Pretty black box

Dear friend of mine

You hide my truth,

The lies beside.

Locked up inside,

The heart it cries,

It's muffled now

Emotions die.

Straight face

Single place

The heart-it stays

Keeping pace

In box it will

The heart is still


I've had my fill

Pieces torn

crushed and shattered

Hurt back then but

doesn't matter.

Safely keeps

And softly beats

Where no one knows

So no one weeps.

I took it out

For show and tell

But it saw you

And gave me hell

So now it's back

Where it belongs

It carries on

For you it longs

Fake emotions on the surface

Do their job

And serve their purpose.

Fooling you and fooling me

Pretty black box, we are a team.

You and I

From now on

Best friends forever

We will be strong.

Emotions stay and thoughts relay

Continuing our mass charade.

Let's stop this now

Before I frown

And in my leaky eyes I'll drown.