Prowling through the night couldn't get any easier. One moment you spread your wings and sore through the trees at incredible speed. The next you find yourself sinking those brilliant white teeth through what feels like butter, sucking in that warm, thick liquid. I couldn't think of anything better.

But what if you are a type of person-vampire-that has a heavy conscience? Someone who couldn't bare to take a life to help support your own? Thinking back, I remember vividly when I messed everything up.

It was a cold night, but if I heard correctly, a popular day for skiing. Mostly the families had gone home in the breaking sun, but teenagers from various ages stayed behind to feel cool. I couldn't help but go when I woke up. I had just slid onto the lift when a tall boy sat down next to me. "You don't mind do you?"

I shook my head. "No I don't, go ahead."

He nodded his thanks and stared straight ahead, probably trying to avoid how weird I must look. Black hair and white skin. My lips were probably most scary, jutting out to cover my fangs like most vampires do. I continue to stare at him, waiting for him to realize what I am and jump of the lift before it's too late. Screaming.

But none came, and I continued to puzzle over this fact. We weren't even half way to the top when he asked, "So what's your name?""Claudia." I've always loved my name. It was so popular in the 1300s.

"Claudia…." He said it like he's never heard of it before. "That's a nice name, I'm Tristan."

"Hello Tristan." I tried to desperately cover my accent up. I've lived in England for most of my long life, and in America, it was hard to perfect their accent.

The corners of his mouth threaten into a smile. "Where did you come from? Heaven?"

Hell is more like it. "No. England." I smiled at the irony towards that comment.

Tristan laughed a bit at his own joke, shaking his short dirty blond hair. It struck me hard, like a slap, or plunging into ice cold water from such a height. He was amazingly handsome and kind.

He saw my pained expression and frowned. "You alright?"

"Oh yes." I covered myself up and showed my teeth a bit, for some reason forgetting to conceal the biggest part of my secret.

His face became an expression of horror and I snapped my mouth shut.

He scooted away from me, putting his head in his hands. "Whoa that did not just happen!"

"No…" I said softly, trying to seduce him like my father would before me. "It didn't happen, you're hallucinating."

"No…" His voice became louder again. "No I know what I saw…you're a vampire."

"Oh that's funny." I acted desperately.

He turned to me, and suddenly time seemed to go so slow. We were only halfway up the mountain, and I couldn't just drop down if I wanted to. What would people think? At the same time, he was scared and angry. "Don't play games with me!"

"I wasn't!" I squealed.

He continued to scoot as far as he could away from me, and suddenly slipped out of his seat, grabbing the bar to keep him up. He grunted and tried to pull himself up. Suddenly the lifts stopped and I desperately reached down to grab him. "NO! I don't want your help." He said quickly, his tone coming out clipped.

"You can't get up on your own." I told him, still reaching out for him. My cold hands touched his and he flinched, threatening to let go.

"Please do as I say." I had told him.

He gave up reluctantly to my begging as I pulled him up with ease. Tristan was still shaky and kept far away from me. I sighed and scooted away from him also. Finally we were close to the drop of point since they started the lifts again. "Tristan-" I started."Don't talk to me." He said flatly and was about to hop off when I grabbed a fist full of his jacket and slammed him back into the seat. He was terrified again at my hideous strength and clamped his mouth shut. I knew he was going to tell, and I had to shut him up. "Come here."

"No no no!" His voice was suddenly strained.

I pulled him close to me and dug my teeth into his neck. He started wailing until I finally clamped my hand over his mouth and silenced him. The drop off was so close now, and people could see me. So I let go, letting the dead boy fall limp, and jumped off the ski lift, into the mountain below.

My Kin have always told me to be secretive, discrete, and unseen, but I couldn't help it. Sinking my teeth through that boy's neck was a heavenly breakfast that day, and my falling off the ski lift was all over the papers. Sometimes you have to THINK before you ACT.