The Darkness

The darkness seeps around them still,

like greed, It's chill spreads,

until our very bones grew weary,

and our eyes fall shut and

everything is sweet in taste,

but ugly in vision,

and the flower that bloomed so great,

its petals fall,



and the darkness carries on,


and turning and growing and spreading,

and it reaches into our mind,

it's touch a forgotten lover's caress,

as it whispers in our ears,

and tastes the fruit of our hope,

the misery within our blood,

and we awake,

we feel his hands upon our neck,

his teeth grazing against our pulse,

his listening at the

'thump, thump - thump, thump'

of our hearts,

and as we stare into a distant, empty mirror,

we slowly fall,


into the darkness once more.