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I don't know how to start this, and I really don't know what to say but this; are you ready for a story? Hello to all and thanks for stopping by. I don't know why I'm doing this, or why he's still on my mind, but I need to tell the truth. The full fledged, cold hearted truth, for once in my life. And guess what? You're the one who gets to listen.

My names Katrina Marie Elizabeth Grace. Pretty name, right? Yeah, pretty name for a not so pretty girl. I happen to be overweight, and over six foot tall. Odd combination? I think so. My brown hair tends to do whatever it wants, when ever it wants. I have, well had, braces three times. Lets just say, I wasn't that good at keeping my retainer in my mouth. I loose a lot of things and break even more. My family doesn't all get along, but when I'm with just one member at a time, we don't fight that much. I have a younger annoying bother, an older obnoxious sister and two parents who don't always get along currently living in one house. I can't complain about my friends, they're more than any girl could ask for. I'm a sophomore in high school that enjoys school much more than she should. I live in the school band room and have made music a big part of my life. And. . . I'm in love with Christopher Amadeous Rembrant.

Now, before you go saying "Awh, that's so cute! I'm happy for you!", I want you to know something. Christopher has never, nor ever will, truly love me. Harsh, I know. But like I said, this is going to be the truth no matter how much it may hurt me to say. I wanted to sort this whole mess out, and when my teacher told me to write an essay about anything that actually meant something to me, I thought this would be a good subject (oh, by the way, hello Mr. Andersson). I'm sorry if this is too much for you, or if I make you cry in the process. I've done enough of that to know, even when you do it at your own house, its embarrassing. So, go hide in your room, lock the door, crawl into your comfy comforter, and get ready to read a heartbreaking love story that is different from anything you have ever read. This I can promise you.