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Victoria stared at the door where he had just exited in mild shock and slight satisfaction. She was slightly surprised of the name he chose to give her. She thought he'd keep pressing her for her name, threatening her until she gave in; which she'd never do. She was satisfied with his anger though. He looked to be bursting to the seems so much that he was going to shift with such animalistic rage. She let out a chuckle at his expense before becoming serious.

It was unlikely she'd be able to escape in the condition she was in now, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to try. If they caught her then Ulrich would become even angrier, a win in her book; and if she got away then she would also win. There really was no way to lose if she were to attempt to escape.

Her eyes traveled around the room, her mind taking note of anything useful, until they rested on the window. Judging by the view, she was not on the first level. More likely, she was on the second or third level. If it was the second, she could escape that way with just a few bruises to account for, but if she happened to be on the third level, she couldn't use the window.

She relocated her attention to a new issue: transportation. How was she going to get out of the bed, to the window, and possibly to her bike? She could probably hop, though it would take awhile. Then again, what other option did she have?

Victoria moved her left leg over to a comfortable position, hanging slightly over the bed, before using her hands to swing her injured leg over the bed. Luckily, she had only broken the bottom half of her leg, enabling her to bend her knee still.

Once both feet were on the ground, she started lifting her body, leaning her weight on her left leg. She only had to hop a few feet to the window. She succeeded in standing up, balancing on her left leg. Now just a few hops and she'd be on her way.

Her left leg shook under the added weight, but she managed to make the first hop with no problems. She hopped again and landed, shaking a bit more, but nothing to make her fall over. One final hop and she'd be at the window. She took it, but landed wrong and came crashing down into the floor. She landed with a loud lump, no doubt being heard by most members of the pack.

She took a deep breathe and blew her bangs out of her face. This was more difficult than she had thought it would be. A broken leg was completely different than a broken arm. She refused to give up though, she lifted herself back up with the assistance of the window sill. She had reached goal number one, and goal number one was on the second floor. Victoria smiled, happy something was going her way.
She unlocked the window and pulled it open, and was met with a burst of cool air. It was snowing outside, adding to the frost that already covered the ground. No doubt that it was below twenty degrees outside.

Victoria placed her hands on the window sill and brought her uninjured leg around, using her upper body strength to hold herself up without putting too much pressure on her injured leg.

"What do you think you're doing?" A calm voice spoke out to her, causing Victoria to snap her head to the doorway where a built, dark-skinned male stood. He was completely calm in stature, seemingly unalarmed towards her sneaking out.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" She snapped at him, barring her teeth slightly. Unaffected, he walked slowly to the bed before stopping in front of it, making sure to give her enough space. His face remained passive, as did his brown eyes. He knew not to anger her even more than what she was now.

"Well, it looks like you're trying to escape," he said, stating the obvious. His eyes never left her body.

She rolled her eyes and snorted.

"No! Really?" She said sarcastically, still not getting an emotional response from the male. Level headed was all he needed to be, then she might respond to him better.

"I would appreciate it if you came back inside. My alpha would not like for his mate to get even more injured, nor would he like that you are moving around in your current state. If you come back inside, we can resolve this issue without any conflict." He was completely stoic, his voice never wavering during his short speech. Victoria raised her eyebrows, not used to any male being so unemotional. Usually males were very volatile creatures, prone to lashing out.

"As much as you would appreciate it, I cannot. So, I'll just get back to what I was doing before, if you don't mind; and if you do mind, I don't really care." She was returning to her activity when his voice caused her to look up once more.
"Do you really expect to escape in the position and condition you are in now?" His eyes bore into her own with pure, male intensity while remaining completely passive at the same time.

"No, of course not. However," she spoke while grinning evilly, "I do expect to get a rise out of your alpha, which is a win in my book."
Jason lifted an eyebrow at her response, finally showing something other than a completely calm facade. She was an interesting creature for sure and his alpha would have an interesting time taming her.

"Why do you do such a thing? You are his mate."

It was her turn to raise an eyebrow.

"Why should I tell you? My reasons are my own and I haven't forgotten who your loyalty lies with."

"Hmmm..." Intriguing, he thought, if not completely aggravating.

She rolled her eyes and shifted so that most of her body was now outside the window. She'd have to use her hands to break most of the fall since her leg was out of use at the moment. If she just let go now, she'd be able to fall right out as most of her weight was on the outside. There would be no way for her to actually pull her leg out without falling anyways, this was the only available option for her to take.

She took a deep breathe with a last glance at the male, and let go.


Ulrich felt like he exploded as he was forced to change into his wolf just a few feet away from the pack house, he didn't even have time to remove his clothing; and though he felt a little better after his change, rage was still coursing through his veins and he needed to run it off.
He took off into the snowy forest, dashing around trees and fallen branches. His tongue lolled out as his anger flowed away from his body with every step. Creatures of the forest scattered as they heard him coming. He thought about chasing one, but ultimately decided not to as his anger subsided.

