Not that I'd expect you to remember letters from a year ago,
but in one of them I mentioned Avail to Know

Her means – a reminiscence;
its weight, imaginary.
I'm cursed, my adversary
As memories move in.

To scarce others but...

and When alas I'm lost
and thinking of where,
where is to thinking of you.
...No matter the cost
of your thinking when lost,
There – thinking of you.


As In dream: My lost Love,
How 'tis you, I mean so well.
But no matter
...and how I try,
'tis seen at first
Impression's sigh.

"Wake!.." from distant breath.
"No. This –where I may tell her;"
...where none can be contrived
if of I've held and never greater.

And there I do confide in you
—Contrite it not be here,
...where, "'This' and 'It did' happens."
"Recant!" I do...and must recall

of how our love did mirror – Breeze to snow,
as 'twas Only you, I cared to show
...from those with coarse and solemn interest
who'd only come to go.
But with All – act,
must 'vail to no—;

as these thoughts
to keep me going,
keep me wanting to do or say,
"One in this world who is for me
Means the one I know won't stay."

Awake from My lost Love,
How be you? I'd mean so well;

'Never before has a soul seen from a smile, a call to the sound of answer.'


Each night nigh this is quite demanding;
as if Left to Stay stayed behind
waiting for
the only open door
Waiting for you.


"Please Awaken,
My Distant Breath."

And if we meet again
I swear I do pretend
Not to love you.
Because I do
when I don't do,
and I do mean—I don't do.