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Dear Moron

"It's not just teenage lust, or trying something new..it's love"


The next morning I was rudely interrupted from my blissful sleep by an obnoxious banging on my door. I groaned into my pillow, not really wanting to get up from my bed or deal with anyone so early in the morning. I slowly lifted my head to look at my bed side clock, I was correct thinking that it was early in the morning it was 7 am. Being that the following two days were senior ditch days I had no plans to get up early in the morning. I wasn't going to school and any thing that I wanted to handle could be taken care of later in the day.

"Ughh, stop that banging." Jace groaned as he buried his face into my hair. My eyes widened as I recalled the blue eyed sexy male laying next to me. If I got caught with him in my bed I'd be in deep trouble. When Jace opened his mouth to speak again I quickly slapped my small hand over it.

"Shut up," I hissed. He mumbled something into my hand but I couldn't understand him, "I'm going to see who's at the door and you," I paused not sure what to do with him.

I wasn't the type of person that was great at making spur of the moment decisions, so using what skills I did have, I decided to push him off the bed. Jace went down with a womanly screech of surprise and a thunderous slam. I winced at the noise, hoping that whoever was at the door would believe I fell off the bed.

"Mera, are you okay?" My sister asked; I knew it was her from the sound of her distinctive voice. I let out a sigh of relief, at least it wasn't my mother.

Jace made a move to get up and my eyes widened at that. He needed to stay hidden on the floor where my sister wouldn't be able to see him from the doorway. I quickly hopped on him to make him go back down and he let out a pained whine from the impact.

"I'm fine," I yelled, making sure to make my voice sound like I had just woken up; my hand was covering Jace's mouth who was trying to mutter insults at me, "I just fell off the bed,"

I slowly got up when I was sure Jace was done squirming.

"Stay down," I whispered before making my way to the door, Jace's only response was to glare at me. I made my way to door and quickly opened it. My sister looked me up and down, then shook her head.

"Sorry for waking you," She quickly apologised, "I just knew from tradition that you'd be home, you know with the whole senior ditch day, it's like the perfect time too because it's always before v-day," My sister babbled and I just raised my eyebrows at her. I wasn't exactly sure why she was at my door and I wished she would get to the point so that Jace could get out of his awkward position on the floor.

"Geesh, I'm just babbling now, sorry about that." She apologised again. Why did she feel the need to apologize so much?

"I never knew talking to my own little sister could be so awkward, when did it get like this?" She asked herself more than me. I felt compelled to answer her, but since I knew I had nothing nice to say I refrained from saying anything and just let out a dry chuckle in response.

My sister played with her fingers and looked down at them; It seemed to be something she did out of nervousness.

"I was just wondering if you..had any plans for today...do you?" My sister asked, when she was finished she looked back up at me and gave me a hopeful expression.

"Actually I do," I admitted and immediatley felt guilty when she looked hurt by my words.

"Oh," She began, but before she could say anything else I cut her off.

"But, if you want, you're free to join. I'm just going dress shopping with a couple of friends." I supplied and was surprised when she squealed in happiness.

"I'm glad you're inviting me, it makes me feel like we're getting somewhere. I love shopping too. Maybe, after we're done, you and I can go on a sister dinner. How does that sound?" She offered, the happiness still apparent in her voice. I didn't want to let her down so I nodded my head with just as much eagerness. It couldn't hurt, could it? She was, after all, my older sister and we did need a lot of bonding time.

"Yeah, sounds fun." I agreed, which earned me another one of my sister's beautiful smiles. It was nice - for once - to be under the recieving end of one of her smiles.

"So what time are you guys leaving? I'm going out to breakfast with Ryan this morning, i'll probably be back at 11 am or some time around then." She explained to me. I never knew what a bubble of happiness my sister was and I couldn't help but watch her in amusment. Was it normal for someone to be so zealous about going out with their younger sister? I suppose not, but we were different.

"Well great, I won't be up until maybe 12 pm and we aren't leaving until maybe 2 pm. So you have plenty of time to spend with your fiance." I informed her. She nodded her head in understanding and then took a peak behind me.

"Yeah well, you can go back to...sleeping." She said, her eyebrows were raised and she put unnecessary emphasis on sleeping.

"Wait, what do you mean?" I asked but she was already backing up and leaving; all the while shaking her head. When she was a safe distance away she started giggling. I could only ponder what was so funny to her, but figuring I probably would never know I just shut my door and turned around.

When I did turn around I came face to face with a bare chest. A bare, muscular, well skulpted, and very sexy chest.

When had he krept behind me?

"Jace," I growled, "I can't believe you would embarrass me like that."

"You threw me off the bed." He explained carelessly. I gave him my best glare in hopes that it would coax him into apologizing but he didn't. He just stared at me blankly; waiting for my next move. I gave him one last glare meant to coax him, but I still didn't get the reaction I wanted. Jace just yawned and rubbed at his eyes.

He looked so adorable when he was only half awake, but I didn't let him know that. Looking cute would not get him out of what he did.

"You made my sister think we had sex!" I yelled at him, I smacked his chest angrily and pouted my lips. I wasn't feeling very angry, just turned on by his chest but he didn't have to know that.

