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The sound of a loud motor cut the silence of the empty road as a figure on a motorcycle flew past. Her auburn hair whipped wildly in the wind as she sped down the street. It was growing late, almost time for her to stop. She could afford to sleep tonight, she was sure that they were very far behind. Besides, the snow helped cover her tracks even more. She loved it.

Finally, she decided to stop. The bike slowed as her brown eyes scanned the area for a suitable place to hide her stuff. There were many good places for hiding with the multiple snow banks, no doubt the cause of a truck coming to clear the roads. She picked a random bank and hid her bike behind it so no one would find it. The bike was her baby, the only thing she could count on. Cherry red and extremely fast, it gave her everything she would ever need, speed and beauty. A smile graced her lips as she rubbed the metal.

The wind blew, causing her auburn hair to move with it. It would be about a year since it happened. Sometimes she missed it, but most of the time she didn't. Who would want to be submissive? It was disgusting, bowing to someone as if you were nothing but dirt. Her eyes narrowed. He would not control her, ever. He didn't have that right, she didn't care who he was. The only one with the ability to make her submit was herself and she only had to listen to herself. It didn't matter if she was seen as a brat. She didn't care what others thought of her. What did they know anyways? Blindly following someone was stupid.

She snapped out of her thoughts before moving to remove her clothing. She would be warmer in her other form out on this snowy night. After all her clothes were removed, she folded them neatly and placed them in the bag hanging off her bike. Finally, she turned and walked away as her body shifted. Her legs came first, bending and growing fur. Her arms and hands next, causing her to walk on all fours. Her face elongated and grew narrow as it morphed. Lastly, fur grew from her body, the same shade as her auburn hair. When she was fully changed, she shook her fur out, loving the feel. Though it was snowing, she felt warmth, enough to sleep anyways. Content, she lied down on the snow with her head resting on her paws. She'd get moving again tomorrow. Most would find her life of constant moving, being on the run, as horrible, but she relished the chase, especially when she was winning as she was now. Yes, her life was going good. She drifted off into the dream world with these last, content thoughts.


Ulrich left the pack house, wanting to go for a run and relax his nerves. Leila was bugging him, flirting all the time. She just would not accept that he had no interest in mating her because she was not his true mate. Of course, Leila would just argue back saying that many wolves don't find their perfect mates, but Ulrich would have none of that, growling at her and reminding her of her place. He would find his true mate or he would not mate at all.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his blonde, nearly white, hair. When would she ever learn? He threw off his clothing before shifting into a white wolf. Not wasting any time, he raced off into the forest, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. God, it felt so liberating to run as a wolf. It amazed him just how therapeutic just running could be. Truly, nothing could be better than the feel of the ground beneath your feet and your muscles working. The second that thought passed through his head, a scent found its way through his nose, proving his thought about running being the best thing out there, wrong. It seemed to wrap around and ensnare his senses. He had to find out what was causing it.

Ulrich changed his direction and ran towards the scent. Not even the smell of rabbit could distract him from the mission to find out what exactly gave off the aroma. What he found blew him away. A female, red, just lying in the snow on her back. She was beautiful, perfect. She was his. He would never let another have her. No other was even worthy to look at her frame, that was just for him, he was the only one that would even come close to worthy.

Slowly, he padded over to her and sniffed her neck. His eyes rolled back in ecstasy, nothing should ever smell that good. She smelled like vanilla, strawberries, and the feeling after a long run. He wasn't sure how someone could smell like a feeling, she just...did. He felt a tightening in his groin area. He had to claim her, he couldn't risk other males getting any ideas around his mate. Still in wolf form, he straddled her sleeping body, accidentally bumping her. She stirred from her sleep and Ulrich froze.

After what seemed like hours, but was only seconds, she opened her eyes. They were foggy at first, but seemed to clear within seconds of her realising that someone was on top of her. She jumped up, causing Ulrich to fall into the snow. She was quick to get to her feet and growled at the intruder. What did he think he was doing? Was he one of the men sent after her? She sniffed the air as he got up, but found that he did not smell like the pack. So, why was he over her like that?

When he got to his feet, Ulrich stood high and proud, despite his ego having been hurt by the fact that this female was able to make him fall. He stared down at her growling form. She was smaller than him by quite a lot, she was adorable. Even with her teeth barred and the growling coming from her throat, she was cute. He yipped at her, as if saying that he was friendly, playful even. She didn't let up on the growling. Her ears were pressed up against her head, her body rigged, and teeth gleaming threateningly; did she not get the message? Ulrich tiled his head slightly to the left and let out another friendly yip.

Slowly, her ears rose and she relaxed more. Her growls quieted as she found him to be no threat to her. Upon deciding this, she also decided that she should go ahead and leave; therefore, she turned her back to him and started walking away. This action caused Ulrich to become angry. She could not leave him and turning your back to an alpha was just disrespectful. He growled and lept in front of her, defensive now. Alarmed, she also went into a defensive and violent stance. Whoever this wolf was, he was confusing. First he acts like a mere pup, and now he acts like a high and mighty alpha. She did not like alphas and he certainly looked like one at this point. Whatever he was planning or intending she could tell she wouldn't like and would likely lead to her bowing down to him.

