This has been reposted but the only difference is I added Ranaya's and Karik's appearances.



'The Princess of Lakishea'


A girl in a red cloak ran swiftly, and through the castle gates in the rain into the royal stables. Somewhere she could actually get some quiet time and not have to think about royal business.

The girl was plain but pretty with her green eyes and reddish brown hair. Her only turn off was her skin which was the color of beige. She was one to be out in the sun a lot. Her name was Ranaya Yarkish, Princess of Lakishea.

She had had enough of obtuse conversations concerning politics, wars, and marriages with her parents and others of high class. Why couldn't she be normal like all the other young ladies of her age? The peasant girls didn't have to go through all the stuff she did! They didn't have to wear awful corsets, they could wear comfortable clothes and not worry about appearances. They could go out in the sun and not have to worry about getting freckles or tanning of the skin. It didn't matter to them. They had house chores instead of political talks.

The stable was the only place where she could escape royal duties where she could get a moment of peace and think upon things.

She was friends with all the stable-hands and sometimes helped with their chores even though they insisted she not get here hands dirty. She would only laugh at them. When she wasn't in the castle she was very un-ladylike. Sometimes she would even wear boy's clothes. She was a fan of riding straddle on a horse instead sidesaddle.

When she reached the stable there was no one in sight. How strange, she thought to herself as she settled onto a hay bale, preparing to stay awhile.

Unfortunately a few minutes later the butler came into the stables to fetch her, saying, "Your Father wants you to meet him in the throne room," he told her, waiting for her to follow him. Oh she could never escape!

Ranaya grudgedly got up, walking back into the castle with an un-ladylike frown. She frowned even more when she entered the throne room where her Father and another high class looking man stood.

"Ranaya, this is King Karik of Zachavi," Darius her father bowed. Such formality from a parent. She hated it!

Zachavians were racists! They were trying to eliminate all the elves in the area. They were filthy murderers! Elves weren't much different than anybody else. They looked exactly the same as humans except for their pointed ears and well they were always extremely good looking, and they had a little bit of a different culture. The Zachavians thought they used their good looks to lure humans into traps in the forest. But the Lakisheans didn't believe the nonsense. They knew the truth of the matter.

The truth was the matter was all the people that went missing didn't have anything to do with the elves. The Tarachi Forest is a dangerous forest. Many people can get lost easily. It has nothing to do with the Elves or their traps. The traps were for catching animals not humans.

"Hello, Your Majesty," Ranaya curtsied stiffly. What was this man doing here? What was his purpose?

He wasn't a very bad looking man. He had black hair which was pulled back with a black ribbon and brown piercing eyes. Around in his early 30's. But there was something about him that had a sinister look. He didn't look like someone you would want to make angry.

"I'm here for important business with your father," Karik bowed to her.

"What kind?" Ranaya quirked an eyebrow. Why was she here if this business didn't involve her?

Darius cleared his throat, "Well, it will involve you later. I just thought you would like to meet Karik since he will be staying with us a while."

Ranaya sighed. She was 18 now and of marrying age. Her father was probably trying to engage to this King of Zachavi. Well he needn't bother because she wasn't going to marry anyone. Especially to the King of the Zachavians. He certainly would be one behind all the racism.

"I see," Ranaya fixed Karik a glare with her green eyes and left the room quickly going right back into the stables again.

Darius wasn't going to be able to persuade his daughter into marrying this King. He had another thing coming if he thought he could just marry her off.

"Of all the nerve!" Ranaya exclaimed irately, kicking a hay bale across the stable hall.

"Your Highness!" Harry, the stable manager who looked much like a hawk with his pointed nose but otherwise wasn't that bad looking scolded, "That is no way a lady of your class should act," he picked the hay bale Ranaya had just kicked and sat it back to its proper position. Which is utterly ridiculous since it's just hay in a stable where hay is everywhere. King Darius just likes everything just so!

"Harry? Do you realize what my father is doing right now?" she frowned then, looking down at the dirt floor. She didn't like being called Your Highness in the stables but no matter how much she told Harry or the others. They still called her that so it did no could to threaten.

"No, Your Highness. What has happened?" Harry asked, concern sketching his face for his Princess. Her sudden mood change wasn't like her at all.

"My Father or should I say Darius Yarkish, is handing me over to some King of Zachavi. It turns out it has been arranged ever since I was born. My life isn't really my own!" Ranaya scowled, getting up and starting to pace, "A Zachavian! Filthy racists they all are!" Even if that hadn't been said, she just knew it wasn't far from the truth.

Harry didn't know how to reply. With her being so angry he didn't want to say the wrong thing. Then he remembered the new stable hand he had hired. Maybe he could cheer her up and change the subject at the same time.

Ranaya finally stopped pacing and looked ready to cry.

"I hired a new stable hand today. A handsome lad he is and not much older than yourself," Harry winked at Ranaya who was wiping her face, feeling humiliated.

Ranaya sighed, "Too bad I can't marry a stable-hand. It would be much better than a racist King!"

The stable door opened and footsteps sounded behind them. Ranaya turned to see a boy not much older than herself walk up. He was strikingly handsome with long blonde hair that was about shoulder length, covering his ears. He had sky blue eyes that looked glassy and was very lean and tall.

Ranaya had to blink as she looked back at Harry with a questioning glance of who this boy was.

"Your Highness, meet Lando, our new stable-hand," Harry announced, looking a little embarrassed for not already introducing the boy.

Handsome was an understatement! This boy was not that ordinary, Ranaya had thought.

"Nice to meet you, Lando," Ranaya curtsied, unsteadily. She was at times not very graceful for the Princess she was.

"My pleasure, Your Highness," Lando bowed with a smile. How graceful he was compared to Ranaya!

Ranaya had to fight an urge to roll her eyes, "Please, call me Ranaya," she told him, trying not to sound bossy.

"Yes, Your—Ranaya," Lando caught himself. He never called a royal by their Christian name. it just wasn't proper, but if she insisted well he better obey.

"So Lando, where do you origin from?" Ranaya decided to give him a little survey. She loved learning things about all the stable-hands.

Lando cleared his throat, "I prefer not to talk of my past," his cheery tone changed to dark and troubled. He looked down at his boots.

Ranaya decided she shouldn't ask him any more questions. She respected people's privacy as much as her own.

"Well, Lando, I think it's time to get to your training," Harry cut in, cocking his head toward the supply room.

"Yes Sir," Lando said respectfully.

"And you, Missie, need to go back to your world and tend to business," Harry shooed Ranaya playfully.

Ranaya sighed but decided she probably was needed in the Throne Room with her parents. She needed to talk to Darius about the whole Karik ordeal and try to talk him out of it….if it was possible.

Harry and Lando walked off into the supply room leaving Ranaya alone.

"Might as well," Ranaya stalked off into the castle ready to give her father a good talk.