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The rain pours tonight. Drip! The lighting is erupting from it's holder. Rumble! Maybe this was a sign for me, that something bad was finally coming out from the opening. Should I run, or hide from the secret that others would eventually know? It's my's our fault that this happen. I came to realize I'm not the blame anymore, and we made that decision months ago. Well, I did without you, knowing. My parents are the first, and probably my last if they take it badly. I hope they understand my situation, and will help me.

Now, I'm outside my parents house gathering all my thoughts together. Please..don't hate me...I thought. I raise my wet hand to twist the door knob, but froze. What if they get really mad, and decides to send me back to the orphanage. Tears are easily falling from my sliver- puffy eyes on to my drench white shirt, that was loosen around the front. I look up, and my vision translate towards the window that was lit up inside. Dad must be home. My other soak hand rest on my slightly round belly. Here it goes. I open the door slowly, and peek in only to see my older brother, Sesshomaru, older sister, Yuna, mom, and even Dad gathering in the dinner.

They look so peaceful when I'm not there

To make my appearance , I cough and all heads turn towards me. My mom was smiling brightly with, her long black hair in a ponytail. Sesshomaru with his demon markings on both side of his cheek, was glowing with excitement, and his small grin which have appeared on his face when I walk in. The only smile he would ever give to me .Yuna usually twinkling eyes that will always light up a room, has a little sorrow in it. Her visual aspect weren't happiness, but regret. She even force a smile upon me. I wonder why, I thought. The last person, who I was deeply afraid to even look at. The man who's so high and mighty, who makes me fell like a mouse compared to him.


He still look the same. The natural sliver hair was tied up in a ponytail, like Mom's. His demon markings didn't glow like Sesshomaru's. Dad's was more dark, and stern. The golden, dark and firm eyes was loo-glaring back at me. Sometimes I wonder, why does he dislike me so much?

" Ke-kun, good to see you, sweetie. We was just talking about you," my mom, Izayio, said with her usual beautiful smile. Yuna smiled at me, and runs her fingers through her hair. I gave her a puzzle look, but I didn't really push into it. " Yeah," I walk towards them easily," What were you guys talking about?", I ask. My Mother smiled faded, and my father snorted at me.

I look at my whole family, but what was it? I look down at my still wet shirt, than at my damp hair. The vibes in this room was odd, and mysterious. I didn't like it one bit. " I failed a class, or something", I guess. Mom blink, and a little tear fall from her brown eyes. Father order sesshomaru and yuna to go to their rooms, and they did what they was told. Yuna's eyes held sorrow when she was going up the stairs. She mouth the words, They found out.

" Kyo, let's go to the family room shall we?", My mother said, and laggard towards the destination, with dad following behind.

The black carpet was clean, and the dark furniture was nicely kept clean. The tv was off, and mother took a seat on her red preside in the corner of the room. I took a seat across from Dad, who was leaning towards me. I look at the old baby pictures of sesshomaru, yuna, and I on the wall. All in the past., I thought. The one that was my favorite, is the one with me smiling vividly with My mom holding me behind her. That was the day, My mom took me to the park, and brought me a ice cream. I sigh, and I started to twirl a strand of my hair, which was a habit of mines.

" Honey, Is there anything you want to tell us?,"

I was taken back, by my mom question. Why will she ask me something like that, and at a time like this?

" No."

' Are you sure?"

"Um..uh.... yes," I look at my dad who was glaring at me, and was eyeing at me hard. I look between the two, and I look down at my lap. Which was still soak, but was slowly drying up.

"Izayio!! Stop being nice to him!," My dad screamed. My mom eyes wide, but she didn't say anything at all. She nodded her head, and she gave me a small smile.

" I know your secret, young boy, and I'm very pissed off that it happen," My dad eyes narrowed, and he pointed at me. He stood up, and reach out to grab my arm.

" Hey! Stop it! Let go!," I proclaim, and tried to pull my arm from his tight grip. Mom was sitting down still, yet she was trembling like she was in rage. I kick dad in the knee, and dash out of the living room.

"Come back here, you slut!"

Seshomaru and yuna came down stairway, looking at me. Dad scream at me, and glare at my stomach. I back towards the wall, and position my self, so my stomach won't get in the way. He can't know. He will NOT know.

" You! Of all people, just have to get your self in this situation! how could you?!

Dad stalk towards me and I turn my eyes away from him..... and them. I couldn't bear my self to try to at least, explain myself, but how can I? The damaged is done, and now I have to live with the out come. I didn't notice that dad was right in front of me, sesshomaru and yuna looking at me, or that my mom covering her mouth, trying to not let the bursting tears be heard.


I was knock to the ground, rubbing the red spot on my cheek. I pulled my legs together, and cry quietly .

"Honey! Stop it!", My mother protests and she ran past dad, and was holding me tightly against her chest.

"Stop?! Stop?! Th-that boy,' Dad was pointing his large finger at me," is pregnant! And all you can say is stop!

Yuna was begging dad to stop, but he just yelled at her said, " Go to your room...both of you!! This doesn't concern you, not at all!" His face was red with anger, and they both glaze at me, but walk slowly to their rooms. I grip onto my mother's purple shirt and I mumbled, " I'm sorry."

