Ms. Forthwrite's Inquiry

Act One, Scene One

(Outside it is snowing, XAVIER and NEWT meet at an old diner to talk)

NEWT: Xavier, have you finished your account?

XAVIER: Signed and ready to go. Say, where is your mistress?

NEWT: Please please, she will be along in a minute. Rachel never knew how to be of service when her time comes.

XAVIER: (Chuckles) Well, save me the dread. Rachel always knew how to be an entertainer. Maybe she'll mess up this time and miraculously postpone this meeting.

NEWT: You procrastinator. Surely this isn't a game to you. As my partner, I expect you to be on alert, and to not complain.

XAVIER: Very well. But tell me this, you are friends with Emma Forthwright....right?

NEWT: I very much am. She is a dear girl, bright and authentic If I may say. Ah here is Rachel.

(NEWT leaves)


TRISTIE: Xavier! I should have guessed!

XAVIER: Ah Miss Longtimmin! A pleasure to meet you once again.

TRISTIE: I dare say. Do not try to flatter me like last time. I have no wish to flirt with you. In fact, I come on an urgent request. Governess Mia Forthwright is needing assistance from Newt Pentton. Where is Newt?

XAVIER: He just left to greet his mistress. What of service can we be?

TRISTIE: (nervous) Emma has not been herself. Maybe if you were to bring Newt and his mistress to the manor, Emma will feel better again.

XAVIER: Oh yes! I have heard that Emma has not been herself. It is interesting to know what one can do after being gone merely a weekend.

TRISTIE: Emma went on a trip for four days. Surely not just one weekend. But that is of no matter. Newt is needed right away.

XAVIER: We were to go to a meeting. Unfortunately we cannot come today.

TRISTIE: The Governess has already postponed your meeting Mr. Thomas. Please come.

(TRISTIE runs off)

(NEWT Comes with RACHEL)

RACHEL: Good day Xavier.

XAVIER: Good day Ms. Pentton.

NEWT: Did I just see dear little Tristie approach you?

XAVIER: Oh yes. Our meeting has been canceled due to Governess Forthwright's wishes. We are to see Emma immediately.

RACHEL: Has something happened to the poor darling?

XAVIER: I've heard some terrible trauma has happened during her recent trip.

NEWT: Well then, Off we go. Quickly quickly.

Scene One Drops