The door creaked open slowly. In the middle of the room was a cradle. Above the cradle was a dimly lit light bulb swinging from a string. Marbles circled the cradle. The cat in the cradle mewled like a baby and swiped at the string with its paw. The marbles shot towards the doorway but stopped short of the boy's feet. An unopened music box started its twinkle.

The boy could still hear the footsteps echoing down the hall. He slid inside the room and shut the door as quietly as he could. The twinkling music stopped and the cat glared at him. The boy raised a finger to his lips as his blue eyes scanned his surroundings. The room was almost bare – a cradle, marbles, and the light bulb that was hanging limply from a string. Scratches covered the worn down wooden walls. There were no windows.

The footsteps were falling louder. Closer.

The boy stepped into the darkest corner and pulled his knees to his chest. The music box opened and a different twinkling began. The cat opened its mouth and emitted an infant's wail. The marbles scurried about the room and bounced against the walls; it was as if they were trying to alert the Man to his presence. The boy put his forehead on his knees and prayed to the God that he didn't believe in.


Thomas Keits had opened the proverbial Pandora's Box. He had stepped inside the house without the Man knowing. The boy had gone up the stairs when he heard the door slam open. His blood chilled and he ran towards the attic. Once inside he had found it to be barren of anything except a well. He jumped in the well and fell. He fell straight to the bottom. He fell to… Hell?

The music rose in volume. The marbles crashed into the door. The cat jumped out of the cradle. The black fur was melting off. It positioned itself in front of the boy and bared its human teeth. Thomas raised a shaky finger to his lips again, his breath hitching in his throat as he heard the footsteps stop.

"Tom is in the ground." A child's voice sang. A fist slammed against the door.


Darkness had surrounded him. The boy ran in the darkness, stumbling occasionally in the corridor. He could feel the corpses as his feet ran them over brutally. He slipped on their blood. Once he had fallen and his friend's face stared back at him with a toothless smile. Thomas had been too terrified to scream so he ran. He ran as fast his feet could carry him through the dark tunnels of hell.

"Tom is in the ground!" A man's voice. The door opened and the tall man entered.

The music stopped. The cat crawled towards the demon; its legs were broken, being held together by mere stitches. The marbles rolled lazily to the boy. The demon tilted his head and stared at the boy.

"Tom is in the ground, and he's all alone." The man took a step forward.

The boy pressed himself farther into the wall; a sob tore from his body before he could stop it. When Alice had fallen into Wonderland, she hadn't found rotting death and pure disdain. Wendy had not met demons intent on murdering her when she ventured to Neverland. He turned his back towards his demon, clawing desperately at the wood.

He heard nauseating cracks behind him. He heard the sound of flesh plopping to the ground. He smelled the disease secreting from behind him. The boy felt the temperature in the room drop. He heard the twinkling music start again as the music box was thrown next to him. His fingernails were tearing off, leaving small traces of blood on the wall.


The boy panted as he slid against the wall. The passageways were icy - he could see his breath as he gasped for it. A laugh echoed down the hall. Tom jumped to his feet and continued running, hearing the laugh bouncing off the walls. He could see figures dancing from the corner of his eyes. He stopped in front of a room. Sewn into the ceiling was the body of a young Spaniard. The floor was a murky black liquid with arms reaching upwards towards the carcass. He sobbed and tried to step inside. The Spaniard looked at him and shook its head. "No." It had croaked.

Thomas felt his mind break. "I love you."

The corpse smiled sadly at him. The stitching holding it to the ceiling fell into the sea of blackened arms. The corpse gazed at the boy while his body dropped into the liquid. "Leave."

The boy trembled. The laugh echoed again and Thomas ran.

The sound was escalating behind him. The sound of breaking bones; the sound of plopping flesh; the sound of death. He banged his fists against the wall screaming for anybody to just please help him. Screaming for God to hear him.

God hadn't been there for Riocard.

God hadn't been there for his mother.

God wasn't there.

God wasn't there.

Icy fingers gripped him and he heard a low chuckle brush against his ear. Thomas slowly turned his head to face the demon. The demon's mouth opened and revealed four sets of sharp yellow teeth. Tawny eyes glared at him predatorily. Tom shifted so that his back was against the wall and stared up at the demon. He lifted a quivering finger against his lips. He could taste the blood that was produced from the ripped digit.

"You'll wake him," the boy whispered, and looked over to the dead child that was lying in the cradle.

The demon's mouth opened wider and he roared at the shivering boy.


A pair of lips brushed past Tom's. The boy opened his eyes and looked at the Spaniard curiously. "You kissed me," he stated, although he knew that it didn't need saying. What person wasn't aware of kissing another? The other boy shrugged and returned the curious look.

"You didn't not like it." Riocard answered. "Which meant you liked it." He lied down beside Thomas on the roof and interlaced their fingers. "Tom,"

"Riocard." Thomas looked over at the Spaniard.

"If you could go, where would you?" Rio lifted a hand to point at the sky.

"Second star to the right and straight on until morning." The boy replied and stared contently at the Spaniard.

Riocard moved his gaze from the stars to his friend. "I love you."

With that statement, Thomas wanted to personally fight off the demons that had been chasing his friend. He wanted to remove everything that Rio found sad in the world. He wanted. "I love you, too."

And it was just that simple.

And it was just that complex.

He felt the teeth tear at his flesh viciously. The pain was unbearable. Tom screamed and pushed his bloody hands feebly against the putrid demon's flesh. The demon paused and smiled down at him, bits of Tom's flesh hanging limply from his mouth.

There was nothing but blackness after that.

{A.N.} Something I did to get over writer's block. It didn't work. The characters are from my other story. It's not exactly a work of art considering it was written rather hastily... and at 6 AM. I'm not sure about the rating for this one. :/ I thought 'M' was a little too harsh a rating but T might be a little too weak for some people. I wish they had a T.5 or something... {/A.N.}