. I walked back to the kitchen and looked at the pancakes and flipped them over. The self- raising flour caused them to rise a little and become fluffy. I loved these pancakes and my mother taught me how to make them.

Once I had finished all of the pancakes, there were 8 there, I took them into my room and sat back down next to Gwen. I shook her a little so that she would wake up. When Gwen woke up I told her that I made her some breakfast and that we need to figure out what we are going to do.

Gwen looked so beautiful as she awoke. She sat up and gave me a hug. She thanked me for being here for her and I told her that was fine and I gave her a plate and told her that she can have as many pancakes as she wants and I will have whatever she doesn't.

Gwen grabbed four of the pancakes and I had the rest. When we finished eating she thanked me for the breakfast and for not letting her sleep for the whole day. I said "We need to figure out what we are going to do about your parents" and she told me that she would go home today and she asked "Would you be able to go with me as I do not want to face my father alone" and I told her that I would.

At about midday I got up and changed. Gwen then got up and I told her that she could either borrow some of my mother's clothes or she could just go home in what she was wearing. When we left I locked the front door and the back door. I left the side door unlocked because I did not have the keys to the house.

We walked down to Gwen's house and walked inside after knocking and getting no answer. We walked inside to see that Gwen's father was in the kitchen with a bottle of white wine and Gwen's mother was sitting on the lounge with a bulging bruise on her face that looked like it was hit by a bus.

Gwen ran over to her mother as I walked up to her father to ask what happened. Gwen's mother then cut in and asked me to leave so that they could all talk so I gestured to Gwen to see what I should do and Gwen gestured for me to wait outside.

I walked outside and looked around for something to amuse me and I felt my phone vibrate. It was from Gwen. She was texting me as her parents were talking about what they were talking about. The first text said that they were fighting about staying or leaving.

I received another text from her later. The second text said that they were trying to compromise her father leaving and Gwen maybe going over there on weekends but she would stay here to go to school.

I then received what was to be thought of as the last text message saying that they were finishing up the negotiations and that her father was going to divorce her mother and that he was going to move away.

I then opened up the door and saw that Gwen's father brought down his bags that he had pre packed and walked over to his car to leave. I said goodbye but he just ignored me like I was just not there.

Gwen walked over to me and did not even shed a single tear. She said that I was a big help but then proceeded to say that this is one of the reasons that we should not date. She said "in a situation like this, if we dated and we broke up badly then I would not be able to talk to you and ask you for help" so I said " it's fine really, I get it but if you change your mind then you know where to find me but for now we can just remain friend's."

I then gave Gwen a hug and left. I walked home and along the way I had time to think about Gwen and that hopefully one day she would change her mind but in the mean time I just had to wait. I arrived at my home and no one was home. I walked around to the side door and opened it.

I sat down and just started thinking about life and what I was going to do. I noticed that my mother was pulling into the driveway with my brother. They walked up to door and I opened it. My mother then looked at me and asked how I was and I did not want to talk so I walked into my room and started to play X-Box.

I could not stop thinking about the kiss that Gwen gave me but he knew that she would not want to date me, no matter what. I started to break down and get really unhappy. I did not know what to do. This was the first person that I had loved since I was 11 and I knew that we could never be.

I decided that I would go and talk to her for the last time and I guess that if it did not work out we could just hopefully be friends and it might not be weird. I grabbed my Umbrella and head out the door as it had started raining a couple of minutes beforehand.

I walked out the door and down to Gwen's house. I arrived at her house and walked up to the door. I knocked and her mother answered telling me that she was thankful that I helped Gwen and that I brought her back. Then she turned around and called out to Gwen and told her that I was at the door.

Gwen walked around the corner in jeans and a blue, chequered flannelette T-Shirt. She had brushed her hair so it was now beautifully straight. She walked over to me and hugged me. She asked me why I had come back so soon and I asked her if she wanted to go out with me and she told me what she had said before that she could not because she valued our friendship too much. I told her that that was fine and that we could just stay friends.

Later that night I felt that I would have to send her a message that said:

'Look. I really do love you and I want nothing more than for you to love me. I know that you may never will but just remember that I will always love and cherish you and I hope that we can be friend's and maybe eventually you may fall for me and we can try then but until then I will always love you. If you ever fall in love with me that just tell me and you will make me a very happy boy. Love you always and forever. Trevor. P.S. I always loved you because you make me happy, you are fun to be around and you have beauty beyond imagination.