I must thank you,
sweet lady;
for those smooth and perfect
you showed me, right before
we reached that over-climaxed moment,
and that tender-soft surface on which
I saw everything I wanted, and more.

What lines!
How unique!

I'm so filled with desire
for your impeccable style, and
it is always both
a privilege and an adventure to
deeply, deeply into what you keep so well.

I had a pleasant introduction to
your body, and things flowed so perfectly from there,
sprawled out and opened up
across my sheets
as I sighed and took a long breath.

I studied all you had to give me,
took in every little detail and
put in all I had as well.

The end result was something only
you and I together could accomplish.
What a wondrous thing to
spring off us like that!

So in conclusion,
for showing me something
so flawless, sweet, and voluptuous
I must say,

"Thanks for your notes.
You have really good handwriting."