The Titanic (My Version xD)

Why ello there. :o This is a story about the Titanic!!! Lawl there's gonna be Yuri and Yaoi in here. (Gay and Lebian content) xD. Main characters will be me and my girlfriend. :3 ENJOY! (Anime version too)

Sarah was so excited to be on the Titanic with Melina. The boat was never used and Sarah was happy to be the first.

"Melina arent you excited to be on this big ship?"

"Um…Kinda but… I feel kind of scared."

"No need to, this ship is unsinkable!"

"If you say so…"

Sarah and Melina got into the huge ship and went straight to the second class part. They didn't have enough money for first class and they didn't want to be third class.

"Bubby this place is gorgous!"

"Mhm, it really is."

"Are you happy you're here?"

"Sarah, if I'm here with you I'll always be happy."

Sarah blushed a bright red and hugged Melina tightly. Sarah pouted and Melina raised an eyebrow.

"You ok Cuppycake?"

"I'm a little hungry."

"Well I told you to eat before we left."

Melina took Sarah's hand and walked to the dining room.

"WOW! This place is beautiful Bubby!"

"Heh, yeah"

"Ohhh, I see an available table come on hurry!"

"Sarah, the table is not going anywhere."

Sarah ran to the table and sat down right away. Melina sat down next to her.

"Um… excuse me.. Sorry to bother you."


Melina looked at a pink haired girl with two purple bows. She had a nice smile even though she had braces.

"Can I sit with you guys?"

"Sure. Is it ok with you Sarah?"

"Fine with me."

The girl sat down and introduced herself.

"My name is Nana."

"My name is Melina and that's Sarah."

"Nice to meet you guys!"


Melina looked down for a second because she felt strange. She felt as if she and Sarah were in danger. But…. What kind of danger? There cant be danger on an unsinkable ship like the Titanic.

"I'm going to bed."

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