At my Fingertips


Some people say the world will change when we just do things,

Yet without motivation, there is no productivity.

Some people try to brainwash a crowd,

Throwing bonmots here and there

Seems efficient, but only for a while.

The world shows us the neverending list of things needed to "fix this world".

"Don't do this, don't do that

Get rid of her, get rid of him."

Pressured by guilt, we robotically follow,

Our hearts powered by fear.


The one behind this plan is working,

Working hard to make the pieces meet.

He has slaves working double time,

But the master expects quadruple.

His perfect solution is almost complete-only two more pieces to go.

On his hands and knees, he searches through all his files,

He even tries to cover the holes with pebbles and sand.

The puzzle is not satisfied.


In a dark corner of the room, Hope and Love quiver,

Surrounded by dust and cobwebs.

It has been months and weeks since their disappearance,

And no one has uncovered them.

Little by little, Love is fading away,

Replaced by sugarcoated make-shifts.

Yet Hope presses hard against Love, giving it a reason to stay

As the two await the return of their master.


I'll keep your love at my fingertips,

So that every hand I shake leaves an imprint.

I'll bake your warmth into my cookies,

Sprinkled with gratitude on top

I'll zap a smile onto my eyes

So every spirit sees that someone cares.

I'll bind your hope into my heart,

After all, that's what keeps the love running.