Dad pace up and down the hallway while running his hands through his hair. He stop and look at me, than his eyes was burning with hate and regret. I wipe some tears from my eyes and I began to try to pull myself off the wooden title floor. Mom was still on the ground crying and whispering to herself. It was my fault.

"Anything you have to say, boy?"

I tried to think of something, but all I could think about was my mom who was screaming her eyes out all because of me. Dad walk towards me just about a couple of inches away from my face and he grab me into a embrace.

Mom stop crying. Yuna and Sesshy was at the foot of the stairway covering their mouths in shock. Dad...was crying. For real. Never in my life had I ever seen any emotion from him, besides anger, but it was a first. Him and I was never on close terms at all. Never once did he ever say I love you son or anything!

I smile and I return the hug. Mom urge my siblings to come down, and they did without any hesitations. They all came towards me and dad, than they join the hug. We were a family. A family. For the first time in my life, I felt love by a group of strangers who I was going to spend the rest of my life with. It's not my fault.

Shortly after the break-out and the tender hug, all of us were gather in the living with concern looks upon all of our faces. The rain began to pick up some more, and you can hear the wind whistling outside.

"Okay, kyo, now you have to tell us, Who is the um..uh..father?", dad asked with his elbows on his knees.

Mom rub her hand on my shoulder and yuna gave me a small smile. Sesshy sat at the end of the couch glaring daggers at the wall. I didn't know he was mad at me or the wall, but I think he didn't want to be in the presence of me.

I twirl the end of my hair and said," I can't say, but you guys don't know him and he goes to my school."

"Why can't you tell us his name, sweetie?," My mom ask and kiss me on the cheek.

" It doesn't matter. You guys aren't going to see him."

"Why is that?"

I took a intense breath and I said, " It doesn't matter, because he is doesn't want nothing to do with me and the baby."

Yuna cover her mouth in shock, Sesshy's glaze quickly turn me, mom eyes began to tear up, and dad just sat there with no expression.

"He...told me that the kid wasn't his...," I started shifting my hands in my lap," and he said that he doesn't want nothing to do with me. I was just a mistake...and he doesn't even care. He said that the baby can't be his, because we only did it once. But..he is wrong. He is the father. Also, shortly after I told him, he moved to a new city. His parents didn't want their perfect son, to deal with a slut like me."

I shun their multiple responds and I gaze outside. The rain. My hope. Dad got up and he told everybody to clam down.

" that case, I guess we have a baby or babies to get ready for, huh?", dad said with a small humor in his voice, to try to lighten up the mood. Mom nodded and said, " He is right. We...have to take care of the baby first, than...," she took a pause and she ran out of the living room with tears falling down her face. Dad took off after her saying sweet words to calm her down. Sesshy stood up and glare at me with his intense golden eyes.

" How could you! You know we can't barley afford to take care of us, and now we have to take care of...," he pointed at the bulge of my stomach.

" Stop it! We are suppose to be comforting him, not making him feel bad, brother!"

Yuna yelled at him with tears pouring down her face, but Sesshy ignored her and storm out of the house. I grab onto Yuna shirt and I close my eyes. If I close my eyes, everything will be okay. Everything will be okay.

"Ke-kun, it's okay. Don't worry."

I open my eyes in a flash and I push Yuna onto the carpet. I pulled myself up, and I gently began running my bulge stomach. I glare at her with intense anger that I never thought I have before.

" Don't worry?! How can you say that Yunie?"

Yuna look taken back, but her expression said that she was close to tears. " Look, I'm just trying to help here! Dad won't help, Mom can't even look at you, and Sesshy...well he is gone! All you have now is me," Yuna shout out to me. I wid my tears form my eyes, and I began hitting yuna in her stomach.

" You don't understand!! I loved him and he j-just left me! All alone and y-you don't know what it is like to hav-, " Yuna pulled me into a tight hug on the carpet. My arms were down my sides and I can feel yuna's tears running down my back . She cares.

We both cry softly in the middle of the thunderstorm, in the night, and with no on else around. It felt calm and relaxing. My mom later on came down, but when she saw me...she quickly turn back around and steered up the stairs. My brother never came back, and I think he will never will. It was kinda anguished that I cause my nice brother not to come home, and not to see his bright smile. Dad still didn't leave his room all night, but Yuna stay with me through the whole night holding me.

Yuna and I was laying on the floor with some covers and pillows around us, which was to help support my stomach. I turn over and I gave her a modest smile, which she quickly return. She lean in and kissed me on the forehead, than she ran her soft hands through my tangle hair. I rub her arm, and Yuna starts to sing to me in a whisper...

Maybe when the sun goes out

Maybe when the flowers finally died out

Maybe when all of my love ones are asleep..

I laugh at yuna, "You can't sing yunie," I teased.. Yuna gaze at me, than she rolled her eyes. "Whatever! I'm not that bad of a singer," Yuna stated with a pout. I laugh at her expression, "How about I sing it with you this time?", I offered. Yuna nodded and we began to sing in the dark....

Maybe when I am alive

Maybe when I am about to close my eyes..

I see you and you will see me..

We would meet in another place

Maybe that day is tomorrow or soon

Maybe that moment would never come again

I don't see you and you see me

Maybe when I close my eyes...I can see you too....