A/N: I finally finished it! This is actually the second time I've written this because the first one was crap. Though, I'm not loving this version very much, either but this is the best I can do for this challenge. :/

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The Lounge's July Challenge: The Backwards Mythical Creature Challenge.

I know I shouldn't be friends with her, but the loneliness I feel draws me to her. She's a wild, ruthless animal, and I've seen her kill people before. They deserved it, for messing with her so much. The poor thing is a tourist attraction now! No wonder she seems so shy.

My family has called me greedy for keeping her away from the public. I see no wrong in wanting her safe, though. Only a terrible dark future awaits her if anyone with connections knew she really existed. A monster, they called her. The Loch Ness Monster! I remember the first tabloid, published around the same time I first saw her.

It was the morning of my seventeenth birthday. The sun had barely started to rise, casting out vibrant colors of orange, red, yellow, and purple. They shown through the few clouds that were out, lighting them up to a soft gold. A scene that would put any artist's work to shame. An utterly perfect morning for me to take out my new fishing boat and catch a few for a hearty meal.

Swiftly, I had cut through the water with the paddle until I was very far from shore. While my lure was casted, I snacked on moist, undecorated cake. I had only expected to catch a few salmon, and maybe a trout. Nessie must have seen the shadows my boat had casted in the waters and it had made her curious.

I was knocked right out of the boat and fell into the icy cold water. Nessie's long, skinny dark neck emerged and she peered down at me with those small black eyes. Her sharp teeth were protruding from her mouth, and she didn't look very happy to see me. She decided I wasn't worth the trouble, and with one swish of her tail, she was gone.

Yet, I was dying. The temperature of the water was much too cold for anyone to stay in for very long. Slowly, the world disappeared around me and I fell into nothingness. The last thing I felt was smooth, wet skin under my fingers.

The sun had shone brightly in my eyes. A woman's shrill scream filled my ears and the sound of footsteps rushing towards me followed. I was resting flat on my back on rickety dock, drenching wet. The woman was my mother, and she was far to occupied with my well-being to even notice Nessie swimming away.

Since then, I've always been around to watch out for her. Yet, sitting here on this very same dock on my ninty-fourth birthday, I wondered who would be here to watch over her when I'm gone. All the people who I knew and trusted had already passed on. Many times the media had come close to exposing her to the world. What would happen when the scientists got a hold of her?

For now, she is free.