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Mary King's Close

We all like to think that throughout our lives we would do the right thing and retain our humanity even in the darkest of times. We all think it, but we only ever find out when we are in these dark, unpleasant parts of our lives. I am about to tell you the story of when I saw a whole street of people give in to their fears and became cold, brutal and heartless. They lost their humanity in order to survive. As that is what we do isn't it? Survive.

It was the year of our lord, 1644. It was Christmas time here on the streets of Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh. Annie Craig had gone to the market to collect some bread for her husband and two small boys. They lay in bed at home suffering in agony from the Black Death. Her little boys were screaming for someone to take the pain away but Annie was helpless. She didn't know what to do or how to make it stop. Fear had gripped her heart, as she knew it was too late to save them.

Snow was falling, the flakes dancing in the air as they flittered down on to the cobbles. Annie was hunched over, a thick cloak protecting her from the harsh wind, eating into her skin like a hungry cannibal. Her mousy brown hair hung limply around her face as it escaped from the loose knot at the back of her head. I watched her scurry along the icy cobbles, her foot slipping every now and again on the patches of ice painted on the ground.

The market was as busy as usual, even though the number of those in our street had reduced rapidly. Scents of spices and herbs hung heavy in the air, filling up my nostrils with the delicious smell of rosemary and basil. A cow about to be slaughtered was tethered to a post, her tail swishing happily as she stood there, unaware that the butcher was about to appear any minute. Stalls were packed together so tightly that in some areas, it was impossible to get through. In other areas, you had to literally squeeze through the crowd of people that were packed into the same space like sardines.

"Good morning Mrs. Craig." Mr. King's booming voice echoed off the walls. "I haven't seen your husband in the pub for a while now. It's like he's died and left us all." Mr. King was not known for his sensitive nature. He could be extremely tactless at times.

"Mr. King, I can assure you my husband is perfectly alright. He just has been busy with work and has not had much time or money for that matter to go to the pub." Annie's voice shook and it sounded weak, defeated almost, as if she had told this lie a thousand times already and yet didn't believe it herself. She put her head in her hand and her brow was shining with sweat. The telltale sign of a lie.

Annie quickly bought her bread and scuttled off. The wind had picked up now, making the hairs on my arm prick up. I shivered and drew my cloak around myself, desperate to regain some heat. The ice was getting worse and I watched Annie loose her footing and tumble to the ground. She put her hands out to break her fall and the basket of bread tumbled to the floor. I rushed over and assisted her in getting to her feet. She had twisted her ankle so I put her arm in mine and like any gentleman would do, guided her home. What I saw next will stay with me forever.

A mob had gathered outside the Craig family home. They were barricading the door shut and I could hear Annie's two little boys crying out for their mother. Their little fists were banging on the door as they pleaded with the crowd to let them out.

"They have the plague!" a voice cried. "They must be kept inside or God save us all!"

I looked down at Annie's face. Her eyes were wide with terror as she watched the people; her friends and neighbors board her family up like a pack of wild dogs.

Something inside her snapped and she ripped her hand from my arm and darted forward into the crowd. She ran to the people who were nailing wood to the door and began scratching at them with her bare hands, screaming at them to let her family go. Two more men grabbed Annie by the arms and began dragging her towards the house. The sleeve of her gown slipped up, revealing the pus filled bags covering her arm.

"She is infected too!" a woman shrieked. "She must be quarantined."

Annie was fighting with all of her strength. She bit one of her attackers and ran forward into the crowd. The mob surged backwards, as though even being in close proximity to her would be fatal.

She stood there and looked at the mob, her eyes hard and flashing with rage. An eerie silence fell on the crowd as they waited. Annie looked up defiantly, straight into the eyes of her attackers. The words she spoke will never be forgotten by all those who heard her

"See thee in hell!"

The mob closed in on her and dragged her through her own door. They jeered at them, laughing at their pain. The door was nailed shut and it was never opened again.

No one actually knows what happened to Annie and her family. Everyone assumed they had perished just like half of the close. However, I know that in the depths of night, even four hundred years later, she is still there, waiting to take her revenge. If you listen carefully, you can still hear her last words. "See thee in hell"

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