Jace quirked an eyebrow then pulled me into his arms.

"Are you really mad?" He asked. I pushed away from him in response, I was really trying to push away from the attraction I was feeling towards him. Wasn't it too early to be horny? Perhaps it wasn't. I read once in a magazine that women were more likely to have an orgasm if they had sex in the morning, surely that meant they were hornier in the mornings. I didn't know if that was true or what it meant - to be honest - because I was a virgin, but it was excuse enough as to why I was feeling all flustered about his abs.

I stomped over to my bed and threw myself on it, more angry about being flustered than him embarrassing me.

Jace followed me silently with a mischevious smirk on his handsome face. He sat down next to where I was laying and began massaging my legs. I julted from the odd feelings his hands unintentionally - I believe - made me feel. That same pressure I felt when were making-out returned and once again I found myself clenching my legs together to rid myself of it; maybe lesson the ache.

I groaned as I pushed Jace's hands away. I just couldn't handle the tingles that spread through my body from his touch; I wanted more, my body was yearning for something I clearly wasn't getting. It frustrated me, to be quite honest, that Jace didn't even look half as flustered as I did. He was calm and still wore that same stupid smirk on his face. Why couldn't I remain calm? Why did my body react to him so easily?

Jace returned to massaging my legs, "You're just frustrated." He said.

I blinked at him, I was surprised he could read me so easily.

"Yeah because you em-" I began my lie but was abruptly cut off when his magic fingers started to run up my thigh. It was as if all the words I wanted to say got caught in the back of my throat and stayed lodged in there. Wasn't I suppose to be complaining and pushing him away? Why was it that I layed there expectantly and waiting? The pressure between my legs became a throbbing and I clenched them together, successfully trapping his wandering hand between them.

"Yeah you're frustrated alright," Jace mumbled as he gently pried my legs apart, "Sexually frustrated."

I didn't respond to him, my mind was too focused on his fingers that were crawling higher and higher. Before I knew it his fingers were rubbing at me through my panties; my pajama shorts pushed awkwardly to the side. I jumped slightly from the new sensation this caused. Seeing that I liked what he was doing he rubbed at me a little harder and I couldn't hold in the moan that escaped my mouth.

"Geesh Mera, you're really wet right now." Jace said, his voice was hoarse with some type of emotion and I just couldn't name it. I still didn't respond to him, too caught up in what his fingers were making me feel.

Jace pushed my panties to the side and quickly slipped his fingers into them; touching my most private part. If I jumped before when he rubbed me, I must have sprung up from the sudden pleasure that hit me when he touched my clit.

Jace chuckled at my reaction and slowly pushed me back down.

"Chill, just let me ease your frustration." Jace ordered and I listened to him. What surprised me that most was when he slipped one of his thick fingers inside of me, I released a loud moan and Jace quickly slapped his hand over my mouth. I didn't push his hand away because I knew I was being rather loud, I was too lost in ecstasy to really control my vocal cords.

Jace pumped his finger in and out of me quickly; making something inside of me build and cause me more pleasure than I was sure I could handle. I squirmed underneath him and clenched my sheets.

What was he doing to me?

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore he removed his fin`ger. I couldn't help but feel upset by this. I was almost there, I didn't know where, but I had almost reached something I assumed to be so important and magnificent. I could just feel it coming. My body was hot, flustered, and in a daze of pleasure. I needed for him to continue.

Before I could complain Jace quickly removed my pajama shorts and panties in what felt like seconds. I wanted to cover myself from his view but didn't get the chance because he quickly lowered his head down to my vagina. I moaned out his name, which successfully reminded him to cover my mouth. His tongue did magic things to me as he licked at my clit and then slid his tongue down so that he could put it inside of me. I couldn't believe he was actually tongue fucking he removed his tongue and dove two of his fingers inside of me all while his tongue flicked at my clit causing me to squirm underneath him; my hips moving on their own accord.

Then it happened. I wasn't sure what 'it' was but my body convulsed underneath him; my back arched off of the bed, and everything around me seemed to explode. Jace apparently knew what was happening to me because he pumped his fingers faster inside of me and it seemed to prolong whatever 'it' was. It lasted for what I thought was minutes but only could have been seconds.

When it was all over and I seemed to come back to Earth Jace removed his fingers and moved from between my legs. I felt too immobile and satisfied to put my clothes back on so Jace did it for me. His fingers moving against my sensitive skin as he put my clothes on made me squirm. When he was done Jace layed beside me and wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled against him, I felt so satisfied and relaxed that it was almost unbelievable. His being so close with me wrapped in his arms allowed me to feel the hardness from his erection on my back. I immediatley felt guilt for having enjoyed myself so much whilst he was left disatisfied.

"Jace," I breathed out; my voice sounding hoarse, "What was that?" I asked.

Jace looked at me in disbelief and then started laughing. I glared at him, not understanding what was so funny but he just kept laughing. When he was done, he shook his head at me and gently touched my cheek.

"You're so innocent," He noted, "You do not even know what an orgasm is, it kind of makes me feel like I'm preying on you."

