A Fast Paced LoveStory

Wow,I cant believe Im finally in 8th grade.I made it this far huh?Okay,deep breathes, I can do this.

That morning I went to school with a dark blue t-shirt,my new purple sweater,a pair of jeans and my new Nike Shoes.I wore my hair up in a pony tail,letting my sidebangs take their position in my forehead,im ready for another year down the same 3 blocks I needed to walk to get to I.S.302 I began thinking over what I had done this summer...turned 14...I became friends with my enemy...I've GAINED an enemy...oh well,I'm not letting anything bring me down this I walked towards the school i saw many kids,mostly 7th and 8th graders.I was only 3 minutes early.I decided to search for my 2 best friends,Helen and Sonny,who by the way is a guy. When i finally found them they were talking to my old friend Tania.

"Ready for another fun year?" I asked smiling in excitement as they all nodded.

"Alright everyone come in!All 7th graders to the cafeteria & all 8th graders to the Gym." Said this man standing in front of the doors.

Anyway you probably dont want to hear about the class I have,I'll just tell you the main details.

There are about 25 kids in my class.

In my homeroom,I got as my homeroom teacher,shes American.I got front row though,good thing isn't it?

Yeah im a nerd,deal with it.

Everything was normal and abit complicated until lunch...lunch was annoying because of SOMEONE.

I was eating lunch,as usual,I had 4 cheese sticks I've been dieing to eat till this guy stole 2!

"Give it back!" I yelled at him as he ate the first one. Oh yeah, aka Joseph the new kid.

"Make me." He said as he got closer,I backed away,what the hell?

"Okay ew,leave me alone." I said as I stared down at my 2 last cheese sticks.


"Why?" I stared at him in exageration as if he had 2 heads.

"Because." He said as he stared down at his hands now on the table.

"You know what?Why would you rather stick with a nerd annoying her, rather than hanging out with your bunch of sluts?!" I demanded seriously.I could see the anger rising in his face.

"First of all im still a virgin, where the hell do you get the nerves to say I've been dating sluts?Cause as far as I've been,I've only made out with 3 girls,and they were ALL worth it." He said as he stole another cheesecake.

I sighed in annoyance.

"So why CANT you go party with the popular crowd?" I asked in curiousity.

"Cause they're boring and...Im turning over a new leaf." He announced proudly.

"Well-" The bell rang and had cut me off.

I stood up he grabbed my hand I tried shaking off till i was forced to face him.

"What?" I stated in annoyance.

"Can you be my guide for today?Im still lost in this school so i need a smart person like you to help me." He asked in the sweetest town knowing everyone was listening.

"What the hell...?! Fine!" I shot back as he showed an innocent smile...lost in this school...pshh.

What can i say?The few periods left after lunch were extremely boring. Joseph was annoying the hell out of me!Ugh,couldnt wait to get outa school.

Finally,the doors to freedom had opened!

"Freedom!" I yelled out i noticed someone grabbed my hand and pulled me back inside.

"Woah?!I finally get to step afew inches out of this hell of a school and here you are pulling me back in,your reason better be good!" I yelled out angrily.

He ignored my rant.

"So,sources say you have a thing for me." He smirked. Ew?

"Who the hell came up with that rumour eh?Man,people are desperate to start heck no,why would i like YOU of all people?" I asked pretending to be curious.

"Oh really?" He said as he stepped forward,I stepped back,till I was leaned up against a wall.

"Yes who would like someone like you?" I wasn't doubting myself on this,was I?I mean...I cant actually like this..thing!

I was leaned up against a wall as his face was only afew inches away from mine.

"W-what are you doing?" I stuttered.

"I've always had a little secret,its to be able to understand a person,just by looking into their eyes with you...its different.I never know what to expect." He said calm and with a low voice.

I looked at him in curiousity.

"Okay...can you let me go now?" I asked innocently with hidden annoyance.

"Nope." He took awhile to let that simple word come out as if he was thinking about it

He came closer as his face grew only inches away from mine.

