My pen quivers before my page

Waiting to be used

And as I put my pen to paper

The words begin to come

The glistening sun upon my shoulder

Forms before my eyes

No. I scribble out the line

And raise my eyes to the rest of the page

Line upon line, scribbled away

Forever imprinted upon my page

Each line has a story

Each word a life

A life I've killed with my ink-dead pen

What do I write?

Nothing will work

Every word dies in my mind

Before my pen touches the paper

Before it reaches my eyes

And I wonder why I write

When it takes me so long

Just to form a sentence on the page

Which will stay in sight

Slowly a thought passes through my mind

I scrunch up my page

Pull a fresh sheet over

And start to write

Each word flows through my pen

Without a second thought

Then soon before my tired eyes

Many lines are formed

I sit back happy, finally

It's done

Finally a poem rests

Before my eyes