I blushed once I realized how idiotic I was. The 'it' I experienced was an orgasm. Of course it was an orgasm, what else was it that everyone talked about in the books? I should have known that.

"I knew that." I argued. Jace looked at me skeptically.

"Yeah right," Jace retorted. In return I glared up at him.

"Well it's two different things to hear about it and to actually experience it. Trust me you won't be getting those sensations out of hearing about it." I replied and pouted my lips at him. Jace still just shook his head at my innocence and then lowered his lips to my lips for a chaste kiss. The only thing that ran clearly through my mind was that those were the same lips that had just been on my nether lips. Out of curiousity I licked my lips too see if it would have any specific taste. I don't know what possessed me to do so, but I just did it.

For some reason that made Jace laugh.

"What?" I demanded, even though I already knew what he was laughing at. I silently wished that he wasn't such a creeper and didn't stare at every action I made; maybe then I wouldn't get half as embarrassed at the things I did.

"Geesh, your curiosity is just too funny. You wanted to see if you could still taste yourself on my lips." Jace said and I blushed. I knew Jace was honest, but I never knew he could be so crude. Was I really that easy to read?

I wanted to prove to him that I wasn't an inexperienced and innocent as he thought I was so I did the first thing that came to mind. I quickly maneuvered my hand so that it was wrapped around his erection. He gasped in surprise and released a moan. I blushed at the sound of the noise. I jerked my hand around a bit, I wasn't quite sure how I was supposed to move it inorder to give him pleasure. Was it up and down or was it in a circular motion?

"Ouch! Oh my god, are you trying to give my dick indian burn!" Jace screeched and I wrenched my hand away in embarrassment. When Jace saw the look on my face he quickly tried to pretend as if he weren't in that much pain.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, this is all natural." Jace told me then kissed my cheek gently. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"But I'm new to this and you're making fun of me." I whined and Jace just smiled.

"It's because I'm thinking about how fun it will be to teach you everything, you're like my little prey and I'm the big bad monster after you." He explained. I scrunched my nose up at him. He didn't have to teach me anything or at least that's what I kept telling myself. Even though I knew very well the only person I would ever want to teach me anything about sex was Jace and I had a lot to learn.

"Do you want to try that again?" Jace asked; his eyebrow raised suggestively and I snorted at him in response.

"Nope." I said. He played with my hair while pouting at me.

"You're no fun, I did all of that great tongue work for nothing," Jace teased whilst quivering his bottom lip as if he were about to start crying. I giggled at him and rolled my eyes, but other than that I did not respond and I definitely wasn't about to give his penis 'indian burn' again. He'd be lucky if I ever attempted to touch that thing again. I layed there contently with those thoughts and eventually Jace's body calmed down making us able to just lay there and enjoy each other's presence.

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb," Jace said after a few seconds of silence. I quirked my eyebrows at him.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked. Jace rolled his eyes at me as if I was stupid or something.

"You're supposed to say , all innocently I must add, 'what a stupid lamb' then I say 'what a sick masochostic lion', should we start again?" Jace asked after he explained the scene to me. I couldn't help but laugh. We were nothing like the couple from the movie/book Twilight.

"This isn't a fucking Twilight scene." I said after I was done giggling. Jace let out a few chuckles of his own.

"But still," He mumbled and kissed me into agreeing with him. We sure were a weird couple.

"Alright take two," Jace said and clapped his hands, "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb,"

"What a stupid lamb," I began and before Jace could pick up his line I continued, "very stupid for dating a man that sparkles, that is not attractive at all."

Jace threw his hands up in frustation.

"That is not how the scene goes." Jace complained.

"Yeah well, I'm not Bella. I don't want a sparkly little boy. I need someone tougher than that." I responded. Jace seemed to consider what I said and gave me a smirk.

"Yeah well lucky you, I'm a manly man. I'm no Edward." Jace replied and I just shrugged my shoulders.

"How many times must we go over this? No, you're not. Especially not with you memorizing the lines from Twilight," I joked. Jace contemplated this and since he had no proper argument he just gave up with a defeated shrug. I snuggled into his chest, ready to take a nap.

"Twilight's cool." He whispered more to himself than me, I ignored him and focused on going to sleep. Of all things who would have thought Jace would be a Twilight fan?

"What a sick, masochostic lion." Jace finally said while I was dozing off. I wanted to roll my eyes at him, but sleep was overtaking me and I didn't want to open my eyes.

"Take a nap Jace," I whispered and he jumped in surprise. He probably thought I was sleep and this made me laugh weakly.

"Shit I didn't know you were awake." Jace explained.

"Yeah well, go to sleep Sparkly." I ordered.

"You too, Lamb." He ordered lightly.


By the time my sister returned I was dressed and Jace had already left to get Christian and Jane.

"I brought you back something to eat," My sister informed me when I entered the kitchen. I was grateful for that, due to the fact that I wasn't in a particular mood to cook myself something to eat.

My sister was sitting on one of the bar stools that surrounded our kitchen's minature island with a bag of food sitting in front of her.