They circled each other, snarling and growling with their teeth gleaming. Ulrich didn't want to hurt her, he would never want to hurt his mate, but he could not allow her to leave him. He was in charge of her.

She just wanted to leave. If she had to get past this brute then she would. He looked like the dominating type and she would not be dominated. She could not take him on though, he was too strong, too big compared to her. She had to think of a plan. The snow was good for covering tracks, but not good enough to cover if she were to run. More than likely, his muscles would slow him down and she'd be able to out run him. That was her only option. Besides, she was good at chases, having yet to lose one.

She quickly backed off and sprang out into the woods. Ulrich let out a vicious snarl and bounded after her. They went through what seemed like a maze. She made every chance she could to find obstacles that she hoped would slow him down, none did. She had underestimated his ability to run. Ulrich ran nearly everyday, he was both fast and strong, something he guessed she did not think of. Though, he had to give her credit, she was a fast wolf.

Ulrich decided to end this silly chase and with a burst of speed, tackled to female to the ground. She yelped, not expecting him to catch her, much less tackle her before being silenced by the darkness. They were in the same position as before when he was on top of her while she was sleeping. This time though, he would not be thrown off. What he didn't notice was the she landed on a rock. More specifically, her head landed on a rock, knocking her unconscious. She was out cold. Her body returned to its human form due to the shock. Ulrich could see her crimson blood coming out from where she knocked her head into the rock and whimpered. He did not want this to happen, but at least this way she was still with him and the wound wasn't fatal.

He changed back into his human form, still straddling her naked body, but his mind was not on claiming. He had to take care of his mate before he could do that. Gently, he got off of her body and lifted her into to his arms as if she were his new bride. Her head was placed on his chest, a fact that warmed him. He kissed her forehead and smiled. Yes, she'd make a good mate.

He happily made his way back to the pack house. It wasn't until he reached the front of the house that he grew nervous. What if the pack rejected his mate? What if his mate rejected the pack? Ulrich then decided that those thoughts were silly. The pack would follow him as alpha, he would make them accept her, and she was his mate, she would accept him and everything that came with him.

The door was thrown open and Ulrich looked up to find Leila.

"Ulrich! I'm so happy you're ba--what is that?" Leila looked at the female in Ulrich's arms with distaste. She could not have more competition and if Ulrich was bringing home this bitch then he might like her.

"Leila," Ulrich curtly said, brushing past her.

"Hey wait! Who is she?" Leila questioned, hoping to find a consoling answer. She jogged to get to where he was, now on the porch.

"She is my mate, your new alpha female. I suggest you have some respect." Ulrich glared at Leila who now was sputtering in disbelief. He goes on a run and brings back a mate, that surely did not happen often.

By this time Ulrich had entered the house, causing his other pack members to become curious about the woman in his arms. He stopped in the living room, where most of the pack had now gathered.

"This is my new mate. She will be your new alpha female. There will be no discussion on this topic in which goes against her being in this pack. Right now, as you can all see, she has been hit on the head and is unconscious. I will be placing her in my room, now our room." His face darkened as he spoke the next few sentences as his wolf eyes gleamed threateningly. "No one, and I mean no one, is allowed in there without my permission, especially the males. If I so much as scent a male being near that room I will have their hide. Do I make myself clear?" Ulrich stared the members down menacingly. They all nodded without question, submitting to their alpha. He smiled and directed his attention to an older female wolf and her daughter. "Good. Now Elise, grab a bucket, fill it with water, and bring a rag up to my room. Rachel, bring bandages." Both of the women nodded at his order and left to get the supplies he wanted.

Ulrich left the living room and went upstairs to his room. He lied her on his bed, not caring about her blood staining the pillow. Finally, he got a good look at her. She had wavy auburn hair down to her breasts. Her button nose and full lips along with her pale complexion made her look almost like a doll, a very hot doll. He smirked and ran his index finger down her forehead to her chin gently. A brisk knock on the door caused his inspection of his mate to come to a close.

"Come in." Elise and Rachel entered with the items that he had ordered. "Alright, you two may go." They both nodded and left the room, closing the door behind them after they dropped the items by the bed. Only Ulrich had the right to care for his mate and he would do just that.

Deciding that a better position would be her in his lap to fix her up, he lifted her body from the bed as he sat on the edge and put her in between his legs so that her back was to him. She was very light, too light, something he noticed while carrying her before, she needed to eat more if she expected to have healthy pups. Ulrich would deal with that issue later though. He dipped the clothe into the warm water and started cleaning her soft hair, stroking it. There was more blood than he thought, but head wounds did normally bleed a lot. By the time he was finished with the rag the water had turned pink. He then set to work wrapping her head in the bandages. The wound would heal soon, but he didn't want anymore blood seeping out. Finally, he placed her back on the bed, the part that escaped her blood, and went to search through his shirt drawer. No doubt, due to his taller frame, the shirt would be more of a dress, but it would do. He pulled the shirt over her head and placed her under the covers after removing the pillow with her blood on it. Ulrich kissed her head slowly, relishing the feeling, before getting dressed himself and heading downstairs to leave her to her dreams.

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