The Line

A collective shudder, the line breathes.

Slowly inching forward to daunting darkness.

Don't want to go but you won't believe if you don't see.

A day passes, a month, a year, the line is long.

The suspense is terrible.

The line is far from silent.

Cries of many pierce the heavy atmosphere.

The line is black, hints of color snuck in between.

Young and old trapped in its clutches.

Creeping forward, no one eager for the end.

Turn to the nearest warmth, escape for a moment.

It draws near.

Stare at the helpless, trapped at the end forever.

They feel the brunt of its force and you cringe.

But they are strong, you don't see them falter.

The line trembles and steps forward again.

It is your turn and you gaze longingly.

A last goodbye, the line needs to move.

Fall into the arms at the finish and feel them break along with you.

Finally free from the line yet it will stay a part of you forever.