"What are-" I was cut off by a pair of soft lips pressing gently against I supposeto kiss him back..?Or was I supposed to knee him like the girl I know i am?Oh what the heck...i couldn't find the strength to push him away anyway.I kissed him back as he wrapped his arms around my waist and my arms snaked around his neck,eliminating any space between us.

When he pulled away his face stayed close to mine,and his hands kept hold of my waist,as our forheads touched.I sighed.

"Why'd you kiss me?" I asked.

"Why'd you kiss me back?" He really did seem like he wanted to know...I didnt know myself. Maybe it was because of instinct?Or...Did I actually like him?I..I dont know.

"I...I havetah go." I said looking he didnt try to stop me,he just looked at me in curiousity as I walked down.

The next day was sort of awkward...

I went straight to homeroom and as soon as I walked in all eyes were on me,including Joseph.

"What?" I asked as I walked over to my desk.

"Is it true your dating Joseph?" Samantha whispered from behind me.

"Whaa?!Me and JOSEPH? Dream on." I said as i rolled my eyes,who started this stupid rumour?

That first period the whispers that surrounded me made me furious,I hated this,i really did,and i intend to get to the bottom of this.

I got out as soon as the bell rang,but apparently someone grabbed my wrist,oh yes,...

"What do you want?" I said as I was now facing him.

"Look,im sorry if you think i started this rumour about us being together but it wasn't me,I only told my best friend Alex.I dont know how this started." He said with a pleading yet understandable voice.

"Oh okay then...cya,I'm not letting this rumour get to me,people should just fuck off." I said as I walked away.

Later that day,guess what happened at lunch today.

I was heading to the cafeteria and i ate my lunch as usual,but the worst part was in the recess yard outside.

This group of girls came and said;

"Hey,Melony,right?" She said with an obvious fake smile.

"Yeah...thats me...what is it?" I asked innocently.

"We need you to do us a favor,kay sweetie?" She said as she patted me on the back and we walked off.

"And what is it?" I asked abit worried,which i was. They're usually the ones that start trouble.

"Stay away from Joseph,I've been trying to get his attention ever since he first came here,but thanks to you I dont have a chance,so your going to back off and give me my chance." She explained with an attitude.

"Uhh...okay girls,first of all,I am NOT dating that jackass,secondly,i dont know who the fuck started this but i couldnt care less,you can have him for all i care." I said as I crossed my arms on my chest.

"You dont mean that." A voice from behind me stated.I turned around to find Joseph again.

"Uh,yeah,i do." I said in a duh voice.

"No you dont." He smiled as he approached me.

"Listen im not interested,okay?I think Ashley has a better chance,she does deserve it though,shes the one whos been-" I was cut off by him hugging me this time.

"Dont lie to me." He said in his usual low and deep voice.

I closed my eyes,alright,i guess i admit defeat.

"Fine." I said as i backed away.

I could sence Ashley sending daggers straight at me.

"You know its bad to doubt what you feel for other people,especially if its love." He stated as he put his arm around my waist.

"I've been doing that all my life though,its never been anything bad for me...I dont think I can do this." I said as I looked down and took his arm off me.

"Do what?" He asked.

"Like you."

"Why?" He asked.

"Because." I looked away.

"Theres someone else isnt there?" He asked as I looked at him as if he had 2 heads.

"Noway,I just...needa focus on school." I stated trying to sound convincing...half of me wanted him to notice I was lieing.

"Woah?You serious?Your too smart to keep focusing," he laughed as he continued;

"Whats really stopping you?" He said in a low voice as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

I looked down trying to think of a comeback."None of your business." I said as I TRIED shaking him off.

"When are you going to stop lieing to me?" He asked pleadingly.

"Could you please just...tell me whats really going on." He pleaded once more.

"Im...Im just...worried...scared might be the right word though." I said in a really low voice that im surprised he heard,yet he was still holding onto me.

"About?" He asked curiously.