It didn't take long for his anger to let out, the combination of his run and not wanting to be mad at his mate wore it out, and he decided to go back. He dashed to the house, eager to rest his eyes on his beautiful mate. She may have not liked him, but he loved her. He may not know her name, be he felt like she was already perfect for him in every single way. She was his, and only his. When she accepted that, life would be heaven.

When he got the the pack house, something felt wrong, causing him to look and sniff around. His nose caught up his mate's scent. She couldn't have run off could she? He whimpered and let his nose lead him to the area where her scent was the strongest. A noise alerted him, and where it came from was surprising. He looked up to find his mate dangling out the window head first with Jason holding onto her upper leg, trying to pull her back in.

"Let me go!" She snarled at him, wanting him to get his disgusting hands off of her. He seemed like little threat to her, but now she found him to be an extreme annoyance.

Ulrich let out a ferocious growl, his anger returning to him. He was conflicted, he hated Jason holding onto his mate, touching her; but he didn't want her to fall and respected Jason for catching her.

His growl alerted Jason to his presence and his beta stuck his head out the window. Ulrich changed back into his human form to communicate. By this time, Victoria was also aware of Ulrich's presence and started clawing and growling at Jason even more.

"Let her go Jason. I've got her." He held out his arms to catch his mate.

"Of course Alpha."

Victoria's eyes bulged out, he was going to drop her? She snarled at the man one last time before he released her leg, the only thing keeping her in the air. She fell, the wind rushing in her ears, before landing in Ulrich's arms.

"Hello Bitch."

She snarled and lashed out at him, bringing him to the ground. Victoria hovered over Ulrich with a nasty look on her face and clawed at him. Upon feeling her nails digging into his flesh, Ulrich grabbed her wrists and flipped them over so he was on top, caging her in.

"Let me go!" She scream at him in total rage, over and over again.

He just pinned her wrists to either side of her head and calmly looked down upon her screaming form. Angry tears streamed down her face as she snarled up at him. His poor mate. Why was she acting like this? He didn't like to see her so upset. His own anger was replaced with sadness and worry.

Still pinning her down with his body, he let out a whine, upset at the anxiety his mate was feeling. She calmed down at his whine and stared into his eyes. As she stilled Ulrich leaned down to rub his cheek with hers, licking her face in the process. He wanted to comfort her, be the perfect mate to her; provide, love, breed, and rule next to her. Nothing would satisfy his instincts more.

Victoria felt a new sensation as he tried to comfort her. It felt nice, she felt loved. She was compelled to rub her own cheek against his, but stopped the temptation. It may have felt nice, but she knew what such an action would lead to. It would mean that she was accepting him, thereby losing her freedom. Nothing was worth losing freedom.

With those thoughts, Victoria turned her head swiftly, effectively getting him to stop in his affection. She snapped at him and growled, letting him know that she was not going to be accepting him anytime soon.

Ulrich let out another whine before deciding it best that he get his mate back inside. He lifted her into his arms, much to her protest, and led them back to his room as some of his pack members, including Jason, stared with questioning eyes. He placed her on their bed and just stared at her while she glared back.

Softly, he whispered to her after a few minutes, "Will you tell me your name?"

Her glare hardened. "No. I do not tell people who allow me to be dropped from a window to know my name. Sorry, thanks for playing." She crossed her arms and looked away from him. It didn't matter if she was the one who initially threw herself out the window, he let her drop. That was not exactly an act of compassion in her book. Not to mention he didn't even seem angry at her escape attempt, she did lose that small battle. Victoria scowled.

He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, being more sad than angry that his mate did not want to be with him. Victoria looked to his crumpled form. He didn't even look like an alpha wolf at that moment. She took pity on him and sighed, she wasn't completely heartless.

"Fine. Just because you look so pathetic I'll tell you," she started. His face brightened at her words, causing her to sneer. "But don't think this means I like you or anything, because I don't." His face dropped a bit, but he nodded anyways. "My name is Angelica." No way was she going to give him her real name, who knows what could happen.

Ulrich, upon hearing her name, was disappointed. It didn't suit her. He didn't like her name and it didn't feel right. Wasn't he supposed to like everything about her? The instinct led him to the individual who was to be the most compatible with him in breeding, position, and personality; but her name was just wrong.

"Is that a nick-name?" She lifted an eyebrow at him.

"Does it sound like a nick-name? No. It's my name. Do you have a problem with it?" She was lying through her teeth, but he would never know the difference. She had gotten so much practice as a child with her father, she was able to lie without her scent or body language giving her away.

"No, it's fine. I just imagined it to be more..." He trailed off, not knowing how to phrase it.

"You wanted my name, you got it. Be happy you have that."

"I am happy." He grinned at her. She rolled her eyes at his reaction, but smiled. She had successfully fooled this idiot, escaping would be no problem.

At this moment, her stomach growled. Both figures looked towards it.

"Well, I should get us some food. I'll be right back Angelica, my mate." He grinned even wider at his words before heading out of the room. Victoria sat back on the bed. She'd relax here for a bit, annoy this alpha, then she'd be off to the next town. She needed a little vacation anyway and this promised to be an interesting one.


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