"It's cold so it won't be as good. Sorry about that Ryan and I got a little caught up on our way back, I figured you'd be busy anyways...ya' know getting dressed and all." Perce explained as she watched me rush over to the bag of food and take out what I assumed to be two egg mcmuffins.

"It's cool, I'll just heat it up in the microwave." I said with a shrug of my shoulder as I practically skipped over to our microwave. Egg Mcmuffins were my favorite breakfast food. Once my food was in the microwave and heating up, I finally turned to look at my sister.

She was dressed in a vintage baby blue dress that showed off her nonexistent curves. My sister didn't have a square shape, but she didn't have the curves many women were blessed with. I suppose she easily made up for that in the looks department and she also wasn't one of those women that had to worry about calories. She was always skinny, the only time I saw her with even an ounce of fat on her was when she was pregnant and that was to be suspected because of her predicament.

"Thank you," I finally said after I was done looking at her outfit.

"No problem." She replied; she shrugged her shoulders as if it was an every day occurence, when in actuallity it wasn't. My sister and I hadn't been close since I was about thirteen, so why was it that she suddenly wanted to show sisterly love? I suppose I shouldn't have been so mad at her when I was younger, being that she had a lot going on in her life to worry about mine. Her main agenda shouldn't have been cheering up her depressed younger sister, but then again shouldn't she have at least tried to?

The beeping of the microwave informing me that my food was ready broke me out of my thoughts. It was best that I stopped my negative thoughts ahead of time. At least my sister was putting forth some effort, that was all that mattered.


"You would look gorgeous in this ummm," my sister began but stopped when she forgot Jane's name I coughed and mouthed Jane's name to her,"Jane." she finished with a fake smile and it took all of my willpower not to roll my eyes.

For a reason unknown to Christian, Jace, and I both Jane and my sister did not hit it off well. It's almost as if they had an immediate disdain for one another, at first it was kind of funny but by that point eventually it bordered on annoying.

"I thought you had style," Christian said while looking at my sister as if she'd lost her mind, "Do you want her looking like a fucking scaly tomato? Her hair does not need to match the color of the dress and plus what kind of dress has scales like a snake..eww much?"

My sister glared at Christian and put the dress back on the rack. We'd been through almost five stores of the same thing and it only seemed to be getting worst.

Jane glared at my sister as she pulled a skanky black dress off of the same rack, "Now Mera would be a head turner in this." She said while looking at me hopefully, she obviously wanted for me to agree. My sister and her had both been in a competition to see who could get the better dress for me and I just tried them on obediently and let Jace choose rather or not I should get it. So far they all had been a no go.

"Umm hell no. She will not be wearing that anywhere. I don't want every man's head rising at the sight of her in that. I dont want to have to break any noses, faces, arms, fingers, toes," Jace snapped as he continued to go on until Christian smacked him upside his head.

"We get it man." Christian chuckled at Jace's jealousy and I couldn't help but be a little turned on by it. I liked that he was posessive over me; it made me feel both wanted and cared about. It let me know that my emotions towards him were returned.

"I'm just saying," Jace grumbled and crossed his muscular arms across his chest. He had been in a bad mood throughout the whole evening and I couldn't help but think he thought that they were tainting my judgement on good clothes. He didn't want me to develop the same fashion sense as them because that would end in my dressing rather revealing. To be honest I hadn't an idea what he was thinking. It seemed as if Christian and I were the only ones not developing attitudes with everyone else. Then again Jane and Jace were both usually moody or mean so that didn't come as much of a surprise.

I wrapped my arms around Jace and stood on the tips of my toes to kiss he cheek, "Don't worry Sparkly, I only have eyes for you."

Jace looked down at me with amusement glimmering in his blue orbs, "Yeah, but those pervs will all have eyes for you in a killer dress like that."

"So you do like the dress! Oh my god, praise the lord! We've found a dress!" Christian hollered as he tore the dress from my sister's hand and did some type of tango dance around the aisle with it. I giggled at his display of happiness while my sister stared at him, eyes wide like a deer caught in head lights, and began to fret over him.

"Stop that nonsense." She ordered, a blush made it's way onto her face and I couldn't tell if she was embarrassed for him or being seen with him.

"He doesn't have stop!" Jane snapped at my sister and my sister growled in frustration.

"Yes he does!"

"Um, no Miss Prissy..he does not!"

"Shut up scaly tomato!"

"No you shut up big foot!"

"Big foot? My foot is not big!"

"Oh yeah? Well I'm not a scaly tomato!"

Before the two could continue to insult each other I stepped in, "Okay now that that's settled," I began but the two cut me off with narrowed eyes and harsh words.

"Stay out of this Mera!" They hollered at the same time and Jace looked bothered by this, whilst Christian completely stopped his dancing to eye them as if they were insane.

"Now where was I? You are a scaly tomato. With your stupid ketchup colored hair!" My sister yelled at Jane and Jane didn't look like she wanted to argue anymore; instead she took a threatening step towards my sister who - by the way- didn't look in the least bit frightened. That was only because she didn't know what Jane was capable of.

