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Out there, in the depths of space, is a galaxy unknown to man. No one knows about it because human Telescopes can't see past Pluto, a planet they would never know is dying. Even past Pluto, there are countless planets hanging on a thread.

Billions of years ago a star greater than the sun you see on Earth used to float and shine too magnificently. It was pure white, lighting only a third of the days, yet the people marveled in its beauty.

The star was named Oti, in our language meaning savior. When the sun imploded, however, my race was nearly lost.

The governor of our planet was only able to get a sixth of Pluto's population into space before the planet became unbearably cold. Even a sixth of our small race wasn't enough.

As we struggled to live in the cramped confines of our starships, our breathable chemicals were running low. As a whole, we were able to breathe as one when the air was almost gone.

The ships survived until we got to the planet of Hrash. There we were brutally attacked by out Hrashian neighbors.

The captors took the people hostage and threw us into cells. There my race was shuttled off towards the human's star, known as Sun.

We all were scared as the abandoned planets passed us, different gravity tugging at the pods until we neared the blue and green planet of Earth. Little did we know the humans would be waiting for us, guns ready.

Billions of years it took us, but only days it felt to me as Earth's harsh gravity sucked us into our deaths.

Chapter One: A Warning

Present Day Earth

Phoenix, Arizona

The smell of eggs and toast wafted through the small home in time with the blasting A.C. The heavenly scent struck her hard, causing her stomach to growl violently.

"Brianna! Breakfast!" The sugary sweet voice of Brianna's mother was what anchored her out of bed. As Brianna scuttled downstairs, her little brother, Matthew, knocked her over as he climbed the stairs, making obnoxious airplane noises.

Brianna rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen, seeing her two other brothers and mother eating peacefully.

"There you are." Carry smiled at Brianna as she sat down at the table. Carry's morning coffee filled the air, signaling another work day. "You crazy teenagers sleep in way too long; you'll be late for school."

"Thanks mom," Brianna rolled her eyes as she bit into the toast. She was silent for a minute, trying to find the courage to tell her mother about the strange dream she had last night. "So…I had a dream last night."

Carry smiled as she folded the newspaper and kissed Brianna's cheek. "Tell me after school okay? Hurry along."

Brianna glanced at her two brothers, Ricky and Nate. Ricky was a grade below Brianna, and Nate was in high school, where Brianna would be going next year. Ricky smiled at Brianna and tapped his watch. "I'm leaving in twenty minutes."

"Good to know." Brianna hurried upstairs, passing the ten year old Matt again.

She and Ricky left for school shortly after Brianna fed their dog, Bucky. They passed Ricky's friend's house and walked with Tye in silence.

Knowing she wouldn't be able to walk with two eighth graders all year, Brianna made a mental note to find friends or get a ride with Nate.

The stench of public school filled their noses when they walked through the side doors. Immediately Brianna was greeted by her best friend Cynthia Walters. They had met in seventh grade while hiding under a table during a food fight, and had been good friends ever since.

"BRIANNA! I'm so excited! LOOK!" The ecstatic friend held up her new ninth grade schedule for Brianna to see. "I have to see yours!"

As the two girls compared schedules, Principal Crow passed them and nodded once, "Miss Walters, Miss Richards." Then he was gone. Brianna couldn't help but wonder why Principal Crow seemed so different. He was stiff, more urgent in his gestures from last year's loose, crazy principal.

"The bell! Let's go!" Brianna dragged Cynthia straight to their first class.

As the two girls picked their seats, Brianna took her time to notice the boy she had been crushing on since sixth grade before she fully sat down. The teacher introduced himself as Mr. Philips and gave a brief review of what English was "In case some people had forgotten over the summer".

Just after Mr. Philips was done, the small T.V. that sat in the corner of the classroom flipped on, showing Principal Crow's face.

"We welcome you to another exciting year here at ((Undecided)) junior high. Up to date announcements will be given every Monday along with the Pledge of Allegiance. Right now we will have our first day of school video--"

The principal's voice cut off when the TV changed channels. The President of the United States was there; worry spread across his professional face.

"This is an emergency broadcast from Washington D.C. Important news has just come from NASA Space Center. The following images are not false."

As pictures of odd looking space craft came on, the president started speaking. "Do not panic. We had these pictures taken yesterday at 02500 hours under the impression that they were meteors. NASA took another set this morning at 0600 hours, and we know these aren't meteors."

Brianna's eyes widened as she watched, fascination dawning from the whole classroom.

"We believe…there ARE extra-terrestrials."