This is it. I'm so excited! It's finally done. Of course this is just the beginning. I have another story coming up so be on the look out. It's called The Girl of Glander. It's about the great great great granddaughter of Ranaya and Landrian. This is going to be a series from now on. This is book one of The Tarachian Days.


Ranaya lay awake. It was in the middle of the night and yet she still hadn't fallen asleep. She was restless and her belly was so big it was hard to get in a comfortable position. Every so often she felt a spasm shoot through her. It was twelve months since she was told she was pregnant. For the elves thirteen months was a full term for the baby to be born. It couldn't be time yet; although her body seemed to say otherwise. They already had names for a boy or a girl.

She wasn't sure if Landrian was asleep. He had his arm draped around her stomach protectively, and hadn't moved in a while.

Ranaya struggled out from under his arm and sighed loudly as another spasm went through her. It was beginning to get sharper.

Landrian made a small noise of protest but nothing more.

Ranaya tried to lay still.

She took a sharp intake of breath as a horrible cramp shot through her and she grabbed her stomach with a groan. She felt something wet go down her legs and a real contraction it.

Landrian shot up instantly, "What's the matter?"

"Baby wants out," Ranaya winced with a smile.

Landrian got up quickly, struggling to get his clothes on in a hurry.

Ranaya couldn't help but laugh even through her pain. He was so nervous at the thought of being a father and yet he was a King and a General who ruled a Kingdom and fought wars.

Landrian managed to stumble out the chamber door without falling and raced out to get Nathan.

The elvish physician had agreed to stay in the castle until Ranaya had her baby and then would return to the Tarachian Forest.

Ranaya was glad he had since the Zachavian's didn't know anything about half elven babies.

A few minutes later came in Nathan with Landrian behind looking like a scared child. Bessie came in as well.

Ranaya patted the bed beside her and he sat down.

Nathan started shooting orders for Bessie and some for Landrian and they all got to work.

Ranaya tried so hard not to scream but soon she couldn't keep it in. The pain was unbearable. Not even holding onto Landrian's hand helped.

"Almost there," it seemed like that's all Nathan could say. It was making Ranaya ill and impatient.

And then there was a baby cry then Landrian was handed a small baby boy, and Ranaya knew it was over….

Only another pain shot through her as she stared at the beautiful baby.

"What's going on? What's wrong with my wife?" Landrian was panicked as Bessie took the baby from his arms.

Nathan shook his head in worry. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I have to find out what's wrong."

"No, No, I'm staying!" Landrian said stubbornly.

"You must go, Your Majesty," Nathan said sternly.

Ranaya was scared and was afraid of Landrian leaving but she couldn't speak or she would scream. Contractions were hitting her again.

What was going on? She had the baby already.

Landrian left, looking torn.

He paced back and forth unable to stop. She had been in there over an hour and she was screaming like she was dying. He couldn't take this. He had to find out what was going on with her. Wars he could do. Even have his own face slashed, but when it came to Ranaya he just couldn't handle her hurting in anyway.

"Brother, you are about to wear a hole in the floor," Naylandi chastised.

Both the Yarkish and Brightstar families were there waiting and Landrian was driving them crazy.

He stopped in mid step as another baby cry was heard and Ranaya's screams stopped. He stood there dumbly; his mouth going slack.

Naylandi grabbed him before he sailed sideways in a faint.

Landrian quickly snapped out of it and ran. He stood in the doorway and stared at the picture before him.

Ranaya held two babies in her arms. She was tired but very happy. "Come meet your son Riordan, and your daughter, Lael."

And Landrian did.

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