"Oh yeah? I wouldn't be talking if I had a boy body like yours!" Jane insulted her triumphantly. Her expression was one of full haughtiness as if she just knew she won the argument.

"Stupid." Perci hissed angrily.

"Japanese little boy body!"

"Crab face!"

"Walking STD!"

"You look like you don't wipe after you shit!"

"You look like your farts smell like death!"

"Ass breath!"

"Dirty vagina breath!"

"Frog face!"

"Ugly amphibian face!"

"Shut the fuck up both of you," Jace suddenly snapped before either of them could continue and I could practically see steam flowing out of his ears, "I don't know what the issue is, but it stops now! Jane you're getting the scaly dress for irritating me and Mera you're getting that black dress because - frankly - I'm not staying here with these two a minute longer! Or looking at these damn dresses, I'm a man damn it," He paused and then continued as if it needed to be repeated, "a man!"

"W-w-what? I refuse to get this dress!" Jane yelled.

"You're getting it and that's final." Jane snapped as he grabbed the hideous dress and pushed it into Christian's arms.

"Men...don't like shopping." Christian supplied helplessly and with that both he and Christian walked off to the register. After Jane's initial shock wore off she followed after the boys; leaving the scene with a final glare at my sister.

Perci sighed and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, "Sorry about that. It's just..that girl rubs me the wrong way. There's just something about her that isn't right. And plus I'm your sister, I should be the one picking out your dress not her," Perci began but realizing she sounded rather jealous she sent me a smile, "There I go again. I suppose this didn't go so well. At least you got a dress, right?"

"Right," I agreed; unsure of what else I could possibly say to her.

"Well I'm going to get going, you can hitch a ride back with Jace can't you?" She asked and I nodded my head. She was about to turn around, but instead she hesitated - if only for a second - before pulling me into a hug. She squeezed me towards her tightly and at first I wanted to push her away because it felt foreign, but eventually I hugged her back.

"Just," She started but paused as she let go of me and looked down at me, "Remember that we're sisters and although I've made my mistakes. I want to heal our bond."

I nodded my head again; completely at a lost of words.

"Well," She took a step back, "I know this is sudden. But I'm off, I have to meet up with Ryan. See you at home? We'll reschedule the whole dinner."

"Yeah sure." I responded before watching her walk off. A second later Jace appeared next to me with a bag in his hand.

"Do you need heels or anything?" He asked me, he glanced around as if he were looking for my sister and then furrowed his eyebrows when he didn't see her.

"Where did Miss Annoying number two go?" He questioned me and I playfully slapped his arm.

"She left and no I don't need heels. I have black pumps at home." I answered nonchalantly and Jace grinned happily.

"Great that means we can leave. Christian's taking Jane to get her hair done, so we're going our separate ways." Jace exclaimed and I couldn't help but chuckle.


Kevin's Point of View

I sighed as I pressed my cold glass of water against my lips; the migraine I was suffering from only seemed to be intensifying and as much as I objected to swallowing pills I knew that the pain medication would be the only thing to help me. Perhaps, I wasn't really suffering from a migraine but instead a persistent nagging in the back of my head; one that I could only rid of by taking pain medication. I'm not particularly sure when HK gained the power to make me feel pain, but it seemed I had underestimated him and he was doing just that.

I blinked once, attempting to bring him forth but he didn't come.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and called him forth. It took a few seconds but after a while I could slowly feel him drawing out of me.

When I opened my eyes he was standing in front of me; his face contorted into one of irritation. Although I wanted to be bothered by his pestering presence, I took relief in my temporary laps in pain.

"What's your issue?" I asked him; knowing that he had to have a valid reason as to why he was attempting to gain my attention.

"Well, we've been in the hotel room for days while you sit around contemplating your next move," He began as he paced back and forth, "But I'm offering you a way out of this."

I raised my eyebrows at his words. What could he possibly have to offer me? I had been hell bent on getting my revenge and I wouldn't stop until it was fulfilled. My Sara deserved that much and for her sake I would do so.

"If you don't drop this mission I'll tell my boss I'm planning to leave." He said and to anyone else these words wouldn't seem so threatening but he and I both knew what that meant. He might as well have put a gun to my head and told me if I breath he'd shoot me.

"You're willing to do that, just to let our enemies live!" I yelled; a feeling of bafflement and anger submerging my emotions. I couldn't help but wonder what made him have a change in heart and if I could some how hinder that change because he was utterly loosing his mind; especially if he'd do such a thing.

"This is not for our enemies! I want more than anyone else for them to pay for what they've done, but instead I'm letting those emotions go. I'm saving us!" He retorted with just as much power behind his voice as I had used. I couldn't understand his reasoning nor was I attempting to. He'd never get control of our body long enough to complete his mission; at least I wouldn't let him complete his before mines was finished.

"What the hell makes you think you're saving us?" I asked, even though I told myself I didn't want to understand his reasoning I still had to ask him. For so long I thought I could count on his anger and his need to perform our revenge and now that he no longer had that anger I was counting on myself. That wasn't a very appealing idea, to have to count of myself when I needed my other half to ever be able to complete such a transaction.

