in this PE class today I watched an elfin boy dance.
I mean this, we danced. today his green shorts
hung low on his white hips, over his blue briefs.
I know this because, his brown long sleeved shirt
is in the corner. and he is not, he is across the room
very near me, dancing.

today. forty five minutes into class he removes his shirt.
and never puts it back on. and on this day he stays
very close to me. as if mocking me! swaying his
thinness all around me, exposing his belly!
his beautifully shaded milky white.

and I do not speak! I keep words out of my air when
he is close. but he stays close, and I cannot take
my eyes off him. his ass, at one point, bends
down in front of me, that I could have bitten it!
but I did not. with all the strength I had left
my teeth kept to themselves.

but I am not so sure I will survive another.
because I am oh so very sure that if I licked
any part of him it would taste of vanilla.
and that thought alone is too much for me to have.