Grow Up Kid

Behind your yellow teeth - sharp and
clogged with shrapnel like an angry
shark's, masticating violently,
the asperity of subtlety - I see my reflection,
my future in the saliva at
the back of your throat,
muscle memory collapsing and squeezing,
swallowing and piling high bodies
in a cavernous abdomen.

Trembling, treading water with
dorsal fins in ample number
in this ocean of effluence, I find
no sustenance, your eminence
subdues and abuses my foolishness
with a mouth full of glass, gnashing
at my flesh, the elimination of
your subtlety abreast of the degradation
of my psyche; we all take a drug
to fill a hole in our heads
at one point or another.

I woke up one morning
drowning, a naive child in this circle
which is and always must be
either red or black.

My knees hurt so bad.