Note! This poem I wrote not that long ago( when school was still going on) and I had a crush on my friend( who I don't like anymore..but he is still my bestfriend) I was in denial for a while( I think he was too..but idk) and I couldn't get my crush off my mind, so I wrote this and it help a lot :) Read & Review! ^^ Ja ne!

The cat has caught my tongue

I am lost for words

my stomach has butterflies that are flying around

I want them to go

I want them to disappear

but if they do

will you too?

I start to blush when I hear your name

even if it's just a symbol my mind goes insane

your presence is even worse

I turn into a little girl

"stop it" or "shut up" is casually

I want to stop, but I can't

my friends are starting to notice it too

they whisper and wink

making me even more confuse

I want this feeling to go away

I want us to be friends

yet I want more?

Do I really want more?

Should I remove our friendship and replace it with something more deep

something more crazy

something that is unchangeable

maybe you don't want that change

maybe you like the way things are now

but I don't

deep inside my butterfly stomach there is you

the whole you is glue with me

as I am to you

I am still lost for words

the cat is fiddling with my tongue

I want it back

I want our friendship back

no love

no unnecessary emotions

no butterflies

no "accidentally" touches

just want the way things use to be

but I know, from that very moment, when I saw your face

your smile

your laughter

just you

I knew that things will never be the same again