"Um… Hey Parker! What are you doing back here? I thought all the guys went off somewhere." I stood on the bottom step awkwardly watching Parker twitch under my stare.

"I felt kind of bad leaving you all on your own, especially since no one said 'goodbye' and you made us breakfast." He claimed. I prayed silently that Adrian would stay upstairs and not reveal the fact that I hadn't been as alone as Parker had thought.

"Aww. That's sweet. But I am a big girl and can take care of myself." I joked. That was pretty sweet of him, even if I had to hide Adrian here. I mean Parker would get the complete wrong idea and then my chances with him, if I still had any would be shattered.

"Besides, I'm not alone. I have some of the girls upstairs. So it's no worries." I lied and shrugged feigning nonchalance when inside my heart was thumping a million beats per second. I don't know why I felt like that, but I figured it was a mixture of Parker's presence, what I had just been doing with Adrian, hiding Adrian, and the fact that I was lying.

"Oh… Right… Okay. As long as you're alright." He spoke quietly not meeting my eyes but I thought I saw disappointment there. My heart swelled a little in my chest and I flung myself at him without really thinking about it. I was acting more and more rash these days. What was wrong with me? Caught by surprise Parker took a second to react and return my embrace. I stood in his embrace for a couple of moment as I pondered whether he had had enough time to mull over the things I'd said to him last night yet. I really hoped so. I pulled back from the hug, and muttered an apology for the suddenness of my attack.

"S'alright." He replied, but he looked like he wanted to say more. His gaze glanced toward the top of the stairs and I figured he was remembering the supposed 'girls' who were there. "Look, I should go and leave you to your friends." He decided.

"If you want, you can come back later and we can talk about… Things." I hesitated unsure of myself in that moment. He seemed to like that idea and his head was bobbing in a sign of agreement.

"When abouts?"

"Surprise me." I spoke, an automatic response for when people asked me that question. I didn't really mind just as long as nobody knew that we were talking. "But be discreet." I tagged on for good measure. He nodded again.

"I suppose I should get heading then." He answered awkwardly and hesitated before turning to the door. I could see him contemplating something but wasn't sure what. His face was so easy to read at the moment, which was something different to Adrian. Parker broke me from my reverie as he came towards me and pecked me on my cheek before quickly fleeing out the door. I didn't need a mirror right then to tell me I was blushing and I desperately tried to calm myself before returning to Adrian.

I settled myself a bit and walked back up the stairs to Adrian. I found him lounging lazily on my bed, deep in thought. He didn't notice me at first but then shook his head and glanced in my direction. His signature smile spreading across his face. It really lightened up his features; especially his dazzling, bright, blue eyes, which I found myself slowly getting lost in.

"HELLOOOOO?" Adrian drawled as he waved his hand in front of my face. I snapped out of my… well, what could I call it? Fascination? Obsession? Well, whatever it was, I snapped out of it.

"Sorry, staring into space. Y'know?" He gave a throaty laugh and a doubtful look. Damn! This boy knows me too well. Another knot formed in my stomach from the intense stare of his; his eyes trying to will something from me. I had to shake my head to resist him.

"So who was at the door?" He asked and by the emphasis he put on the 'was' it was clear this wasn't the first time he'd asked the question.

"Parker." I shrugged indifferently. "He forgot his jacket and it's chilly outside." Adrian nodded in reply. He then quickly snatched my hand and dragged me onto the bed beside him. I squealed and that started a game of chase between us.

As I was dodging his in the sitting room, I threw myself over the sofa, managing to land through the door and in the hall where he pounced on me, like a cougar attacking its prey, just as the front door opened and I screamed.

"What the hell is going on?" Luke's voice trilled as he came through the front door. Uh-oh! We're in trouble now. I thought. Adrian quickly got off me and I jumped to my feet. I was staring at Luke and almost missed the devious glint in Adrian's eyes as I glanced over to him.

His hand quickly slapped Luke across the face as he yelled; "You're it!" He pegged it into the kitchen. Luke snarled ferociously, in what I hoped was a playful sound, and chased after him. I paused briefly; to compose myself, before running after them.

I heard strangled cries coming from the kitchen so headed in that direction. Yet, when I reached the kitchen there was no one to be seen. I could hear them but couldn't see them from where I was standing. My brow knit together in confusion as I walked around the island to find the two boys locked together on the floor. They were both out of breath and panting and both battling for dominance. Each of them on their backs Luke's arm locked around Parker's neck but Parker's legs tangled around Luke's to keep him from escaping. I exhaled in relief when I saw they were both smiling. Well, it looked as close to a smile as it could get during their struggle. I rolled my eyes at them and decided to give them some space to hang out. I turned my back on them and headed back upstairs to my room.

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