I looked away for a second,how could I explain to him that im scared to fall in love? That I'm scared to lose him if I do give him a chance?

I took a deep breathe."Im...scared of what might happen when you get tired or bored of me."

He sighed and hugged me."What makes you think I'll get tired of you? You've intruiged me ever since I met you at the cafeteria."

We stayed quiet for afew seconds.

The bell rang as it shook us back into reality,I tried walking away till he gave me a this-isnt-over look.

I ignored him and went inside,during 7th period we were sending each other messages through paper. Our class was watching a movie.

And yeah,he IS hilarious. It was really weird though,he sent me a message saying,

"Would kissing you distract you from laughing and interupting the movie?Not that its weird,I find it cute."I heard Joseph talk to Stephanie,the girl next to me,and they switched seats,oh great. He sat next to me and rubbed circles on my back.

I looked at him and "Stop making me laugh!" I whispered.

He chuckled and returned his attention to the TV.

When the bell rang,since it was my homeroom classroom I went straight to my locker when Samantha tapped my shoulder,i turned around to find her annoyed.

"What'd i do now?" I said as i chuckled.

"You ruined the movie for us with your laughter!" She whined.I looked down embaressed.

"But isnt that what we all love about her?" Joseph interuppted.

"And blame Joseph,hes the one whos been sending me funny pictures of you guys." I said.

He chuckled and said "Lets go,we're late."

That was only 7th period,last period was Gym!

But what happened on my way to the gymnasium was not something I'd look forward to if I knew it was going to happen.

I was half way there till Joseph pulled me into a janitors closet!

It only had 1 lightbulb. Oh great.

"Hey,you dont mind ditching gym do you?He whispered in my ear.

"OFCOURSE I MIND!" I hissed.

He chuckled and put his arm around my waist."No seriously,this is kinda...crazy if you haven't noticed.I cant get caught here,really."

"Hmm...would you ditch with me then?" He asked in a sweet voice.

"Why?" I whined."I like gym." I stated.

I got out of the janitors closet,and pulled him out, trouble actually started during gym.

We had free time so I went to check on my cellphone's,which is usually in my backpack,and I honestly dont trust many people here.

I heard Anthony in back of me."Hey sweetcheeks." He smiled as he hugged,which was normal...but to Joseph...it was something that should've never happened.

"Hey,backoff, shes taken." I heard Josephs deep voice from behind.

"Hey man,chill,I hug her all the time." He rolled his eyes.

"Well sorry man,but shes my girlfriend,I dont really allow anyone but myself with that kind of contact with her." He stated.

"Get it into your peanut sized head,I AM NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND." I yelled out to him.

"Oh really?" He titled his head talking in the sweetest voice I've ever i hate him so much...

His face was approaching mine and I backed away."Do you do this only to torture me?Because sadly,whenever you kiss me I feel so out of control." I looked down as I whispered. He hugged me and pulled away then kissed me.

"Do you hate me..?" He whispered against my lips.I looked down at his question. "Thats enough PDA you 2,get back to running laps." you .

We had to run 5 laps before getting exhausted and going to the waterfountain.

After that last period was over I was heading to homeroom when Joe cornered me again.

"Why are you being so resistant?" He said as he approached me.

"Im not being resistant,get it into your head I-" I was cut off by his soft lips pressing against mine once .

I groaned cause as much as I tried pulling him away he wouldnt let was like 1 foot taller than me!I figured I couldnt do anythiing but kiss him back.....

Our little kiss turned into alot more..Good thing we werent anywhere near the cameras.

He kept tight hold of my waist with his arms eliminating all the space between he finally pulled away he kept his arms around me,not this again!

"Why do you keep doing this to me...?" i pleaded in whisper as he hugged me.I held him tightly...

He whispered in my ear; "Because,I love you." He said in a very low and seductive voice.

The late bell rang and i had to get to homeroom but Joe kept asking me questions on why i was crying on him...and believe me i knew why,i just didnt want to tell him.

