Note: This is another one of my older pieces I found recently. It's just a silly little story that I hope might bring a smile to your face. Hope you enjoy!

Coup d'√Čtat

The monster under the bed was mad at Ellie and Cassie. Cassie broke the rules and went under the bed and the monster didn't like that because it was his home, not theirs! He told Cassie he was gonna be extra scary that night out of revenge and Ellie and Cassie couldn't do anything to stop it.

Ellie blamed Cassie for making the monster under the bed angry. Cassie pointed out that it was Ellie's idea that they play hide and seek that late at night.

"But," Ellie said, arms crossed over her nightie, "you're the one who hid under the bed and that's where the monster lives. That's like breaking and entering! Like with Goldilocks!"

Cassie shook her head. "But Goldilocks wasn't s'posed to be in that house and this is our room so he should at least be paying rent, shouldn't he?"

Ellie had to admit that made sense. "But he's a mean monster. You shouldn't make him mad or he'll just keep scaring you at night."

"Nuh-uh! I slept on the bottom last night. I get the top bunk tonight." Cassie declared, climbed the ladder and looked triumphantly down at her twin sister. "Good luck with the monster!"

"That's not fair!" Ellie climbed up after her and tried to push her off the bed.

"Is too!"

"Is not! You got him mad so you should have to get scared by him tonight!"

Cassie grunted and threw a teddy bear at Ellie. "But you got the top bunk last night so I get it tonight!" They continued fighting, screeching threats and insults until their daddy stormed in and broke up the fight.

"I don't care whose turn it is to sleep on the top bunk," their daddy yelled. "The light goes off now and if I hear one more peep from this room tonight then I know two little girls who are gonna get spankings!"

"But the monster-" Ellie began, lower lip trembling.

"What monster? I don't see any monsters." Their daddy lifted the dust ruffle and looked under the bed. "I see a bunch of toys and one girl's dirty little sock," he muttered, "but no monsters." He straightened up and pulled Cassie off the top bunk, plopping her on the lower bunk and tucking her tightly in before she could protest. "Now go to sleep before a real monster comes in here and spanks some little butts."

Ellie leaned over the rail and stuck her tongue out at her sister, having won this time. Then the lights went out and they could only see by the light of the star-and-moon nightlight in the corner of the room.

Cassie immediately threw the covers off and scurried out of bed, scaling the ladder as fast as she could. Squeezing up beside Ellie, the two peeked over the edge of the bed and waited.

They watched in silence for what seemed like hours. Out in the hall their daddy walked by with his usual heavy stomping footsteps, making two foot-sized shadows in the bar of light coming under the door as he stopped to listen and make sure they were sleeping, which they weren't but did a really good job of being quiet. Then the light in the hall went off and it was just them versus the monster in a big waiting game.

Just as Ellie was starting to drift off and Cassie's eyelids were drooping a bit, they heard a skittering, a shuffling, some snuffling, and a snort as the monster appeared from under the bed. They watched, huddling low under the covers, as first one furry tentacle and then another appeared from behind the dust ruffle. Then with a horrible squelching sound the monster moved out from under the bed on his suckered feet and looked up at them.

Cassie hugged Ellie and the two of them screamed as loud as they could together. Fortunately they were really good at screaming. The monster retreated in a flash as their daddy charged into the room and threw the lights on.

Daddy picked up Ellie and Cassie and all three of them went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Their daddy went to get them some glasses of water then sat on the couch between them and hugged Ellie and Cassie close.

"I told you there was a monster," Ellie whimpered.

"There wasn't a monster, baby, you were just dreaming," Daddy explained, kissing Ellie's head.

"She wasn't dreaming and I wasn't either!" Cassie said. "There was a monster and he had hairy tentacles like an octopus and he crawled out and was gonna eat us!"

Daddy yawned. "Right, he was real. Okay. If it'll make you feel better, I'll make sure to do a thorough monster-roundup before you go back to bed. How's that?"

So the two girls watched, impressed, as Daddy crept heroically into the room with the lights off and wasn't scared at all. He looked under the bed but the monster wasn't there. A big tired smile on his face, he came out and declared the room safe again.

Ellie and Cassie didn't think he was right about that but they thought he meant well so they didn't say anything, just let him tuck them in again and stayed in bed until they heard the door at the end of the hall close. Then they both bolted out of bed and Cassie turned the light back on.

