There was a musty smell that surrounded him, like we gym socks and mold. He knew there was something wrong. He remembered the invasion very well, in fact, he almost flinched when he recalled the slimy face of the alien.

There was clank near his left ear and a sudden whirring,, like a machine was turned on. He wanted badly to move, but his legs and arms felt like lead. Most of his body was covered in something thin and silky. He could tell. There was another loud clank next to his other ear as another machine started up. Suddenly he felt panicky. He remembered specifically passing out in a small field, not a metal room with machines. He tried to move again, this time feeling heavy straps across his chest and legs. He made a strangled noise, but realized it sounded frightened and uncertain. Loud noises like heavy footsteps sounded across the room, and he struggled to open his eyes. "Duetsch? English? Frances?" A gruff voice asked, it had the aura of something powerful and foreign.

"English." He struggled to say, wondering where he was.

"Hello human." The voice said, "Welcome to my ship."

"Your ship?" He asked, his eyes finally started opening, and he beheld a huge, six foot reptile thing, with the build of a dinosaur and snout of a crocodile. The teeth were sharp as razors. Saliva dripped from his scaly lips as if he couldn't hold it in. The alien was clad in dark blue armor, supporting his wide chest and dinosaur tail. His clawed, beefy hands held a giant gun, probably a bazooka, but he couldn't tell. The dinosaur's tail swished behind him as he studded the human.

"Yes, my ship. Is my English correct?" his gruff voice asked, "Because I am captain. I must know many tongues of the universe."

He closed his eyes again, not trying to freak out. His energy was draining as fast as it came.