A day in the Life.
By Knightmare Elite

I wake up in the morning and wish I was dead
Reach for my remote which fell under the bed
I hate getting up in the morning
Especially when I know the day is going to be boring.

I walk down stairs to have a quick snack
Only to hear my mom complain about her back.
As I walk out the door she complains about my hair.
I look back and say "You really think I care!"

What a glorious day to go to school.
During spring break looking like a fool.
While my friends are at home having loads of fun
I'm in a class staring out the window at the sun.

My car's a piece of crap I just wish someone would steal it.
Last time I had a flat tire I couldn't even feel it.
The engine died and a bird pooped on the glass.
Dammit I wish this day would already pass.

I make it tow work, tripped and fell.
Oh yeah I'm already in hell.
My boss what bitching about me being late to the kitchen.
I sighed to myself and had a piece of chicken.

I worked my 5 hours and retired to my house.
In this lonely world I feel like a mouse.
As I lay in my bed and wait for sleep.
I'm glad this day is something I don't have to keep!