Homeroom,which is only 10 minutes was really annoying,especially if was in a bad mood.

I finally went outside for dismissal till joe grabbed my wrist and afew eyes were soonly on us.I looked around and asked. "What do you want from me now?" In a whiny tone

"You like me too dont you?" He asked in a low voice only I could hear. "No I dont." I replied with a skeptical brow.

"Stop lieing to me,when will you learn to accept your feelings?" He asked in a pleading voice.

"I dont have feelings,atleast,not for you,so can you just...please leave me alone?" For some reason...those last 3 words were really hard to say.

He sighed. "Alright....fine,if its what you want...I'll leave you alone." His words full of sadness and anger.

"Were still friends right?" I asked innocently.

He showed me a weak smile.

Throughout that 5 mins or so of staring at eachother...I couldnt stand it anymore,Im afraid I have fallen for Joseph...deeply.

As he walked away i felt tears start filling up my eyes.

"Joseph.." I closed my eyes and opened them again as I sighed.

"I...I love you." A tear fell down my cheek as I looked down.

I could hear him walk back,he raised my face up holding onto my chin and kissed me,yeah thats right,in front of about 50 other students!

And it wasn't just a simple tap kiss,it was a deep one,deeper then we'd ever done before.I let his tongue enter my mouth and we stood there kissing like for 2 mins.

"I gotta go." I stated. He seemed to have been following me.

"Uhh,you live around here?" I asked.

"Nope,I was wondering if I could come over to your house."


"Yay!" He smiled as he grabbed my hand.

We got upto my apartment and we layed our backpacks on the went to my room,I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling as he put music on from my laptop.

"Hey,watcha thinking about?" He asked as he stood up and joined me on the bed."Nothin." I smiled blankly.

"Mhm." He said as he turned to the side to face me.

"Im so bored right nows." I said as i closed my eyes.

"Oh really?How about I entertain you?" He smirked. I gave him a worried look.

He pinned me down on the bed,I was now pinned to the bed with his face hovering over mine. I smiled shyly as his face approached mine.

But instead of kissing me on the lips,as I thought he would,he directed his lips towards my neck giving me little kisses on my sensitive spots.

I groaned. "Joee.."

He didnt reply he just kept going which at times made me feel I knew excatly what he was doing,trying to get me going,well hes not getting into my pants YET.

He kissed me on the neck and tickled me,then he came back to my lips and nibbled on my bottom lip."Hey, dont tease me like that!"I growled against his lips.

He chuckled and actually kissed me this time,not just a tap kiss,a tongue kiss.A deep one.I wrapped my arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss.

We spent the day doing homework and playing on my laptop,he left at 8:00 which is his curfew.

I can happily say I slept well that night.

Me and Joseph have been dating for 2 years now. Yes,we both got into the same high school. Things have been going great,he got accepted into the soccer team and I joined the drama club at our school. We're both pretty happy with our lives right now.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon,me and Joe were cuddled up in the living room couch watching was REALLY cold and he had me cuddled up like a baby in his arms...so very warm.

"You know you look incredibly adorable right now?" He smirked.I rolled my eyes.

"Oh shutup, I'm cold." I said as i shivered,he tightened his grip around me.

"You know we've been dating for 2 years already?" He asked,seconds later.

"Yeah, 2 years together..." I noticed.

"And you thought I'd get tired of you." He chuckled. I looked away.

"Baby listen, I can't have you doubting me,so please understand that I wont be like them, I wont get what I want then leave,I'll cherish it and every moment I spend with you."

I sat upwards. "I know."

"And you know whats the one thing stopping me from leaving you just like that?"


"The fact that I've fallen in love with you. Because if I for a second even thought of walking away from you, well... I wouldn't be able to breathe see,I dont really know what will happen in afew weeks,months,or years,and I dont really care,all I know is that I need you more than I need air."

At this I smiled widely then kissed him with all the passion within me. I pulled back to say, "I love you too." then continued kissing him.

I guess happy endings do come true.

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