when I speak I am the California coast,
and curly hair. off the paper I'm the
click of a tongue ring on teeth,
and wind rushing through fences.

when I speak I am freckle faced and tan.
my skin is colorful, I am the pen not the paper
understand? off the paper I am golden strip
of soft sand. heels deep in the ocean.

when I speak I am teeth to the sky.
wide open arms for the rain.
tone shallow but deep, when talking
I place fingers in and around my mouth.

when I speak I am lovely. see there is
sun on my face and in my smile, see there
those are my dessert mountains! this land
that is my home knows my bare feet
and little of my love for the prose.

when I speak I am her. the strange dessert
girl, all hind legs and haunches. eyes till noon and
curls past chin. the now well traveled youth. all that they
say is "hey, would you mind if I just watched?"