All her life, terrified.

Cowering in a corner,

Hiding from the world.

Paranoia setting in,

Back never unprotected.

They hid in shadows,

Under beds

And in the basement.

Nighttime was their day.

Nighttime was the worst.

Nowhere to hide.

But that was all okay now.

She had something worse to fear.

Something much more real.

The screaming and yelling wasn't something she could dream away.

It was there waiting for her when she returned.

The people didn't disappear when she turned on the lights.

They still stood there, radiating their malicious anger.

She walked into the darkness, unafraid.

What were the monsters compared to the real evil she had to face?

It didn't matter that her back was vulnerable in the dark.

Let the monsters come and gobble her up.

They couldn't scare her anymore.

She met something much more frightening.

Head held high, she marched boldly on.

Leaving her terrors behind her, she strode into the night.

Smiling blissfully, she walked into the arms of her new found friends.