Warnings: PWP, incest, twincest, foursome, complete bastardization of Christmas and Easter characters.

Dedicated to Kaseka Nvita, for whom I originally wrote this 'verse.


Christmas Elves


The first glances through the new product catalogue made Harry's cheeks redden. "You are officially the most perverted elves in the whole Northern Hemisphere!" he declared.

Across the table from him, three very pretty, very tall, very blond men gave him equally evil smirks.

"Well, Harry dear," Kriss – or Mass, he could never tell the twins apart – said, tucking long tresses behind a pointy ear, "I told the Old Man you'd feel that way, but he said if you were going to be of any use to us you'd better get used to the more exciting parts of our job."

"And besides," Mass – or Kriss – added, "your internship application did specifically ask that your interest lay in the Toys department. Capital T."

Even took off his glasses and set them on the table. "You really should have revised the chapter on using capitals before sending in job applications, Harrison." Of the three, Even's voice was the deepest, and it did naughty things to Harry's body. He was also the main reason Harry had applied for an internship in the Toys department.

Harry had first noticed Even during an official visit to Mr. Claus' factory. Harry's father, Mr. Easter, had been amused about his son's insistence to tag along, but Harry had been interested in where all the winter holiday gifts came from, and how their manufacturing process was different than the one used in Mr. Easter's own spring toys manufacturing company. Even – tall, handsome Even – had been their guide during that trip, and his cultured voice (with a decidedly British accent) and almost-open interest had convinced Harry that there were definite points in favour of doing an internship in Mr. Claus' company, if only for a change of pace. Even – and his older twin brothers – had certainly made him feel at home.

Speaking of which…

"I say," Kriss – or Mass – declared, "I believe that Harry expressed an interest in testing some of the new products."

"Indeed, he has," Mass – or Kriss – agreed, moving around the desk to grab Harry's arm and drag him to the large bed that had just materialized across the room.

Even, ever so proper, held out a small case. "I believe we shall begin with the new vibrator line. After all, we must be certain they bring pleasure to their recipient; and what better way to do so than test them on our lovely new assistant?"