"Now what should we do?" Ellie whispered and picked at the hem of her nightie.

Cassie waved her over and whispered in her ear. "I think we should be like Daddy and scare the monster away. It's like I said that he should be paying rent since it's our room."

"But how do we scare him? He's a monster and he knows scary stuff. He's not gonna be scared of us." Ellie eyed the dust ruffle and thought she saw some purple fur peeking out from under it but on closer inspection it was just the teddy bear Cassie had thrown at her earlier.

"But 'member what Daddy said about bullies and how we're s'posed to stand up against them so they stop picking on us?" Cassie dug in the toy box. "I've got a idea."

Later, with the lights off and the only light in the room once again the light from the star-and-moon nightlight in the corner, Cassie peeked out from their hiding place: the closet. Bundled in her blanket and piled with laundry around her so the monster couldn't see where she was, she watched the dust ruffle sway a little. Raspy like a snake slithering on the carpet, or what she imagined that might sound like since Daddy said snakes were bad so they'd never seen a snake in real life, that's what the furry purple tentacle sounded like as it slipped out from under the bed and crept creepily up the mattress.

"Is he here yet?" Ellie whispered in her ear. Since they'd decided to hide in the closet, only one of them could be by the door and see so they'd done rock, paper, scissors and Cassie had won. That meant Ellie got to sit further in the closet and couldn't see out the cracked door. It was cozy and she wanted to fall asleep in the little space but she stayed up to support Cassie and because she didn't think Daddy would be happy if he found her sleeping in the closet in the morning. "I wanna get out of here already."

Cassie shushed her and nodded that the monster was there.

Hearing the noise, the monster's tentacle paused on the pink metal bedpost. Ellie and Cassie covered their mouths with their hands and didn't breathe. If the monster found out what they were doing they wouldn't get a second chance!

But the monster didn't seem to think anything of it, just went back to emerging creepily from under the bed, one tentacle at a time. First it was just the one, patting around on the bed looking for a little girl to scare. But when it was disappointed it had another tentacle come out and another until the whole monster was out from under the bed and peering over the railing of the bunk bed where they'd made a fake Ellie and Cassie out of dolls and teddy bears like they'd seen on TV. Just like on TV, the monster was fooled and turned all the way toward the bed to scare the decoys.

Seeing his moment of weakness, Cassie threw open the closet door and screamed a garbled war cry as she charged at the furry monster, Ellie right behind her. Dressed in matching pink and purple striped nighties, with blankets as capes and their scariest Halloween masks on they were a sight to behold as they leapt onto the bed-monster, Cassie brandishing her sequined fairy wand and Ellie her sparkly star baton.

Surprised by the guerilla tactics and well-planned attack, the monster bellowed and fell over as first Cassie then Ellie tackled him to the ground. His tentacles flailed around them, trying in vain to pull them off. Ellie batted away the tentacles with expert skill, sparkly star baton flashing like a sword in the glow of the nightlight. Cassie found the monster's weak spot and poked him in the eye with her fairy wand, razor sharp with sequins.

Defeated at last, the monster shook the two girls off as best he could and made a hasty retreat under the bed, whimpering pitifully as the full realization of what had happened hit him with the force of Ellie's baton. With a final grunt, the monster disappeared in a flash of light, with a clanging noise like when Cassie dropped dolls down the laundry chute.

Ellie and Cassie cheered and hugged, dancing in circles with their glorious weapons held high.

"We scared the monster! We beat the monster!" Cassie yelled.

"He ran away like a little scaredy cat 'cause we beat him!" Ellie jumped on the bed and lifted the dust ruffle, looking under the definitely empty under-bed space.

Cassie stuck out her tongue at the space where the monster used to be. "It's our room, monster and it's always been our room so you can't take it back! We got it fair!"


Daddy's stomping footsteps came down the hallway before they realized what the noise meant and he pushed open the door with impressive force. "I see two little girls who were supposed to be in bed two hours ago and I better see them in bed right now or there's going to be trouble."

Squealing, Ellie and Cassie climbed into bed and smiled angelically at their daddy. Rolling his eyes, he kissed them both goodnight for the third time that night, tucked them in yet again, and turned the lights off.

This time, when the door closed and the star-and-moon nightlight was the only light in the room, Ellie and Cassie stayed in their beds and finally fell asleep.