Same as before.

Name: Dru Takano

Standing: Supporting Character

Age: 15


Height: 5'6"

Hair: Black

Race: Japanese

Siblings: None

Birthday: Sept. 17

Eye color: Brown

Description: His hair is adorned in a ponytail, with a couple of bangs hanging on the sides of his face. He has a lean build, resembling Tuesday even though he's shorter. His clothing style is pretty casual, but he loves to wear short-sleeved hoodies.

Personality and Background: He's a quiet character, who loves Cyra because of her weird nature. He's not a talker, preferring to use body language to show his emotions, but will speak when he feels he has to. He's one of the most popular guys in school, but is willing to keep his relationship with Cyra secret for her sake. He's not one to get angry, but isn't afraid to stand up for his friends either. Dru is very laidback and connects with Matthew as well as Tuesday. He also has knack for irritating others with his comments, even if they mean absolutely no harm. Dru is usually seen smiling and is very friendly to almost everyone.