We Come

The light was blinding, screeches filled the air. All hope will soon be lost for their world. The beams of light touched the sodden Earth, spewing dirt and plants as it carved. A straight line, a sharp curve. The second beam ground into the waves of green, twisting and rotating. Three more beams struck down, symmetrically gliding in wide strokes. The cawing birds zipped away in fright as the long, alien-like laser crushed and snapped the cornstalks.

Then it was over. From above, intricate designs called out in hushed excitement. Darkness made it look all the more fearful. Like an impression in the wall, the crop circles were dark against the light green. Shadows surrounded as the nighttime hours passed.

A stroke of sunlight danced across the plains and glistening in morning dew was the corrupted cornfield. A sign.

Camera men arrived on the scene, taking pictures and interviewing the delirious farmer and his wife. They claimed to see it. They never did.

The stories spread across nations, each passing of the story something was added or taken away. The humans didn't see it coming. Those who believe waited for us, those who didn't laughed and mocked us.

We were fiction.

They had only to wait. The guilt, the fear, the disbelief will show on their faces. The insignificant beings could never comprehend the power. That is why they failed as a race. Now they will truly know horror. Unlike the vial movies about extra-terrestrials, they will know death when they see it.

If they saw it.