Okay, this first excerpt is from the Fantasy Roleplay in my group Character Roleplays. I got really bored because no one else was on so I wrote this piece of work.

"Sit down." The shiny metallic room smelled like iron and mildew. McKenzie sat on command, Vaan right next to her. She was stiff, but on full alert, glancing around at every little movement her eyes caught. Vaan snaked his arm around her protectively, she still had to get used to the fact that she was going to get married.

A man appeared from behind a door. He was built up, with dark curly hair and deep set eyes, all clad in black. He had a flowing black cape that billowed as he walked. He wore a scowl, which made the whole get up even more menacing. "You want to know why you're here."

Vaan's hold on her waist tightened in anticipation. McKenzie nodded once, showing them she was obviously upset by the call.

The man smiled and produced a baby rattle. He shook it like it was some fun game. "Now who do I know is expecting a baby...?"

Vaan jumped up angrily, pushing Mac behind him. "Don't touch her."

"I wasn't going to touch her," Syrusses shook his head in disappointment, "Directly. But I can't make any promises either."

McKenzie shuddered and wrapped her arms around her stomach.

Vaan's eyes turned red, like every time he went into battle mode.

Syrusses chuckled. "You should see your faces."

Guards flooded in from everywhere and seized them both. But Vaan was in no mood to surrender. He started to morph into his dragon state, but one guard locked a chain around Vaan's neck aggressively.

Angrily one shoved McKenzie forward and separated her from Vaan. She called out to him, but it was as if he couldn't hear her. The chain on his neck glowed brightly, he lost his balance and the guards picked him up by the arms and started dragging him out. He looked drained and tired.

"VAAN!" She screamed again, more agonized and scared. Before the door closed behind her, she saw Vaan trying to lift his head.

"You wretched girl. Get in!" A tall man with dirty blond hair shoved her into a small room with only a mattress and other important necessities. She braced herself as she hit the rough ground and moaned, curling into a ball and looking at her scraped hands. "Vaan..." She moaned to herself.

"McKenzie." The voice sounded strained and tired. Quickly she wrenched herself up and looked around. "Vaan?"

"McKenzie." It sounded more relieve now. "B-by the window."

She ran over to the window that connected the two cells, and pushed her arm through the bars. "Vaan are you alright?"

"I'm fine baby." He lied, but the lie was obvious, because he was on the ground, unable to move, and looked to be in pain. She tried to reach him, stretching her toes and reaching as far as she could. "I'm so sorry." She felt a tear race down her cheek.

"Don't say sorry." he mumbled, trying to force the words out.

"I'll get u s out of here." She promised, wiping away the salty tear.

"You listen to me McKenzie," His voice was firm, and surprisingly a bit clearer. He was using all his energy. "I made a promise to you, and I WILL get you out. I WILL protect you." His eyes slowly closed from the exertion.

"O-okay." She slid down the wall sadly and hugged her knees. "I'm so terrible."

There was a clang at McKenzie's door and Syrusses walked in. "Hello baby-doll," he sweet talked, "Care for a drink with me?" He wasn't going to take no for an answer, and hauled her upwards. She didn't try to fight back; she could feel the raw power flowing through them.

Syrusses led her down several hallways until they stopped at a door. He opened it and produced a room that claimed the appearance of a library. There were tall shelves made of burgundy colored pine, books filled the shelves wall to wall. Next to the shelves was a cabinet that Syrusses walked over to. He withdrew a glass bottle with old-fashioned wine labeling. He picked up two wine glasses and they clinked together as he poured the red liquid.

He walked over to her, put an arm around her waist, and led her to the wide, plush couch set up next to a desk. The desk had papers, swords, and what appeared to be a jar of...dragon scales.

Smoothly he slipped her intended glass into her shaking hands. She sat down, but didn't drink any of the wine. She told herself she wasn't going to taste it. Not one drop.

Syrusses sat across from her in leather, high-backed chair. "Now McKenzie-"

"Let Vaan go." I came out of her in seconds.

"Syrusses chuckled. "Wish I could Doll-face."

"Yes you could."

"Actually I can't." he leaned back in the chair, "See, if I grant you your request, I'll have to say yes to all my other clients."

