What is that annoying screeching sound? It sounds like a pig is squealing at the top of it's lungs! Huh. Well, hopefully that God awful sound stops so I can return to my much, and I do mean much, needed rest.

"Emerald Lee Havens! Get your butt out of bed right now, and go to school! This is your last call. If you don't get up, you can just walk your quiet butt to your first day of school!" Oh... well that explains the noise that resembles a cat getting it's limbs torn off. My mother. Upset. Bad combination if you ask me.

Just so my mom doesn't come upstairs like a raging rhino, I give my bedroom door two knocks, signaling that I am up without having to tell her verbally. I went to the bathroom that connects to my room, and the face of an angel greets me as I gaze into the mirror. HA! If you call a puny girl, with hair that looks like a bird had made a nest out of it, and deep purple circles under her eyes, an angel. Then yes, I was your everyday angel. As I examine the circles under my eyes more closely, I beg God why I have to get caught up in my thoughts so badly that I make only room for four hours of sleep! Deciding it was no use, I hopped in the shower.

Once I was done with my shower, I looked much better than before. I blow dried my hair, causing my dark auburn hair to run in thick waves down my back. I searched my closet for something comfy to wear, but not something that would cause a lot of people to notice me; the less people notice me the less I have to deal with my anxiety. I decided on a long-sleeved dark forest green knit sweater, and some dark wash straight legged jeans. Last, but not least I slipped on my black high top chucks, also know as the loves of my life! I have had these babies for a good three years.

After getting ready, I checked one last time if I had everything in my bag, for the first day of school. Which basically means if I had paper and a pen. Little fact about me: I hate pencils! When walking out of my room I caught myself in my full length mirror on my wall. My therapist told my mom that it might help build my self-esteem if I had a mirror in my room. Another little fact about me: I despise that mirror! Looking at myself now, I notice how alien my emerald green eyes looked, contrasting with my dark auburn hair, which made them look even brighter, and greener. I don't like my eyes, and I guess my hair is okay, but they don't help me be invisible to society. If I had to pick one thing that I liked about myself, it would have to be my height. My small 5' frame helped me disappear amongst crowds, and made it difficult for people to notice me.

I checked the clock and it read 6:45! I really needed to get a move on, because first bell is at 7:20, and though my mom mentioned me walking to school earlier as if it was a punishment, I actually walk to school everyday –the bus scares me, too many rowdy high school kids –, and it is a good 25 minute walk.

Walking downstairs into the kitchen, my mom notices me first thing.

"Emerald, I called all of your teachers to let them know about you. Please don't do anything stupid today, but if you must, and it gets to overwhelming for you, I let them know so they won't punish you or talk to you about it, 'kay?" I nodded in response, and at moments like this it actually feels like she cares about me. "Now get out of my site, and get your butt to school!" Okay, maybe I was wrong about the caring thing.

Grabbing an apple before I leave the kitchen, I grab my bag and head to school.

Everything had been going good so far; smooth sailing. My teachers had accepted the fact that the only response they were going to get out of me, was a slight raise of the hand when calling attendance. I was pretty happy of how the day was panning out!

I just walked in to my third period class, which happens to be the class right before lunch, and sat down at a desk all the way in the back of the class, and right next to a window. This is what I normally do. Sit in a seat that usually has a wall or window, that accompanies one of my sides. This is what I found out to be best, because that only leaves one seat open beside me, and nobody ever sits in that seat, because everyone wants to sit around their friends, and that does not include being around yours truly.

Mr. Blah, or that is what I am going to call him for the remainder of the year, was just starting to call out attendance, when he was interrupted by a knock at the door. Mr. Blah opened the door for whoever it was, and in came a guy that had the whole "bad boy" persona down pat.

"Class, this is Zephan-" he started, but then interrupted by said "bad boy".

"Just Zeph." Okay... Well someone seemed a little touchy about their full name, seeing that he couldn't wait until after the teacher was done giving his introduction.

"Right, Zeph," Mr. Blah continued " is the a new student, and I hope all of you welcome him with open arms!" I looked around the classroom to notice that every girl in class was looking at Zeph as if he was the best thing since hair bleach. (FYI my entire senior class was full of bimbos.)

Taking a look at this "Zeph" guy to see why they were staring at him in such a way, I realized that they were not far off the mark. Zeph had straight black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail, but did not seem as if it would go past his shoulders. His eyes were stunningly deep pools of gray, that sent out the cold emotion he was feeling, which made him look intimidating to all. He was also tall, and I mean tall, as in skyscraper tall. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating, but just a little. I mean if you were my size, you would think everyone was the size of the Empire State Building.

I noticed that I was merely scanning his look, and now decided to see what he was doing. Oh, how nice. He was looking straight at me, not with his cold stare, but with warmth in his eyes, which confused me beyond belief. Now understanding that he had caught me staring at him, or "checking him out", as you might want to put it, I turned the color of the brightest red in the Crayola box!

Hastily looking away, I didn't see him heading toward the empty seat by me.

"Mr. Voss, I do not think that is the best seat!" Yes! Thank you Mr. Blah! I will be forever grateful.

Zeph didn't seem to register what the teacher said though, and came to sit beside me anyways. I sent a frantic look at Mr. Blah, hoping that he would save me, but all he did was shrug and started talking about the syllabus for this class. I take back my gratitude.

I heard the seat next to my own scrape the floor, and it sink slightly under Zeph's weight.

"Hey, I'm Zeph! What's your name?" He asked with warmth, and sincere curiosity. If only I could answer him.

Here I am nearly shaking, because of his close proximity. Out of nowhere he ducked his head to my level, making his eyes catch mine.

"Wow," He breathed in my face - I would've noticed that his breath smelled of peppermint if I wasn't freaking out so badly-, " your eyes are so green they are like..." he seemed to contemplate for the right word, when I felt like my heart was beating at a hundred miles per hour.

"Emerald." I whispered. Answering his first question, and helping him find his word, before I jolted out of my seat, and dashed out of the classroom's door.