"Don't you get it Kevin? I'm not going to kill that innocent girl, just so we can feel elated. That might hurt Jace and Chris, but that girl has nothing to do with this! I would never want anyone to target Nora like that. Nora wouldn't want me to do such a thing! I know it's a death sentence if we try to kill Jace and Chris, but I'd rather that then kill the girl. The messed up part about it all, is the fact that either way we'd die. If we killed that girl they'd hunt us down and kill us, but if we went after them we'd end up with the same result..we'd be dead." He explained, but I still couldn't agree with his reasoning. It was all based off of assumptions and I didn't need assumptions I needed facts. If he didn't know for a fact that we'd die, then I didn't really care to hear what he assumed would happen. He was just a useless coward trying to get out of doing a good deed.

I sighed, narrowing my eyes at him, "Fine, I don't need your help with this. I'll do this all on my own."


Mera's Point of View

"This is rather revealing, don't you think?" I asked as I swirled around in my dress; the cold air slapped at my bare back as I did so. The idea of wearing such a scandalous black dress seemed appealing at first, but once it was on my body and molded to every curve I had like a second skin I couldn't help but feel exposed. Well, to be honest, I was quite exposed. The dress showed off my back with a deep v-cut that ended right before it reached my butt and the front revealed a little more cleavage than I usually would ever think to show. To top off my feeling like a slut the dress barely covered half of my thighs.

Susy set my curling iron down and slowly turned to face me, "Um, do you really think you're asking the right person? Plus, I think it's wonderful and even if you decided you didn't want to wear the dress the dance is in less than three hours. There is hardly enough time to replace it. So embrace the look and roll with it." She advised before turning around to finish doing her hair.

I sighed, "I feel like a dirty slut."

I could see Susy roll her eyes in the mirror, "You're hardly a slut. Do you know how slutty I would have looked had Jacob not agreed to go to the dance with me?"

I laughed at her exaggeration; Susy was wearing the least revealing dress I'd ever seen on her.

"Yeah right." I replied and Susy stopped what she was doing to animatedly swivel around in her seat to glare at me.

"There is no hiding my baby bump in this dress. What would I look like going to the dance pregnant, but not with the baby's father? Oh geez if I'm not already the talk of the school now, I'd really be it then!" She yelled and I nodded my head; she did have a point there.

Before I could respond Jane exited my bathroom, a cloud of fog following after her, and a towel wrapped around her body.

"I am not putting this disgrace on," Jane hissed, holding up the dress Christian had bought for her the day before, "I won't enjoy myself if I do."

Susy jumped in shock; she obviously hadn't known Jane was there. When she arrived at my house to get ready for the dance Jane was in the shower; therefore I never received the chance to properly introduce the two.

"What the hell?" Susy asked; her eyes wide and I laughed at her expression.

"Susy this is Jane, she's Christian's date and Jane this is Susy my best-friend." I introduced the two and it felt awkward for me to call Susy my best-friend but nonetheless I did. Jane looked a little skeptical, but instead of saying what ever was on her mind she carelessly shrugged her shoulders.

"Nice to meet you Susy." Jane said as she slowly plucked her shower cap off of her head and allowed her curly red hair to tumble down her shoulders.

"Nice to meet you too," Susy replied before turning back around to continue to curl her hair. I was glad that I didn't have to straighten my hair for I was going to wear it in a high bun; figuring I might as well stop complaining about my dress I made my way over to the mirror and started doing my hair.

Time seemed to fly by and before I knew it my door bell rang; notifying me that one of the guys was there. I hurried down my stairs, wobbling a bit in my heels, and answered the door. To my disappointment it wasn't Jace standing there it was Jacob.

"Hey Mera," He started; peering over my head to look for Susy, "You look nice. Is Susy ready?" He asked; I could hear impatience in his voice. I didn't get the chance to respond though because Jace strolled up; his eyes narrowed at the back of Jacob's head.

"Um who the hell is this?" Jace asked, but shut his mouth when he saw it was Jacob.

"Oh, hey Jace...," Jacob said trailing off but when he saw Christian standing behind him he continued, "Christian."

"Sup," Both Jace and Christian said at the same time. Just as I was about to invite them all in to wait for the others, the girls came waltzing down the stairs.

"Hey boys! You guys look nice!" Susy exclaimed happily as she weaseled her way past me.

"And you look...pregnant." Christian commented dryly and Susy just rolled her eyes at him.

"And my Mera looks absolutely," Jace started as he all but pushed Jacob out of the way to get a hold of me, "Stunning."

He dropped soft feather-like kisses around my face and continued, "I hope I don't have to whoop anyone's ass today."

"I do too." I responded and then we all set off to the dance.


The dance was nothing like I visualized a high school dance to be. I expected for everyone to be dancing, fast-beat hip hop songs to be playing, and someone in the corner sneaking alcohol into the punch. Instead I was granted with shy teenagers glued to the walls with groups of their friends; staring at the dance floor as if it were the enemy. The music was slow, hard to dance to, and a little too romantic for the hormonal teens.

Jace grumpily sat down at a table as he swiped at one of the large heart-shaped balloons decorating the chair he sat at, "This is why I don't come to these types of things." He snarled angrily.

