Announcement & Preview


Hey guys! I'm back, just not with Without You. It almost feels like cheating to put up a note, considering I hate it when other people do this, but I realized abruptly that some of you who loved Without You may not know that it officially has a sequel. Check out Life Support, if you want more of Elijah. The boys are off to college, and he needs to learn to cope.

So that this isn't just a note, I'll give a sneak preview of the first chapter of Life Support.



"I'm gonna miss you, kid."

It shouldn't have, but it hurt.

"I'ma miss you too, Eli."

Stupid fucker was going to make me cry.

But not in his presence, no. I cleared my throat loudly, demonstrating my masculinity with how gross it sounded. Smiled vaguely at the curly mop of hair coming around the other side of the car at me.

"Gabriel." And son of a bitch, it hurt to let him go too, but I didn't let him know that as I pulled him in for one quick hug. Brief. Rough, like everything I did with him. "Stupid bitch."

"I love you too, asshole."

"Call me if you need anything, you understand me?"


I tried so hard, but the words, "Call me even if you don't need anything, okay?" slipped out before I could stop them.

"I promise."

Promises. So many promises.


For the rest of this chapter and more, go to my page and check out Life Support.