Challenge Me

Sitting on a swing,

In our favorite park

In town.

You and I just sing

'Bout our favorite time

Right now

A song about how you and me

Learned to work together

You pushed, and I pulled

But you said something was off

You said, "How can I tell, if you really love me?

I gave you flowers and candy

So if I can do that, what about you?

How can I know if your love is true?"

So I said, "Wait and See, Challenge me.

I can do my very best, wait and see.

I love you, oh yes I do.

This challenge will be too easy."

I picked up many rocks

And set them all up;

A heart.

Just for you and me

Oh baby can't you see

My love

Yet you still weren't convinced

So I went and fixed

Your truck's radio

But you still said something was off…


The heart was big, and clever too

The radio was working for you

But you were right, there's one more thing

I wrote this song, all for you.

So Challenge me, It's all complete. I love you, it's true.