I sat down next to him and shrugged my shoulders, "At least try to enjoy yourself." I ordered, but he ignored me. I couldn't blame him the, the vapidity of the dance was already trying to consume me and cause me to be miserable.

Christian scrunched up his nose in disbelief as he glanced around the place, "Oh no this will not do. I'm about to make the DJ change the music," and before I or anyone else could respond Christian walked off to the DJ booth with an intent expression.

"Presi's going to work his magic," Susy mocked whilst doing spirit fingers and rolling her eyes.

"I got dressed up for this?" Jane asked as she unattractively plopped down in one of the seats, her legs wide open when she sat.

Jace continued to grumble incomprehensible things and Jacob picked under his nails as if he were trying to get dirt from under them, which there was none.

We sure were a lively group, weren't we? There was deep sarcasm behind that question.

Christian returned faster than I assumed he would and almost the minute he sat down a new song began to play. This song was a rap song and it seemed as if it really was 'magic' because immediately people began crowding on the floor.

I was amazed at how quickly the atmosphere changed. One minute love songs were playing through the speakers and everyone turned their nose up at the dance floor, the next they crowded onto the floor happily grinding on one another to a fast pace rap song.

"Yeah pop that ass guuuurl," Christian sang out the song in a heavy country accent just as the rapper was and I was surprised to see Jace tapping his fingers to the beat.

"Seriously?" I asked; Christian had the audacity to give me a sheepish smile before responding.

"What? This is like number one on the radio." He explained with a shrug of his shoulders as he bounced his body to the beat.

"Pop it for daddy girl," Both Christian and Jace sang out while they smiled at each other mischievously.

"Yeah pop it for daddy, pop it pop it for daddy!" Susy sang out also and I couldn't help but look at them all in disbelief. Was I the only one that didn't know the song? Furthermore, what was the world coming to? What happened to all the beautiful love songs with meaningful lyrics?

I looked over at Jacob with a desperate expression on my face; surely he didn't know the song. He was one of those guys that listened to strictly rock and thought everyone else was asinine for listening to the mediocre mainstream music of the 21st century. For Pete's sake he still wore Aerosmith shirts! I couldn't help but feel disappointed when he also seemed to be enjoying the song.

Eventually I just let it go, obviously the best party music was rap music. There was no denying that.

I was watching everyone on the dance floor grind against each other when Cayden suddenly materialized in front of me; he was looking - if I must be so honest - mighty handsome in a suit with his hair tousled around his head. He still didn't compare to my Jace who decided to keep it simple in some denim levi jeans, a button up shirt, and converse.

"Hey there Mera," He said whilst looking me up and down, "You look ravishing in that dress."

I was at a lost for words, not only had he been blunt but he'd also been idiotic. Who would say something like that right in front of Jace?

Christian chuckled and leaned back in his seat, "Now this is going to be hilarious."

"Bugger off." Jace ordered as he slipped his muscular arm around my waist and - with his other hand - eased my chair closer to his. Cayden looked down at Jace's arm with disdain and scowled at him.

"Technically I don't have to, do you think I'm scared of you?" Cayden hissed and I couldn't help but wonder who's balls he borrowed to suddenly become so bold because he certainly hadn't grown a pair.

"Whoop your daddy called," Susy began while holding up her cellular device,"He wants his balls back before you actually start thinking they're yours and get your ass kicked."

My mouth dropped at Susy's words, had she read my mind? Christian laughed loudly and leaned across the table to give Susy a high-five.

"That was actually funny." He admired; still giggling with mirth.

Cayden's cheeks were red with embarrassment, but he still held his ground. I had to admire the guy's spunk; no one really dared to bother us especially not if we were in a group together. Our group contained Jace super bad ass extraordinaire, Jacob - who was named the Barracuda for Pete's sake, Susy who was known for being a mega-bitch, and then there was was Christian who was not only the school President but a undercover bad ass. Perhaps I wasn't that intimidating and people didn't know Jane to be intimidated by her, but we were one hell of a group all put together. If I was Cayden I wouldn't have approached so boldly.

"Look I just came over to compliment Mera." He snapped in annoyance.

"Which you did already." Jace deadpanned and then waved his hand in a way that said 'shoo go away'.

Cayden groaned and then looked at me with a desperate expression on his face; it seemed he would ignore the rest of the group, "I'm trying to talk to you Mera not," He paused to wave his hand in a circle exaggeratedly, "all of them. Do you want to dance?"

Before I could respond Jace cut in, "Are you mentally challenged? Are you trying to piss me off? 'Cause let me tell you ...it's working. You see I'm big on respect," Jace began and he bawled his fist up threateningly, "Mera is my girl and I mean to put certain emphasis on my. If you respect me, you'll walk away and stop bothering us. If you don't, I might just have to teach you a lesson in respect."

"He pissed on her," Christian added whilst he nodded his head with the most serious expression on his face. Jane, Susy, and I all went into fits of laughter but Jace and Jacob just looked at him as if he were stupid.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Jacob asked, his eyebrows were furrowed in confusion.

