to the blond who took off his shirt in class

and never put it back on.

it was too much.
it wasn't enough that I liked you already?
when I know you are probably sixteen

and I do not touch.

when his blondness is close
I say not one word. all he knows
are my breaths. air c(u)min and leaving.

and today, of all days!
the day I looks less like myself
and it is not nearly hot enough outside

you; remove your shirt. suddenly!
and closely, your whiteness touches my air
and I cannot stop myself.

your thinness is amazing.
have my breaths! they are there for you.

suddenly, you are very close.
I am on fire for you,
this passion in my belly
is not oldness. but I am in fact
too old for you.

the head I give is too good
the drugs I get are too strong
I drive too fast for you.
I will dance to nothing
and fuck you the best.

and all of it will be very
illegal and unusual.
which are two things I have
nearly outgrown. lately.