"Who would work with you?" She snapped.

"A lot of people actually," He leaned forward, "I hold that power McKenzie. I control a lot of things."

"How much do you control?"

"Enough that I can bring this war to an end." He said, peering up at her through his long dark eyelashes. He had looks; no one could deny him that.

"Then end it." her voice didn't waver, though she thought it would.

"That's what I love about you Mac," She stirred at her nickname, "You're always so firm...so energized about this whole thing. If you practice, you could probably be good at negotiating." Syrusses swirled the wine in his glass.

She felt furious, cheated! "Why won't you end the war?"

"That's exactly what I wanted to talk about. McKenzie, your mother was killed, your house burned down. All under the impression that your father and his buddies were drunk."

"That's what happened," She cut in with gritted teeth.

"He held up a hand. "How much do you know about your family?"

"Enough." She sat up.

"No. You don't. Your mother had a sister, your father two sisters and a brother. Both sets of grandparents dead."

"You speak like they're all dead! I saw my aunt-"

"Yes. They are all dead."


"But what? They are all dead."

"What does this have to do with anything?" She snapped.

He broke out of his calm reverie, "Everything. Your father's sister, Liana, could control anything dark, anything with black magic. One day, without realizing what she wad doing, Liana summoned a dark shadow from the Earth's dark abyss. That shadow killed Liana in a crude way. You didn't even know about Liana."

"My father never stuck around long enough for me to." McKenzie scowled.

"Exactly. His brother, Gregory, killed his second sister, Shaylee, because the evil spirit possessed him. But your father got away. He found your mother in time and escaped with her. Both parents were dead by then, and Lilian's sister, Alexis took up the birthright. While Lilian went off and had you with your father, Alexis met up with Gregory at a family reunion. Alexis stayed in control while the shadow tried to kill her, but she went into a stage of madness. Gregory had recently stolen my ancestor's golden heirloom and it was stolen by Alexis. After she killed Gregory, she made off and destroyed the amulet with her magic. Your father had to leave you and your brother when he heard how much danger he put you guys in.

"But McKenzie, during all the confusion, Alexis had to give you the amulet's magic. Since she had no children of her own. She couldn't give herself the magic either, so why not her sister's first born? Now you must understand why I want you so bad. And your little boy too." Syrusses had stood somewhere in the middle of the story, and was looking out a window.

McKenzie watched the wine in her glass for a period of time. She didn't want to believe any of this.

"What has Vaan got to do with any of this?" She finally asked.

"You'll see...You're not going to ask how I know any of this?" Syrusses looked over at her.

Cyran's words floated through her head. It's his business to know these things. "What were you're original powers Syrusses?" She asked.

"I was born with the ability to read minds like my brother. I also could manipulate feelings at a certain extent." He said softly, making it scarier.

"And how did you gain the power you have now?" She asked stiffly. Obviously he could do more than that.

"I...Did some arranging. Did business with some people." he walked over to her and took her elbow. "Time to go now...unless you have more questions?"

"I do actually." She said, pulling her arm away from his stinging touch.

"Very well," He sat down again, this time next to her. "Go on."

"Vaan and the baby aren't at stake here. Give me nine months...Then you can have me all to your greedy self."

"That's a deal. Not a question." He mused.

"A good deal you can't pass up." She felt almost triumphant.

"McKenzie," He tsk-ed, "You should know that it's a giant risk to let your baby grow up in the world. If Vaan doesn't get his revenge, your child will. Especially when I'm old and withered." He shook his head. "No, you're deal is much too stupid for a brilliant girl like you."

Syrusses was sitting in a library, drinking wine, and telling a future mother her baby won't live long enough to say daddy. McKenzie wasn't okay with this. "You're very confident. You think you're going to get my child..." She stood abruptly.

He stood and blinked. "I am actually."

She attempted to slap his face, but he had grabbed her wrist and used a spell on her, somehow draining her energy.

"I had a lovely discussion with you, McKenzie Harris." Syrusses smiled a perfect white smile, grabbed her wine glass from her, and the last thing she was his menacing blue eyes before she fell into unconsciousness.