"Isn't that how some animals mark their territory? They piss on it right?" Christian asked slowly as if he were talking to a toddler.

"Right?" Jacob asked just as slowly and Christian nodded his eagerly.

"Okay so that means," Christian began but paused to look at Cayden, "She's off limits, she's marked territory."

Cayden scrunched up his face in annoyance, but instead of saying anything else to further embarrass himself he stormed off in the opposite direction all the while muttering, "Idiots."

All of us were dying in laughter, well apart from Jace who had the nerve to look irritated, "I need for you to stop saying I piss on people! What do I look like a animal?"

"No, just some possessive weird guy," Christian answered nonchalantly with a shrug of his shoulders and all of us once again began laughing, whilst Jace pouted. Well, what could you call a manly pout? Not a pout at all? Or would you call it staring broodingly?

The night seemed to progress much the same, Christian and Susy participated in dancing whilst the rest of us sat around wondering why we even decided to come to something so idiotic.

"Let's go dancing Jace," I offered to which I received a death glare.

"Who do I look like? Justin Beiber? I'm not a dancer." Jace snapped and at that point I just let it go. Well what had I really expected? Jace wasn't the type to dance romantically, it just wasn't him. In fact I don't think I would like him as much if he suddenly turned into a softy. No, I liked him just fine with his bad attitude and grumpiness. That's what made him my Jace.

I leaned into him and he wrapped his arm around my waist; I was practically cuddling into his side. Perhaps I wasn't getting my romantic dance, but that was close enough. I was happy with a group of friends who I believed cared about me. Surely that was better than the life I was living before; a lonely desolate one without a boyfriend or a group of friends.

I watched the events occurring around me feeling content with the way my night was going, well that was until the drama started. If you didn't know, I'll be the informant of this much...at every party there is drama, it never fails. I'm not sure if people get bold off of the adrenaline that comes with dancing and having a good time or if they think partying means 'get-so-faded-I-act-like-a-fucking-retard'.

Susy stumbled back towards our table, practically tripping over her feet and a look on her face that she only wore after consuming a large sum of alcohol. My mouth probably smacked my boob from the look of pure incredibility I gave her, but she didn't even seem to notice.

"What the fuck?" Jacob asked, but it barely came out as a whisper. He clearly couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Guuuys, come pa-pa-paartay." Susy ordered whilst pumping her fist in the air and then commencing to pout when we all just stared at her as if she grew three heads and one burped up a hair ball.

"Wa," Susy began but then paused as she put her index finger to her chin in an infamous thinking pose, "Wa-What did you guys even ca-ca-come for?"

Before I or for the matter anyone who wasn't completely stumped could respond Jacob jumped angrily and slammed his hands on our table causing it to rattle and the punch in front of me to spill on my dress. No one seemed to notice though, except - obviously - me.

"Not to get wasted like a fucking idiot," Jacob yelled, "You must be real special in the mind! That explains it all!"

"Huh?" Susy questioned; looking at him as if she didn't understand him.

"I'm pregnant, oops. Well who cares. I'm just going to get faded faded faded, yeah rap that shit Tyga." Jacob mocked her in a squeaky voice; which seemed to wake her up as to what he was accusing her of.

"A-are you tryin' to sa-sa-say that I would g-get high while I'm pra-pragant." She yelled back at him, that same index finger she used to do her thinking pose now pointing at him; shaking with fury.

I cleared my throat and slyly corrected her when nether of them were paying me any mind, "Pregnant not pragant."

"Uh yeah, maybe not high but clearly drunk! You fucking numb nut! You can't drink while you're pregnant. Do whatever you want when your not pregnant but while my child is in there act like you have some respect for someone...anyone, and if not me or your parents how about yourself?." He argued and she just scowled at him, not even taking heed to what he said. It might as well left through one ear and out the other.

"Err, I wasn't drinking first of all. And second of all it was your numb nut that got me in this predicament , you're the one that didn't want to use a condom..not me!So sorry if i'm not exactly jumping in joy about this. I was just fine before this!" She hollered at him and I'm sure had it been a cartoon you would be able to steam coming up from Jacob's ears.

"Why? Why? Out of everyone did I impregnate this...this...ugh!" Jacob grunted in annoyance, unable to come up with another insult. Instead he basically threw his chair out of his way, grabbed Susy, and then dragged her out of the dance while she continued to call him things like 'stupidest man on earth' and 'super sperm man'.

I watched the door for a few seconds, even after they exited, pondering on whether they were going to bust through it once again arguing. They didn't though and eventually Jace noticed the soaked state of my dress.

"You're soaked," He said dumbly; his eyes glues to the way the dress hugged my chest. I glared at him in reply.

"Maybe we should get you home? Or maybe...my home?" He asked but it came out more like a demand; his eyebrows were even rose suggestively.

I rolled my eyes at him when he didn't even attempt to stop looking at my chest.

"Yeah, maybe."

"Stop looking at her chest perv." Jane commented jokingly and Jace gave her a smirk in response; I could only imagine what type of perverted things were actually going through his mind. More than likely something about wet titties and an erection that needed to be handled, but this time not by a serious case of Indian burn.

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