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Rosalie ran after Eliot, struggling to keep up. He burst through the back door of the bar, and Rosalie ran recklessly after him.

Take longer strides, you'll go faster.

Rosalie obeyed, and felt herself speeding up. Whatever Eliot had done had enhanced her physical abilities. She dashed after him as he sprinted away from the men behind them. Rosalie glanced behind her to see a knife flying at her head. She leaned right and it sailed past her head, cutting off some strands of her red hair. She turned forwards again to see Eliot sprinting his way up a building. His momentum faltered and he grabbed the knobby ledges that the design of the building provided. He then clambered up the wall at a high speed.

Rosalie gaped. She looked around and saw a cart riding close to the building. She ran to it and used it as a springboard to jump up high on the wall. She grabbed the ledges and pulled herself up. She set off running after Eliot, who had jumped to another building. Soon, they had lost the men.

Rosalie stopped, bending over to catch her breath. Dimly, she wondered why she was escaping with her father's murderer.

Because you need him now.

Rosalie growled, Shut up!

She looked up to see Eliot making his way down to the streets. She followed him, and they ended up in front of an inn. Eliot pushed open the door and held it open for Rosalie.


Eliot followed Rosalie up the stairs to his room. He firmly shut the door and muttered an incantation. A small, glowing gold symbol placed itself over the door.

"What's that for?" Rosalie asked as she sat down on the bed, unstrapping her sword, but keeping it at the ready.

"A simple locking spell." He took off his daggers and pushed them through their seals. He kept the wrist stiletto at the ready. Then he sat against the wall across from Rosalie.

"I need to figure out what your Darilo is," Eliot said, running his hand through his scruffy hair.


"Darilo means Gift in Slovenian. Your Guardian, no, every Guardian gives a Darilo to their host, for letting them reside in the body. My Darilo is the gift of Weapons Master. See?" Eliot called up a seal that spanned the length of the room. He said, "Pridi."

Dozens upon dozens of weapon handles poked through the seal. Eliot chose one at random and pulled out a small hand-scythe. "Not only does my Darilo give me mastery over all weapons, but I get an infinite amount of weapons to choose from."


Rosalie stared at the vast amount of weapons that Eliot had access to, amazed. Silently, she asked, So what is your Darilo to me?

You will find out at midnight tonight. I refuse to say anything further on this subject.


"He's refusing to tell me," Rosalie said, pissed off.

"Well, that happens sometimes. Meanwhile, I have a proposition for you. Become my apprentice."

"What!?" Rosalie started to rise when Eliot stood, grabbed her, and closed his hand around her neck, but did not squeeze.

"Do you see how helpless you are against me?" Eliot said quietly. Rosalie tried to attack him with her sword, but Eliot blocked it with his stiletto and pushed it away.

"You said you want to kill me. And I want you to have my back to achieve my goals. Here's the deal. I will train you. At any point in time, during our training, you are free to try to kill me. But only during training. If you attack me outside of training, or we are doing something important, I will cripple you for life and dump you in a ditch. You should know that I am completely capable of it. But in return, I want you to help me. I have enemies, and they are stronger than me. Two people are stronger than one."

"Why should I trust you to keep your word?"

"Uh, Rosalie, this is kind of a one way deal. Towards you."

"But still..."

Eliot sighed. "Look at it this way. I'm training you to fight, and I am giving you opportunities to attempt to kill me with no consequences. Basically, I'm training you to both protect me and kill me at the same time."

Rosalie thought about it. There seemed to be no downsides. He would train her to fight better in exchange for some help. She could kill him and take revenge on her father. But something still bothered her. Something seemed off. But she had made her decision.

"I'll do it. I accept."

Are you sure about that?

Yes, so go and hide in your little hidey hole in my head. I wasn't thinking to myself for your benefit.

Suit yourself, woman.

What did you say!? But her Guardian had already left.

Eliot removed his hands and stepped back, running his hand through his hair. "Okay, now I have to get your bindings ready."


Eliot nodded. "See this?" He held out his bandaged arm. Rosalie nodded.

He unwrapped some of it and showed the underside of it. The bandages had red symbols running the entire length of the bandage, from what Rosalie could see.

Eliot began rummaging under his bed. "I'm not going to bandage your arm, otherwise it will be suspicious to see two people with an eye patch and a bandaged arm. I'll also give you a glass eye, which will make you stand out even less."

Rosalie frowned. "So if I'm not going to have a bandaged arm, what am I going to have?"

Eliot pulled a sleeve out from under the bed. As he pulled it out, it became obvious that it was just a sleeve, like something off of a cloak. Then Rosalie took a closer look. The sleeve was made of high quality leather and had buckles lining the outside. Eliot held it up, then set it down, pulled a cane out of a seal, and started beating the sleeve. Dust poofed out and clouded in the air, making Rosalie cough.

Eliot held out the sleeve. "Here, slide your arm in." Rosalie tentatively slid her arm in. As soon as her arm was fully in the sleeve, the buckles tightened painfully over the sleeve. Rosalie grabbed her arm and clenched her teeth. The buckles felt much too tight, and were causing pins and needles to run all along her arm.

Eliot pulled his flask out from his coat and tossed it to her. "Take a swallow, it helps." Rosalie took it and took a long swig from the flask. The pain dulled immediately, and she let her arm go.

"The buckles are too tight," she complained. She was about to toss the flask back when he held up a hand.

"No, keep it. I got another. Feel the buckles." Eliot pulled out another flask and took a swallow.

Rosalie checked the buckles and was amazed to see that the buckles were barely tight at all, just enough for the sleeve to stay on securely and without moving.

"The pain is caused by the seals on the inside of that sleeve touching your arm. The seals suppress your powers, but not completely. Without the seals, we would have no control at all over our Guardians. Speaking of which," he held up his bandages, "my seals are now worn off, and I need new ones. I knew that fighting was a bad idea."

"Is that why you lost control and stabbed me?" Rosalie asked, curious despite herself.

"Yes. Your Guardian must either be weak, or have an amazing amount of self-control to not have displayed any signs of power on our way here."

"Is it really that hard to control a Guardian?"

"Yes, you have no idea."


Eliot sat. He was amazed that Rosalie hadn't tried to kill him earlier. She was much calmer than others he'd turned. Instead of the screaming, panicked, "What's with my arm!?" and "I have another being in my head!?", Rosalie was standing pretty calmly, seeing as he had nearly killed her and had ripped out her eye and put her in constant pain for the rest of her life.

"You will feel that pain for the rest of your life," Eliot told Rosalie. He had to tell her sometime. "About your fath..."

Suddenly, a man in black crashed through the flimsy walls from the adjacent room. He held two daggers and had multiple others slid into his belt.

The man threw his daggers at Rosalie. Eliot threw himself in front of her and managed to deflect both of them with just his stiletto. He took the opportunity that the surprised man gave him to draw two curved swords, one black, and one red into his hands.

The man, with blazing speed, started flinging all of his daggers at Eliot. Eliot kept himself in between Rosalie and the assassin and kept deflecting the daggers harmlessly away from himself and Rosalie.

Soon, the man realized that his tatics weren't working and he pulled out a short sword from a hidden sheath on his back. He charged directly at Eliot. He was halfway across the room when Rosalie's sword stabbed into his stomach. He gurgled, then collapsed to the floor. Rosalie, who had thrown her sword, walked over and pulled it from the body.

"Do you have any cleaning spells or anything?" she asked, looking at her bloody sword and the increasingly dirty carpet.

"Yeah, not the first time I've had to clean up after a kill," Eliot said, sighing. He pulled out a jar and muttered some more Slovenian. The blood floated up from the ground and Rosalie's sword and collected in the jar.

"Eww, why are you collecting the blood in that jar?" Rosalie asked, slightly creeped out.

Eliot put the jar away. "It's for my Caster Guardian."

Rosalie was surprised. "I thought that your Darilo was mastery of all weapons."

Eliot started packing his stuff into a knapsack. "It is, yes."

"That isn't a Darilo for a Caster though, right?"

"But I have special circumstances. Now is not the time to discuss this. The assassin means that they know our location. And I didn't have anymore business here anyway. You have two hours to go pack your stuff and whatever else you need."

Rosalie got a little pissed. "Why the hell are you ordering me around like a servant?"

Eliot sent her a glare. "Because you are now my apprentice. You agreed to it, so you have to act like one."

Rosalie grumbled darkly under her breath and started on her way to her temporary residence. She did have to pack, and it wouldn't be smart to not be prepared.